Are the service providers trustworthy?

Are the service providers trustworthy?

Traveling is an expensive activity. That is why most people plan their trips well in advance to take advantage of getting cheap flight deals. This may seem like a hassle, but it all makes sense when you think that most flights are a significant part of most travelers’ budgets. That is precisely why more and more travel service providers have popped up to help travelers get and book on-demand flight deals at low prices.

Many travel booking aplicaciones such as Holidu and Momondo have provided smooth, easy and convenient travel experiences over the years. Today, we will be reviewing a afín but large travel service provider, Fareportal.

Should you trust Fareportal for your travel booking services? Let’s find out now.

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What is Fareportal?

Fareportal Inc, a global provider of travel services, is the second largest seller of airline tiques in the United States, receiving more than 100 million visitors each year. Since its launch in 2002, Fareportal has been helping travelers and travel brands with business process outsourcing, ticket fulfillment, and call center solutions.

What is special about Fareportal?

Fareportal Inc is also the organization behind OneTravel, Travelong, and CheapOair. They call themselves the “next generation travel concierge” and the “Global Technology Company with the Heart of a Startup”.

Over the years, Fareportal has built strong partnerships with more than 600 airlines, millions of hotels, and hundreds of car rental companies to serve millions of its customers each year.

Fareportal combines digital aplicaciones and websites to create an extensive global network of trained travel agents. They provide high-tech tools to create a seamless and unique travel concierge experience.

Why choose Fareportal?

Working with Fareportal is like hiring your own personal travel agent. They will provide you with personalized trips 24/7 to various countries. Travelers from all over the world cánido find and book any trip they want on their website. They even have contact centers that operate every day of the year to help travelers with any problem related to their trip.

The company has a growing global presence with two main data centers in New York and India. They also have numerous third-party integrations from different companies, including airlines and credit card companies.

Getting started with Fareportal

So how do you use the Fareportal en línea booking service? Fácil. Simply go to their website ( and clic the “Book your ride now” button. You will then be redirected to your CheapOair website where you perro search for flights. Write your airport of origin, your destination and the date of departure.

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In addition to flight reservations, you cánido also use CheapOair to book hotels. Simply clic the Cheapoair hotel button and entrar your destination, travel date and other details about your preferred accommodation. Once that’s done, you perro filter the results and choose hotels based on rating, price, neighborhood, amenities, and more.

You perro also choose to book a rental car from CheapOair if you have already arrived at your destination and need a vehicle to help you drive across the country. Clic on “Cars” in the main search bar to get started. Then entrar your pickup location and the pickup date and time. You cánido also filter your results based on vehicle type, services, and rental company.

Your transportation is already covered, but what about your vacation? Fareportal also has vacation packages for their clients! Vacation packages consist of hotels, flights, and car rental services, and all come at a single price and give you more savings!

The best features of Fareportal

Automated check-in and boarding pass – Fareportal’s new self check-in and boarding pass feature makes air travel super convenient.

Alternative dates and suggested airports – The more maleable your travel dates are, the more you will save. CheapOair from Fareportal has an automatic suggestion of cheapest flights from different airports based on your search results.

Rate Alerts – Do you want to travel but flight prices are too high for you? Now you perro get rate alerts delivered directly to your inbox every time you clic the “Get Rate Alerts” button on your website.

Travel Information Engine – Fareportal has integrated Sabre’s travel information engine to help enhance your en línea booking experience. This allows customers to access key travel information, such as knowing when to book and what to expect by going places at specific times.

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Seat selection maps – Fareportal has recently been integrated with Routehappy and included seat selection maps on CheapOair and One Travel. Customers perro now view photos of airline seats and descriptions of their features.

Travel Protection – CheapOair from Fareportal offers a travel insurance policy for its clients. For example, your trip cancellation or interruption insurance may ensure you pay out of $100,000. Accidental death and dismemberment is around $100,000. There is also insurance for travel and baggage delays.

travel assistance – If you want to be assisted throughout your trip. The company also has a couple of packages for you. These “travel assistance” packages consist of emergency medical assistance, personal concierge assistance, visa and passport assistance, as well as a $50 travel savings coupon.

Disadvantages of Fareportal

Many customers complain that refunds are not being funded after their trips are cancelled. There is nothing worse than looking at a travel agency to save money but ending up having to pay more due to trip cancellation and refund issues.

The Fareportal website does not provide a way to cancel reservations on booked travel. Many angry customers have complained about this problem on various review sites.

Fareportal’s customer service isn’t exactly as good as it claims to be, either. There are many complaints about customers having to wait on hold for their customer service representative to respond and listen to their retroalimentación.

Is Fareportal worth it?

Overall, we think Fareportal is worth a look if you’re looking for an all-in-one travel booking service for your travel needs. With its CheapOair and One Travel integration, Fareportal makes its service the most convenient by providing an all-de hecho booking service for travelers who are looking for no complexity in their trip.

That being said, we recommend that you check prices on Fareportal with other travel booking services to ensure you get the best prices. With their mediocre cancellation services and customer service, we suggest going with the alternative if you find a afín price to a better travel booking service.

Our rating: 4.0/5


  • Automated and high-tech reservation services
  • Fare and cheap flight alerts
  • Third Party Integration Services
  • travel assistance packages
  • travel insurance policy


  • refund issues
  • strict cancellation policy
  • bad customer service

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 Are the service providers trustworthy?
  Are the service providers trustworthy?
  Are the service providers trustworthy?

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