Arbistar » How does it work? Earn money with it

Arbistar » How does it work? Earn money with it

Arbistar is a platform that allows you generate passive income with cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage consists of buying cryptocurrencies on one exchange in order to sell those cryptocurrencies on another exchange at a higher price, thereby making a profit on the difference.

You cánido make money on arbistar through passive income.

arbistar has a robot capable of performing arbitration instantly.

The Arbistar platform has been operating since beginning of the year 2018.

Initially, this platform was called Arbistar 1.0, and it sold a programa license capable of performing arbitrage on your own exchanges.

Then Arbistar launched Arbistar 2.0 that allows to carry out arbitration for you automatically, but also performs arbitrage in parallel.

This arbitrage means buying and selling at the same time the same security in different exchangesso the profit obtained is instantaneous.

General data of Arbistar

Arbistar is a legally registered company under the fiscal name of Global Marketing LTD, whose VAT code is BG203425745.

The director ejecutivo of the Arbistar company is called Santi Fuentes, who has more than 30 years of experience in recommendation marketing.

This platform has offices in Bulgariaand it collaborates with another programa development company located in France, Pariz.

Basic notions of Arbistar

Platform management: Arbistar has been operating since early 2018 No problems with users.

Withdrawals: The minimum withdrawal is €10 (withdrawals are automatic every Saturday), and the payment method used is bitcoin.

Deposits: Deposits cánido be made from €300and the means of payment is bitcoin.

Referrals: It has a referral system 10 levels deep.
Languages: English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Pay? Yeah, arbistar make the payments No problem.

Activity: Cryptocurrency arbitration.

Registration and first steps in Arbistar


Registration in Arbistar is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here.

Upon entering, it will take you to the registration form, where you will have to complete the information requested (among these a bitcoin address to receive your payments), accept the terms and conditions, and send the information.

You must go to your dirección de correo electrónico and confirm your account with the message they have sent you.

Registration Form

You cánido register to earn money in Arbistar from the following backlink: Go to Arbistar.

First steps

When logging in you must finish equipo up your account in relation to data and withdrawal of commissions.

From this you must go to Usuario / profile, where you will have to fill in the missing data, including your bitcoin address to receive payments (this in case you have not put it in the registry).

In order to save the information you must enable two-aspecto authentication for added security.

In this section there is an option called “Profit and Commission Compounding”.

If this option is checked in green, then the earnings you earn will be reinvested, but if that option is unchecked the earnings you earn will be sent to the bitcoin address you have on your profile.

You perro check or uncheck the option whenever you want.

How does Arbistar work?

Arbistar is a platform for cryptocurrency arbitrage that has programa capable of performing arbitration automatically and instantly.

This arbitration is done with the aim of making a profit with the difference that occurs.

The company Arbistar has a robot designed to carry out automatic and parallel arbitration.

All the profits you get in Arbistar They do not come from the investment you makebut directly from arbitration, that is, the platform does not touch your investment to pay you, but rather pays you from the profits generated from the arbitration that is done with your investmentso your investment remains intact and you will continue to generate profits from it.

Arbistar products

The company Arbistar offers two different products in order to obtain income from the arbitration they carry out.

The products offered to earn money in Arbistar are: Personal Bot and Community Bot, which allow you to generate income with arbitration.

Each of these products allows you to generate income with arbitration.

These will be presented below two products To verify its operation and way of operating:

Personal Bot

He Personal Bot is a personal robot that the company offers to users to carry out arbitration directly on users’ Exchanges, with which you obtain the 100% of commissions.

The company sells a license of this programa for a cost of €5,000 for two years, where to renew it you will have to pay €5,000 again.

Despite this high cost, you will recover your investment in a matter of a few months.

The following are the main features of this robot to carry out the arbitration:

  • It has a cost of €5000.
  • License for 2 years.
  • unlimited units
  • Arbitration with cryptos and btc-dollar.
  • Integrated on many exchanges.
  • Unlimited personal investment.
  • Daily operations without limits.
  • He 100% of the profits are yours.
  • Full control of your money, since it will be in your exchanges.
  • 6% in commissions from your referrals up to 10 levels.

Community Bot

He Community Bot is a community robot that the company offers users to perform automatic and instant arbitration.

Unlike the personal bot, the community bot is controlled by the company, however the investment is from €300 to start earning.

The following are the main features of this robot to carry out the arbitration:

  • No initial cost.
  • No setup.
  • 100% automated.
  • Your investment is controlled by the company.
  • He 70% of the profits of the bot are for you and 30% is for the company and the referrals.
  • The minimum investment is €300.
  • The distribution of profits is carried out every Saturday.
  • 2% commissions for your referrals up to 10 levels deep.

How to earn money in Arbistar?

You cánido make money on arbistar in three different ways: investing in cryptocurrency arbitration, with the friend plan and with your referrals.

The earnings of arbitration are achieved through passive incomewhile the earnings of the referrals will depend on the investments made by your affiliates.

Below are the different ways of earn money in Arbistar:

cryptocurrency arbitrage

At Arbistar you have the opportunity to generate passive income with the cryptocurrency arbitrage.

You perro invest in arbitrage using the Personal Bot product or the Community Bot product.

Arbitration proceeds depends on the product you buyso this part is presented below based on the product you have:

Product Community Bot

to start earn money andn Arbistar con the Community Bot You must make a minimum investment of €300 through bitcoin.

This investment goes to you to allow earn passive income every week, and you have the opportunity to withdraw your earnings or reinvest them.

Below is the necessary information about generating income in this way:

  • The profits that you will obtain from arbitration will range between a 4% and 7% weekly.

  • Arbistar pays you 70% of the profits obtained with the arbitration of your investment, 20% is to pay referral commissions and the other 10% is profits for the company.
  • The Arbistar company does not pay with usuario investments, but with the profits that are produced with the investment arbitration, so your investment is not touched.

    This indicates that having an active deposit will be generating profits.

  • At 60 days after each investment, the platform gives the opportunity to withdraw said investment along with the profits.
  • When you make your first investment, then you will have available your referral backlink to promote it (this is not required).

    This also applies to the Personal Bot product.

  • Commissions are paid automatically every Saturday, unless you choose to roll over those earnings.

Personal Product Bot

The license of this product has a cost of €5000 for 2 years.

When those two years are up, you perro buy the license again for the same amount.

When purchasing this product, the platform will indicate through vídeos how you have to configure the product in your different accounts of the different exchanges that the Personal Bot used to carry out the arbitration.

After the product is configured, then it begins to perform the arbitration between your different accounts.

The profits that you obtain are 100%, since the arbitration is carried out directly in your accounts of the exchanges that the bot emplees, so the company has no control of your money, but you yourself are the one who has total control.

You also earn 6% of your referrals on all levels up to the tenth level.


Product Community Bot

For make an investment with this product You must go to products, choose the Community Bot plan.

When doing this, a box will be displayed, where you must entrar Pay with ArbistarPay, then you must entrar the amount you want to invest and entrar Choose Plan, where you will have to entrar the backlink shown and make the payment to the bitcoin address what they tell you

To see the investments you have made and the profits you are getting daily for the arbitration with the Community Bot you must go to My finance.

The investments you have made will be shown at the top and the profits you are obtaining with the arbitration will be shown at the bottom.

To see general statistics you must go to the Dashboard.

Personal Product Bot

To work with him Personal Bot you must purchase the license and follow the steps indicated.

To purchase this license you must go to Products and choose the Personal Bot plan and follow the steps.

After the purchase, the same platform will indicate the steps you must follow.

plan friend

He friend plan It consists of 3 bonuses to integrate the two products in a single plan.

The bonuses of this plan are: Unilevel Plus, Plus payment for direct espectáculos and Club Mundial.

It is necessary to take into account the results in the same time, the Plan Amigo is not cyclicalYou do not have to achieve these requirements every month or every week, but over time.

The part of these three bonuses cánido be found in My bonuses.

The following will detalla or present the different bonds To earn money in Arbistar through the friend plan:

1- Unilevel Plus

He Unilevel plus It is based on 10 levels deep and unlimited in width, that is, you cánido invite as many friends as you want and also your first level so that they perro do the same and fill your lower levels.

Initially all users have 5 open levels with no requirements.

The commission is 6% of the Personal Bots sold and 2% of the weekly returns of the investments and reinvestments of the Community Bot.

It is recorded instantly that the sale or investment is made.

Requirements for payment in depth

In order to charge the depth of the 6th level to the 10th level, a billing of 30,000 euros in the first level (direct), therefore the more direct you have, the more chances you have to unlock these 5 lower levels.

2- Plus payment for direct

For each 100,000 euros, sales and reinvestments of your first level an additional plus of 10% = 10,000 euros is charged.

These 10,000 euros will be paid in Bitcoin at the current exchange rate.

This plus is charged each time you obtain those sales or investments, and thus each time it happens and is additional to the 2% or 6% that is charged from Plus 1.

It is paid on the first Saturday of the following month.

3- World Club

It creates a World Club where the company distributes 5% of all its benefits among the members who will reach a total turnover to infinity of 1 million eurowithout depth levels or defined period of time.

Apart from these profits, a Exclusive Club where all members have preferential treatment in events, public recognition, trips paid for by the company, gifts, etcétera.

It is created for a leadership figure.

To obtain this plus it is necessary to have all the levels of a level open, that is, to have more than 30,000 euros of turnover on the first level.


You have the possibility to earn money in Arbistar with the referral system that provides the platform.

The referral part will be explained later.

Arbistar referral system

Arbistar owns a 10 levels deep referral system.

You will get $2 a week from the profits your referrals make at all levels, as long as you have at least one active investment.

The company does not have a referral backlinkso all users must register through a referral backlink of a usuario.

You will not have your referral backlink until you make your first investment.

Once you make your first investment you cánido find your referral backlink at the top of your account.

You cánido find the referrals you have in the My network section.

Go to the forms to get referrals.

Payments in Arbistar

in arbistar the minimum withdrawal is €10, and they are paid automatically every Saturday (as long as you have the minimum to withdraw).

Withdrawals are made every Saturday automatically to the bitcoin address that you have configured in your profile, since all payments are made through bitcoin.

You perro also equipo up your account to reinvest your earnings instead of removing them automatically.

You cánido make deposits from €300 through bitcoin (all transactions carried out in Arbistar are through bitcoin).

Deposits are made to purchase the products offered by Arbistar (Personal Boy and Community Bot).

To make deposits in Arbistar you must go to Products and choose the product you want to buy.

capital withdrawal

Arbistar allows you withdraw part of the investment you have or all your investment, but if you withdraw all your investment you will stop making weekly profits, so it is advisable to invest more capital to increase your profits.

To make the withdrawal of your capital you must go to the withdraw section, where you must choose the percentage of your capital that you wish to withdraw.

Configuration of weekly withdrawals

As previously stated, withdrawals at Arbistar are made in a automatic every Saturday.

You perro escoge if you are going to allow your earnings to be withdrawn that week or if you are going to reinvest them.

To perform this configuration you must go to Usuario/Profile.

In this section there is an option called “Profit And Commission Compounding”.

This option cánido be checked or unchecked.

if the option is marked in green, then the profit you get will be reinvested next Saturdaybut if the option is unchecked, the earnings you obtain will be sent the following Saturday to the bitcoin address you have in your profile.

You cánido check or uncheck the option whenever you want and save the information.

Does Arbistar pay or is it a scam?

Arbistar is a company that pays without problems to its users since the beginning of 2018, so the possibility of being a scam is eliminated.

All the time that Arbistar has been operating, it has been characterized as a platform Serious about your servicesso it scores pretty high for seriousness.

The Arbistar company has the advantage that it is a platform legally registered.

It certainly has enormous merit and espectáculos that the staff behind this platform are 100% serious and honest.

It would be a very good thing if all the pages that exist on the Internet were this way in terms of seriousness.

Work plan to be executed in Arbistar

In Arbistar it is necessary to establish a workplan to succeed on this page.

It is necessary to take this page very seriously, since it has a stable business model to remain for a long time.

He work plan to execute to earn money in Arbistar consists of a series of steps to execute.

The steps to execute in this workplan are the following:

  • Register correctly on the page.
  • Complete the necessary settings to start earning money.
  • Start earning money with the different ways that the page provides.
  • Try looking for referrals to increase your earnings considerably.
  • Finally watch your earnings increase.


Arbistar is a platform trustworthy to earn money by investing in arbitration.

It is a platform operating since the beginning of 2018, so it has been running for a long time, and also that it is legally registered, which greatly increases reliability towards this company.

In Arbistar you have the possibility of generate passive income and increase it with referrals.

On the Arbistar platform you will have the opportunity to generate good income without doing practically anything.

In addition to this, earnings also depend on your commitment to the platform, so it is good that you never neglect this page.

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 Arbistar » How does it work?  Earn money with it
  Arbistar » How does it work?  Earn money with it
  Arbistar » How does it work?  Earn money with it

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