Are you suffering from burnout from work?

Are you suffering from burnout from work?

According to, 69 percent of employees are experiencing symptoms of burnout while working from home.

However, not everyone knows that they are experiencing this condition.

This could be because burnout from working from home has no single indicator and affects both emotional and physical states.

Let’s take a look at what burnout means and how to easily identify it.

What is burnout?

The World Health Organization defines burnout as:

  • The psychological feeling of loss of energy.
  • Loss of enthusiasm for your job.
  • Drastic drop in productivity and professional effectiveness

In other words, burnout is a loss of energy, enthusiasm, or productivity.

Exhaustion sneaks up on its victims silently, so being able to spot its early signs is vital.

signs of exhaustion


Drop in productivity

This is the biggest sign of burnout.

Your productivity level starts to drop gradually.

You will quickly notice this by the decrease in delivery speed.

A task that used to take 45 minutes to complete now takes twice that time could be burnout.


Lack of motivation

In this situation, the passion or drive for your work no longer drives you to perform the tasks.

Perhaps the weekly pay that motivated you no longer has an effect.

In such a situation, your motivation curve begins to flatten.

Demotivation could also appear in the form of resentment for work.


Higher fallo rate

Burnout also espectáculos up in the form of higher fallo rates.

You may not even notice the errors, but your colleagues or clients end up catching the high fallo count.

It could get worse if it leads to a query from your supervisor or the loss of customers.



When burnout sets in, you will start to forget about many activities and tasks.

This is because you won’t be motivated enough to create a to-do list every day.

You may not even follow it if you create one.



Usually, when there is no motivation to perform a task, the task seems more difficult, but all your daily tasks will become more difficult.

With a perceived increase in task difficulty, you are more likely to feel overwhelmed.

What follows is a feeling of frustration, which leads you to complain loudly about your work/tasks.



Once you realize that you are hostile to your clients and the people around you for no reason, it perro be a result of burnout.

Immaterial things perro start to irritate and enrage you.

At the highest stage of burnout, you will have zero tolerance for any form of criticism from anyone.

The Five Stages of Work From Home Burnout

The aforementioned signs of burnout denote different stages you may be in within the burnout cycle.

Here’s how to tell which stage you’re in if you’re currently experiencing any of the above signs while working from home.


Honeymoon Phase

At this stage you have just started working from home and you love the iniciativa of ​​not leaving the house early in the morning.

You no longer have to fuel up your car to go to work or catch the ómnibus.

He is highly motivated and his productivity level is through the roof.

The rush prevents you from noticing the signs of possible exhaustion and stress in this phase.

Common signs of the honeymoon phase:

  • High level of motivation
  • Work satisfaction
  • wanting to work
  • High productivity
  • Sustained high energy level
  • innovative creativity


Onset of stress

At this stage, you will start to notice some things you don’t like about your job.

The signs of exhaustion become a bit more prominent.

You start to realize that working at home is not as interesting as you thought it would be.

Or maybe it’s not as rewarding as you thought.

If you don’t work on your morale at this stage, you may soon entrar the third stage.

This stage is mixed with some elements of stress and anxiety.


Chronic stress

Your stress level increases at this stage.

Signs of stress will be written all over you.

The gradual loss of productivity begins at this stage.

Your pace will also slow down and you may start to miss deadlines.

Your initial job satisfaction may begin to wane.

In fact, you may wonder if your job choice was the right one.

It cánido also affect the quality of your sleep.

You may become aggressive towards those around you and you may also encounter a bit of anxiety and restlessness.



As the name implies, this is the main stage of exhaustion.

You will find most of the symptoms listed above at this stage.

You will no longer be motivated and your productivity will have plummeted.

You will start dropping a lot of balls and your fallo rate will be high.

Even the people around you will notice that all is not well with you, although they may not be able to figure out what the problem is.

One thing will be on your mind: changing jobs/environment.

The solution may require clinical stress management.


Frecuente exhaustion

Here, both stress and exhaustion cánido become a part of you.

At this stage, you might also encounter some physical medical conditions like fatigue, irregular breathing, or chest pain.

What appears to be the hopelessness of your situation will hit you.

This stage requires serious medical intervention and constant monitoring.

Causes of Work From Home Burnout

As stated above, burnout plagues you all the time, and it’s important to identify the possible causes to put yourself on the path to recovery from burnout.

Some of the common causes of burnout are:

  • High workload
  • Inadequate support from other colleagues or manager
  • bad pay
  • unfair treatment
  • Stretching too far beyond your limits


You should always remember that the best way to treat burnout is to prevent it by taking your relaxation seriously.

When you close for the day, kick back and forget about work until the next day.

There is more to life than just work.

Try to participate in recreational activities that you love regularly and just enjoy your life.

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 Are you suffering from burnout from work?
  Are you suffering from burnout from work?
  Are you suffering from burnout from work?

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