Atani | Control your exchanges and wallets in

Atani | Control your exchanges and wallets in

Atani It is a programa for both PC and mobile device that will allow us to control all our exchanges and manage their cómputos without having to log in to each of them.

Someone who has a good portfolio or just has a diversified portfolio, until now had to be logging into each exchange to complete a transaction or order.

Atani has been created to simplify the entire process and that we cánido do all this from a single place, without the need to entrar each of the sites, something that undoubtedly simplifies the entire process and above all the speed with which we move to the time to trade.


Atani is an application that allows us to connect more than 20 exchanges to operate in one place.

The connection is completed encrypted and the custody function of your assets is not carried out, which guarantees their security.

How Atani works

Atani was founded in 2019 by the brothers Paul and Haydée Barroso with the purpose of simplifying investments in the crypto market, uniting the main exchanges and portfolios in one place, which would substantially improve the way of working for any trader and all this for free, since until then there were many programa of this type but they were all paid.

The connections of the different exchanges that Atani supports are made by connecting their API keys, in this way we will obtain permission to trade in them but directly from Atani, without having to entrar the exchange in question.

The programa has the most advanced security estándares, since at no time will it have the authority to manage your cryptocurrencies, all connections are encrypted and we will also have the option of generating a personal pin code to further increase security.

Main features

The truth is that Atani has a lot of nice features that make it truly attractive to any lover of the crypto world, here are a few:

  • desktop programa Available for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems to operate from any computer.

  • Mobile aplicación Own for Android and iOS versions to be able to operate or see your cómputos wherever you are.

  • no custody your assets are always inside the exchange, so Atani will never have the option to manage them, although it is not impossible, it is quite unlikely that your Atani account could be hacked and leave you without funds.

  • Variety of exchangessince they currently support more than 20 different ones, among which are some of the most important, such as Binance, Kucoin, Okex or Coinbase Pro.

  • Alerts in real time of the price change of any cryptocurrency, we cánido configure this ourselves from our account.

  • tax report based on all the movements we have made in each of the exchanges, the report perro be downloaded with a fácil clic.

Download Atani and basic operation of the platform

The first thing we will have to do is entrar the official Atani website and download the programa depending on our operating system.

When downloading and installing it, following all the required steps, we will be asked to complete the registration using an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Once this is done, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a code that we will have to entrar to finish the process.

Then the exchanges supported in Atani will appear, by clicking on any of them we cánido connect them using the keys API Key and Private Key.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, since they have attached an explanatory vídeo where we perro see how these keys are created within each specific exchange.

Connect your exchanges

If you don’t want to do this step right now, it’s okey, you perro skip it and do it whenever you want.

Atani currently offers support on 22 different exchanges, although over time the number will increase considerably.

In any case, we have the most used by cryptocurrency trades.

Atani inside

When entering Atani we perro access all the options available within the platform, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

Atani Dashboard

In section ALERTS We perro select all the cryptocurrencies that we want to see their price in real time, in addition to being able to create personalized alerts for the price of each coin, so we don’t miss any opportunity to buy or sell.

      1️⃣ Invest: Here we perro access the Atani control console to invest at any time and in any exchange.

      We only have to choose the currency and the platform in which we want to operate, so we cánido even do arbitration, since we will be able to buy on the exchange that has the lowest price and then sell on the most expensive.

      2️⃣ Graphic: We will be able to access a more detailed view of the investment indicators of any cryptocurrency, especially for advanced traders.
      3️⃣ Briefcase: This option is quite interesting, in it we will be able to vea all the purchase and sale operations that we have made in all the connected exchanges.

      We will see the exchange, the date, the currency, the amount, the commission and the total, among other options, reflected.

      4️⃣ Exchanges: All the exchanges and wallets that we cánido connect to Atani perro be found in this section, you just have to clic on the desired one and add it to the programa using its API keys.

Another interesting functionality is that when we add an exchange to Atani, we perro see the cómputo of our portfolio in real time.

If you add several you perro see the cómputo separately or see your complete portfolio with a single clic by clicking on the option ALL.

Opinion about Atani

Atani is a tool that many cryptocurrency traders have been waiting for.

It offers you premium features in a completely free version and allows us to simplify our investments in an easy and safe way.

Perhaps to add some but there are some important exchanges to be implemented, but this is something that will be corrected over time according to the words of the developers themselves.

In conclusion, we are dealing with a fairly powerful programa and with a friendly and professional interfaz at the same time, where we will be able to operate on several of our favorite platforms from a single place, thus maximizing time and, above all, profits, since as I said above, we perro do arbitrage and earn good money with the difference in the price of the coins in the different exchanges, everything is good with Atani.

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 Atani |  Control your exchanges and wallets in
  Atani |  Control your exchanges and wallets in
  Atani |  Control your exchanges and wallets in

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