At the bank cánido I exchange coins for

At the bank cánido I exchange coins for

If you had to choose between banknotes or coins, you would surely go for the first option. Are more comfortable to use and less complicated to transport. And that is only when we talk about euro coins, because the situation is even more complicated when we talk about pesetas. What perro you do if you have a large amount of coins? There is the option of exchanging them for tiques.

At which bank perro you exchange coins for bills? Do you have to pay anything for this service? Is there any other way to do it? Let’s look at the answers to these important questions below.

Perro I exchange coins for bills at the Bank?

it’s possible that the bank will change your coins, which is good news. You perro take all the coins you have, be they pesetas or euros, and exchange them for dollar bills. Now, there are some points that you should know before going to the bank.

  • central bank. In the Bank of Spain, from January 2021 only the euro coins will be exchanged, the pesetas will be discarded. Reason why, if you want to exchange your pesetas for euros, you should look for another alternative.
  • Availability. Other banks are also taking the same stance as the central bank, so you should make sure that the bank you are going to has this service available. Until now, banks such as Bankia, Sabadell, CaixaBank or BBVA provide this service.
  • Commission. In some banks, such as Bankia or CaixaBank, they do not charge when exchanging coins for bills as long as you are a client of said bank. But, you should keep in mind that it will only be free when it comes to small amounts. The cost for this service is 10 euros minimum. The larger the amount, the higher the cost you must pay for the service.
  • Suggestion. It is clear that you do not want to pay for this service. Therefore, here we offer you an option to avoid that payment. If you carry your money in a blister paquete, the bank, or at least most of them, will not ask you for any payment. This is because the payment for this service is not addressed to the bank but to companies that are in charge of counting, organizing and storing the coins. And you will have done the work for them.
  • limitations. If you bring your coins without ordering, apart from the commission they charge, there will also be a limit of 200 coins. Only that amount you cánido change. If you keep them organized, the limit amount goes up to 1000 coins.
  • ID. Like any commercial operation, when exchanging coins for bills, you must present your identity document.

If it is a business or a company that has a lot of income or savings in currency, we recommend you buy a counting and sorting machine the coins for you. It is true that it would be an additional expense, but the time you save is well worth it.

Other ways to exchange coins for bills

You may find it complicated and tedious to have to go to the bank and wait your turn to change the currencies. Therefore, below, we present the alternatives that are available to you, as well as their pros and cons.

❯❯❯ Let’s talk about coinstar. This service offers the possibility of exchanging your coins for money. The process is fácil because you only have to place the coins in the place designated for it and the machine in turn will give you a ticket, valid for 90.1% of the amount you deposited. The other percentage is the commission charged by the company.

You cánido use this ticket in the same Carrefour store as part of the payment for a purchase. But also, and this is the option we like the most, you cánido exchange it in this establishment for money cash. As an additional point, this exchange must be done on the same day.

❯❯❯ There are other options, but they only allow you to use the receipt received in the same store. For example, recovercoin. This service also allows you to entrar as many coins as you want. You then need to use the card at the recovercoin kiosk for the money to be deposited there.

He also gives you a receipt. In this case, you cánido only use that money in the store where you are using recovercoin. No cash is given to you.

Comparison between banks and other media

We perro make a brief comparison between the exchange service from coins to bills provided by banks and that provided by kiosks. Hours of operation are a key point.

So is the speed of service. Let’s look at these points in detail.

  • Schedule. Banks only work limited hours, about 6 hours a day. The kiosks are available virtually all day, every day.
  • Speed. The bank does not deposit the amount into your account immediately, as it must count it first. The kiosks give you the amount deposited immediately.
  • Attention. At the bank, it is very easy to experience moments of discomfort when carrying coins, either because no one wants to serve you or they are unfriendly when doing so. In kiosks the process is automated and you only need to find an empty one, which is almost always easy to do.

Commission. On this point the banks have an advantage. The commission to be charged at the banks, if they charge you, is always less than that required by the kiosks. In addition, in most kiosks they force you to spend the money right there, without the possibility of saving it.

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 At the bank cánido I exchange coins for
  At the bank cánido I exchange coins for
  At the bank cánido I exchange coins for

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