Astra WooCommerce

Astra WooCommerce

Astra WooCommerce It is one of the most used themes today for the en línea sale of products, also known as y también-commerce.

As you know, the sale of elementos over the internet, also known as y también-commerce, is a great opportunity for earn money on internet.

If we hit the right item, at the right time, we perro earn a big buck in no time.

A good example of this is the sale of electric scooters from a few months ago or the sale of masks that is made all over the world with the Coronarvirus Covid-19 crisis.

Every good business worth its salt must have its en línea store, the y también-commerce has increased in Spain (my country) by 14% in the past 2019compared to 12% in 2018.

The increase is still substantial.

Y también-commerce, as I said before, is done en línea, although it may seem silly to repeat it, there are many open source platforms that support en línea sales, we could highlight prestashop, Magento, OsCommerce and WordPress.

What is WooCommerce?

Woocommerce is a free ecommerce complemento that will allow us to sell anything.

It was created to be seamlessly integrated with WordPress.

As you know, WordPress is a programa to create and manage websites.

Currently, 37% of the websites in the world are made with WordPress.

Woocommerce is the world’s favorite ecommerce solution.

It will offer us absolute control of our en línea store, both to owners and developers.

It currently manages 30% of all en línea stores (more than any platform).

Astra WooCommerce It is a WordPress complemento specially designed for electronic commerce, therefore, we will focus on WordPress as programa to create and manage websites.

Astra WooCommerce It is a light and customizable complemento, perhaps the best complemento for woocommerce that we cánido find in wordpress.

More than 700,000 downloads and more than 3,300 positive votes on WordPress.

Elements necessary to build an electronic commerce

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors of any website is the image it projects to its potential customers.

If your website is not going to project confidence and security, you have little oportunidad of succeeding.

This premise goes up if you are going to sell them something, that is, if you have an ecommerce.

In these cases, and more than ever, you must project solidity and make it clear what your value proposition is and that it will separate you from everyone else, and of course espectáculo that you are a serious company.

This image is based on some elements that you will have to take into account when making your web project.

I am going to explain one by one each of the necessary parts (and what you must take into account) for your web project to be successful.

Corporate image

You ecommerce It has to be consistent with the corporate image of your company.

Your brand is the most important thing, what you should focus on and it should be a reflection of it.

Take a look at the image you want to have, what the logotipo and typography will be, all of this is important, even if it seems not to you.

Image quality

This is very important, you should look for images of excellent quality, but with little weight, keep in mind that this greatly influences the positioning of your WordPress site.

The images of the products must highlight the attributes of these, as well as their details.

If possible, add images of the products as they should be in the customer’s real life, so the usuario cánido see how it is used.

Focus and illuminate the photos well, so that it cánido be seen that you do it with care and professionalism.

Let everything be at hand

Within your ecommerce, everything must be close and must be easy to find.

Remember that there may be thousands of pages just like yours.

For this reason, it is important that you include a search engine that allows the client to easily search for what he needs.

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No more than two clicks

Your site should stand out because it is fácil and easy to understand.

This also applies to navigation and especially to the design of the menu that is used.

If possible, what there is no part where you have to reach more than two clicks.

Also take care of errors, especially broken backlinks.

ease of payment

In an en línea store, the easiest thing must be the payment.

It must be clear, fácil, easy and smooth.

It has been shown that a complicated payment method is the main reason for en línea shopping cart abandonment.

Try to always make that easy for your potential buyers.

Multi platform

Users perro reach your site either through a tablet, a móvil inteligente or a computer.

Your site must be versatile and adapt to whatever platform it is.

With a afín shopping experience (remember that this is the most important thing) in each of them.

Install a responsive woocommmerce, which gives you a good image and makes your client feel good.

In this case Astra WooCommerce excels in that regard.

A satisfied customer will always return to your site to buy again, keep this in mind.

Keep your site optimized

Minimize archivo sizes without compromising or sacrificing quality.

You cánido perform load tests with Page Speed ​​Insight Google plus to verify its quality.

There are other speed meters, but this one, being from Google plus, is the most accurate we perro find.

If a site is slow to load, users will abandon it, make sure your site loads fast and from top to bottom.

Data of your company and privacy policies

It is a very important aspect and one that is sometimes omitted.

If you have an ecommerce site you must have all the information of your company or trade name, such as address, telephone number and contact dirección de correo electrónico.

The publication of this data will imply that you are a serious person and that you have no problem posting that data.

Companies that do not, sometimes have something to hide, and the usuario notices it.

In the same way, for a short time it has been required by law to publish the privacy notice and terms of use of the site, so that the buyer is clear about how their personal data that they leave on the site and the information obtained through the cookies.

Security certificate and seal of trust

It is necessary to have an SSL lock that encrypts the communication between the usuario and the site.

By having the SSL lock, the address of your site will change from http:// to and indicates that it is a secure site.

When you have it installed, it would be interesting to have a seal indicating its presence on the site, it is usually placed at the bottom right of the site.

This stamp is not required, but it gives your page more confidence.

They are usually granted by external companies and you cánido get around €120 per year.

Astra and its Woocommerce features

As I have told you before Astra woocommerce It has more than 700,000 downloads on WordPress, which gives us an iniciativa of ​​its potential as an ecommerce complemento.

It has a series of characteristics that are very important and that you should know about before downloading it.

I explain them here:


Astra Woocommerce has an integration for WooCommerce, we will have full compatibility with our design.

The free theme offers the necessary customizations, it also has a paid version, the Astra Pro which extends the list of features.

With Astra you cánido easily customize your store without using a single line of code.

Something very important if you have no iniciativa about https.

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Free Astra Woocommerce Theme

Even with the free theme you perro choose a content width on the archive page.

You cánido escoge multiple columns to list products across all devices.

You cánido also escoge the number of products per page.

This will give us a lot of control over how we expose our product to the public.

You cánido choose a content width on the archive page.

You cánido even escoge multiple columns to list products across all devices.

In addition, you perro escoge the number of products per page.

This gives you control over the display of the product.

Astra Pro for WooCommerce

Astra Pro offers more powerful options that will give us full control over the design of our ecommerce store.

These options are added to the options that the free Astra theme will offer us.

You cánido customize several options:

  • grid view style and product list on shop page
  • improved customization page for individual products
  • product image gallery design
  • add to cart more easily
  • product navigation
  • related and top-selling products
  • quick view option for products
  • two-step payment with optional coupon exchange

Advantages of using Astra for a WooCommerce store

The use of this complemento has a number of advantages for our WooCommerce store.

Free starter templates will be ready to use which will disminuye loading time and efforts.

The Astra theme will offer us options for mobile devices, tabletas and computers to guarantee the best experience for the usuario.

We perro easily manage the design of the store on mobile devices.

The theme is fully responsive.

We will have a higher speed that will make the store load faster.

That’s great, because most en línea shoppers leave the store if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Therefore, it is important to use a theme that helps keep the website faster to attract and keep your audience longer in the store.

Astra WooCommerce it is an SEO friendly theme that comes with built-in outline support.

It helps search engines better understand what your website is about in order to espectáculo more relevant results to end users.

Astra WooCommerce Price

As I have told you before, Astra has its pro version, this version will give us more advantages, but of course, like everything it has a price, even if it is not very high considering all the benefits it offers us.

Its annual price will be the following:

  • Astra Pro: $59
  • Mini Agency Package: $276 (special price of $169)
  • Maxi agency package; $523 (special price of $249)

Also, if you consider it appropriate, there is a series of unique lifetime prices for your ecommerce.

They are the following:

  • Astra Pro $249
  • Starting Astra (Retail Users): $996 (Special Price $499)
  • Astra agency 1893 $ (special price 699 $)

All users with annual plans, including lifetime customers, will get access to personalized support and unlimited use of the website.

Users perro be supported with detailed articles and explanatory vídeo tutorials with each and every one of the features.

The support is 24 hours a day through correo electrónico and also a Fb group with more than 10,000 active members.

Final conclusions Astra Woocommerce

As you perro see, the Astra theme is the most appropriate if you have an ecommerce.

Whether you choose a free plan or the pro plan, you will be able to get much more out of your woocommerce.

The support is good and immediate, and the complemento is easy to implement in your ecommerce.

And nothing more to tell you for today, here below I leave you the backlink to download the Astra Woocommerce complemento totally free.

Regards and until next time!

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