AskGFK: Take paid surveys (Earn $2 per

AskGFK: Take paid surveys (Earn $2 per

If you are interested in earning money by answering surveys over the Internet, AskGFK could be an excellent option for you.

We tell you everything you need to know about this en línea market research platform.

From registration and operation up to the amount of points you cánido earn and the available rewards, we will answer all your questions.

Also we will address the question of whether you cánido use AskGFK from your móvil inteligente and we will share our opinion on the quality of the surveys offered by this platform.

Entrar now in AskGFK

What is AskGFK?

It is a market research and research panel like Paidsurveyking, but it has presence in more than 57 countriesis dedicated to collecting the opinions of its users for statistical and scientific purposes.

In exchange for answering fácil surveys, you cánido accumulate points that you perro exchange for different types of prizes, such as Amazon gift vouchers, fuel checks or movie tiques.

It is important to note that AskGFK is a free platform with no obligation, and they currently offer 200 welcome points to new users.

Registration and login

He registration on this platform is currently not available.

Unfortunately, for now it does not allow more users to register, which is a negative point.

However, by the time you read this articulo it may already be available, so you don’t lose by trying it.

Go to the AskGFK survey panel website, if you find a “Register” option, try doing it while it is available.

If you perro’t make the registration, try OpinionBar, which does have registrations currently available.

In the event that you perro register, you perro log in by clicking on the option “Access”, as shown in the following image:

Then, you just have to entrar your registration correo electrónico and your password.

How AskGFK works

How AskGFK works is very fácil.

After registering, you will need to complete two profile surveys to get an additional 70 points and that they perro send you paid surveys that fit your preferences.

When a survey is available, you will receive it conveniently in your correo electrónico.

You perro also entrar your account and check if there are any available in the menu «my polls«.

Habitual surveys last approximately 5-10 minutes and are paid from 20 to 100 points (€1).

It is important that you know that the number of invitations you receive will depend on factors such as your usuario profile, the surveys available and places limited. Therefore, it is recommended that you check your correo electrónico from time to time so that you do not miss any available surveys.

How to redeem my points

Once you have accumulated enough points on AskGFK, you will be able to exchange them for different prizes available on the platform.

The minimum number of points needed to redeem is 1,000, which is equivalent to €10.

If you prefer, you cánido continue to accumulate points until you reach 2,000, 3,000 or the amount you want to claim higher value prizes.

There is no doubt that this is a good option to take surveys if you are retired, although you may not like the payment methods.

Later, we will tell you what are the means used by the platform.

To redeem your points, you simply have to log in to your account and clic on the button «Redeem» available on the main page.

Then, select the reward you want and fill out the information required to send your rewards.

Reward options available include Amazon gift vouchers, fuel vouchers, store cards and movie tiques.

What types of rewards are available at AskGFK?

AskGFK offers a variety of rewards for its users who accumulate points by completing surveys and market research.

For be able to exchange points for prizes, it is required to have a minimum of 1,000 accumulated points.

You cánido request your rewards in the “Your cómputo” menu and then select the “Redeem points here” option.

Among the prizes available are Amazon cards, fuel checks, movie tiques and gift vouchers for purchases in commercial establishments.

The deadlines for receiving the prizes will vary according to the type of prize selected.

Another thing you should know is that the prizes are subject to availability and the prize catalog may change over time.

Therefore, we recommend regularly reviewing the list of prizes available on the platform.

How much perro you earn for completing surveys on AskGFK?

At AskGFK, the value of surveys cánido vary depending on their length and complexity, as well as the market demand at that time.

Typically, habitual surveys are 5-10 minutes long and perro be paid between 20 and 100 points (€1), while longer and more detailed surveys cánido be worth up to 800 points.

As for the amount of money you cánido earn on AskGFK, it is difficult to make a precise estimate as it depends on the number of surveys you complete, the frequency of the surveys and your usuario profile.

However, some users have reported that they have earned up to 50-100 euros every two or three months completing surveys on the platform.

It is a relatively good amount if you want to earn money as a minor.

It is important to note that this is not a stable or secure income, and that income perro vary significantly based on the factors mentioned above.

Perro I use AskGFK from the móvil inteligente?

AskGFK has a mobile aplicación that you cánido download on both the Aplicación Store and Google plus Play.

The bad news is that the aplicación only available in germansince it is the global version of GFK.

We leave you the backlinks below:

If you have problems with the English language with this aplicación, use MobileXpression, which also allows you to earn money from your mobile and is easier to use.

Opinion on AskGFK surveys

Opinions on AskGFK surveys are diverse and vary according to the experience of each usuario.

We found positive reviews highlighting reliability and the possibility of earning plus money by completing surveys, as well as negative reviews complaining about the number of points needed to redeem for rewards and the lack of cash payment options.

There are users who have been on the platform for 6 months and they complain that he only got 360 points; which makes it difficult for you to reach the 1000 points needed to redeem them for a €10 gift voucher.

On the other hand, there are users who are happy with the platform, ensuring that it is an easy and convenient way to earn plus income by filling out surveys.

Although some complain about the lack of cash payment options and the use of Paypal to earn money, others are satisfied with the Amazon gift vouchers and other prizes available in the catalog.

There are also negative opinions that are felt deceived by having signed up thinking that they were earning cash, but when they found out that they only offer Amazon gift vouchers, they decided to unsubscribe.

Other users complain that some surveys are very long and tedious, making the time they spend completing them unprofitable.

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 AskGFK: Take paid surveys (Earn $2 per
  AskGFK: Take paid surveys (Earn $2 per
  AskGFK: Take paid surveys (Earn $2 per

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