Ask Trim Review – Perro It Help You

Ask Trim Review – Perro It Help You

We all have bills to pay. Between car insurance, credit card payments and utilities, it perro easily become overwhelming. You perro be having a great day and the next you’re frustrated because you forgot to pay your phone bill and your service has been cut off.

Most companies now offer some form of automatic payment, which automatically charges your bank account or credit cards each month. But all this automation creates another problem. Now you have a huge list of changes that happen every month without your participation.

Add the subscriptions you have purchased, such as Netflix and HBO, to the list. And let’s face it, most of us don’t read our credit card statements carefully each month. So a subscription could add up quickly and many of us wouldn’t even notice.

Entrar Ask Trim, also known as the Trim aplicación. Starting in 2015, the en línea service started helping people with the little things, like checking and unsubscribing unwanted subscriptions.

Fast forward, and Trim is now a robust financial health service. To date, they have saved their clients over $40 million. Keep reading this review to see if you too could save some money with Trim.

Features of AskTrim

Ask Trim includes a variety of features aimed at saving you money. These include subscription monitoring, helping you cancel unwanted subscriptions, invoice negotiation, bank negotiation, and more. We’ll take a closer look at all of Trim’s features below.

Subscription Monitoring

The average American spends $237 per month on subscription services. What’s even more amazing is that 84% of us underestimate how much we pay for recurring subscriptions.

Trim’s solution to this problem is its subscription monitoring service. It starts by first providing the money saving aplicación with your bank accounts and credit cards. Don’t worry; Trim emplees 256-bit SSL encryption, secure databases, and two-aspecto authentication to keep your information safe.

After you provide your financial information, Trim analyzes and finds the subscription charges you’ve spread across your bank and credit card accounts. It then compiles a report to easily see how much you spend for each service.

See some services you’d rather not pay more for? Don’t worry; just let Trim know which services he wants to cancel, and he takes care of the rest. This helps you disminuye bills and make better financial decisions.

Negotiation of bills

It’s easy to fall into the trap of paying what a company tells you to pay. When you go to the grocery store, you don’t haggle with the cashier over the price of a gallon of milk. But the good thing about services is that the price is almost always up for negotiation.

Cable providers are notorious for hooking you up with a reasonable sign-up offer, then jacking up the price months later in the name of premium features. They expect you to shrug and keep paying or, worse yet, not notice the increase.

Fortunately, one way that Trim works is through invoice negotiation services. As a bill negotiation service, Trim works in the background, scanning financial transactions to discover ways to save you money. Trim does this by connecting your bank savings account to find savings opportunities and by scanning your correos electrónicos for receipts showing a price drop.

Trim starts negotiating costs on your behalf with a copy of your invoice. You cánido easily upload it to the Trim website or send them an correo electrónico with it attached. After that, you’re done. Trim claims it cánido save you up to 30% on any cable bill, cell phone provider, internet bill, and other monthly bills.

Bank Negotiation

Financial institutions perro be intimidating, even for those with financial experience. However, we give them our money and they cánido assess all kinds of fees and charges, which puts a dent in our annual savings goals.

Take overdraft fees, for example. In 2017, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) says we paid $12 billion to banks in overdraft fees alone! How much of that could have been repaid by negotiating with the bank?

While Trim isn’t a dedicated banking aplicación like Chime Bank, they do stand behind it for overdraft fees. First, they tell you when you have been tested. Then, choose a day and time, and Trim will initiate a phone call with your bank to try to get the overdraft fee waived.

Trim will also work to eliminate other bank fees that may have been assessed. They will even make an effort to get your credit car.d APR lowered if you ask, improving your financial life.

Negotiation of medical bills

Unfortunately, medical bills contribute to 60% of bankruptcy filings. However, medical bills are almost always negotiable.

Many hospitals and clinics may offer significant discounts and/or interest-free payment plans. That is exactly what Trim tries to negotiate for you.

The process is a bit more complicated than the regular bill negotiation. First, you need to submit some consent forms so that Trim perro communicate directly with your health care provider.

Once you do, Trim will begin the negotiation process and try to get you a better deal. It is important to note that they will not accept any payment terms without your specific consent.


Credit card debt is notoriously easy to rack up, but annoying to pay off. Trim cánido help if you find yourself saddled with credit card debt.

Essentially, you escoge an amount for Trim to automatically withdraw from your bank account or checking account each week. Trim then makes an additional payment each month to a credit card of your choice so that over time, you perro have the satisfaction of seeing a zero cómputo on your statement.

Please note that if you choose to use this service, you will need to continue to make the minimum payment each month yourself.

Trim Fácil Savings Account

Trim Fácil Savings, an automated savings account, is different from your average high-yield savings account. The aplicación classifies interest rates based on the money in your savings account. You cánido equipo up automated weekly transfers from your checking account to your trim savings account.

This way, you perro build your vacation or emergency fund at a great price. At the end of the year, you’ll appreciate what you have as your total annual savings and more financial freedom. Finally, Trim’s personal finance dashboard helps you keep track of your savings and sends spending alerts and reminders.

Ask Trim Cost

If you’re not willing to pay Trim to act as your automated personal finance assistant, the site allows you to use its overdraft and underwriting monitoring services for free.

Negotiating the invoice will cost you 33% of what Trim saves as your total annual savings.

For example, if Trim saves you $100 per year on cable, you owe Trim a fee of $33.

Ask Trim Security

Is Trim safe? This is a common question asked by people who are afraid to backlink the debt payment calculator to their bank accounts. The personal finance aplicación may not have bank-level security, but it is more secure than most eCommerce stores.

This is how Trim keeps you safe:

  • Has 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Two Aspecto Authentication
  • Provides read-only access
  • Whether you are using a free or paid account, Trim does not store your information on its servers.

Advantages of AskTrim

Trim, like other money-saving aplicaciones, claims to work with any cable, Internet, or phone service company. Whether your service provider gives a discount depends on the specific carrier, but it’s good to know that Trim doesn’t discriminate.

It’s also a big agregado that Trim offers some services without charging a fee. fee. That allows you to test their services before committing. However, there is a premium plan of Trim that helps you save more money, as opposed to the free service. There is a 14-day free trial, after which you pay for the services raised to $99.

The job is not done for Trim either, regardless of whether or not your service provider agrees to lower your bill. Trim will continue to renegotiate your invoices on an ongoing basis. Finally, Trim’s spending analysis allows you to develop the habit of saving money and taking advantage of free services, and guarantees debt payment.

Cons of Ask Trim

Some people may see the irony of paying for a subscription designed to remove subscriptions when they are trying to be completely free of them. Agregado, it’s not too far-fetched to see how Trim could quickly become another recurring charge you see on her statements.

You may be able to negotiate your bills just as quickly. However, nothing is stopping you from picking up the phone and chatting with a customer service representative for a while to disminuye your costs.

Also, Trim does not offer an iPhone or Android aplicación. That could become a hassle for people who are used to managing their finances on their phones with well-designed aplicaciones.

Ask Trim Competitors


If the lack of a mobile aplicación is a deal breaker, give Truebill a look. The aplicación has so far received more than 16,000 reviews on the Apple Aplicación Store.

Truebill compiles a financial snapshot of all your linked accounts, afín to Trim. It even creates an easy-to-read list of all your used and unused subscriptions.

That fancy mobile aplicación will cost you when it comes to cost. Truebill charges a 40% fee compared to 33% for Trim.


The most tight-fisted will appreciate the fact that Clarity Money is completely free. The service also displays your linked financial accounts in an easy-to-read format.

Unlike Trim and Truebill, however, Clarity Money does not cancel subscription services for you. Instead, the aplicación provides you with the contact information for the specific service so you cánido cancel it yourself.


Today we maintain many services and accounts, so it’s easy to see how people perro lose track. So give Trim a shot if you find yourself in this category.

In the worst case, it turns out to be another service that you end up canceling. At best, Trim could put you back in charge and help you regain control of your finances.

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 Ask Trim Review – Perro It Help You
  Ask Trim Review – Perro It Help You
  Ask Trim Review – Perro It Help You

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