Atajo or Shortcut How do you write?

Atajo or Shortcut How do you write?

whatShortcut or Shortcut? In what context should you use each expression without falling into a misspelling? In this articulo, we will answer this question with some examples.

Please note the following:

“Atajo” = designates a small group of farm animals (cattle), or a group of people or things.

“Shortcut” = is a path that shortens a path, a brief process, the separation of a thing, the act and result of shortening.

It perro also be the verb to tackle in the first person and be used with the meaning of hataj.


When and how to use ahajo?

bunch It is used to denote a small group of cattle, in addition to referring in a derogatory way to a group of things or people.

Here are some examples:

  • A herd of cows passed near my house.
  • A bunch of singers went to school.

When and how to use shortcut?

Shortcut It is the expression that refers to the way that shortens a path, to the process that will help to finish something quickly, to the separation of something, and to the act of shortening a writing by summarizing it for a verbal reading.

Here are some examples:

  • I know a shortcut to get to school faster.
  • It is planned to take a shortcut with the employees for a more efficient transfer.
  • The deal will take a shortcut to close the deal.

Shortcut equally belongs to verb to tackle indicatively in the first person.

It alludes to the shortest path of a path, to suspend or stop the progress of something, or to take a breath.

Here are some examples:

  • On my way to the library, I always take a shortcut to get there faster.
  • I’m good at saving, I could play with you.
  • The fire is stopped with the water.

Shortcut it also serves as a graphic variation of hatajo, but alluding to a small group of people or a group of things or people.

However, the use of the spelling atajo is recommended, in its closest etymological form.

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 Atajo or Shortcut How do you write?
  Atajo or Shortcut How do you write?
  Atajo or Shortcut How do you write?

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