Aptitude or Attitude How do you write?

Aptitude or Attitude How do you write?

whatAptitude or Attitude? Which word should we use according to the context? These words being paronymous, that is, they have a great similarity in pronunciation and spelling, but they do not orinan the same thing.

They create a lot of confusion among people, which leads to a very frequent misspelling that we see often. And if you have that doubt, don’t worry, because today we will clarify it with some examples.

Just keep the following in mind:

“Fitness” = refers to the ability, competence and capacity of a person.

“Attitude” = alludes to the behavior or way of developing a person or something.


When and how to use aptitude?

Fitness It is a feminine noun that denotes the sufficiency of a person to act in a job, manufacture or art, in addition, it is used to refer to the qualities of someone to carry out a position, task or job. Basically having what it takes to be capable.

Here are some examples:

  • Jordi has the aptitude required to position himself as the president of the company.
  • My daughter has the aptitude to sing.
  • Even if he tries hard, he doesn’t have the physical fitness to be a footballer.

When and how to use attitude?

Attitude It is also a feminine noun, but in this case it refers to the disposition of someone who expresses in front of another person or thing, it is a direct synonym of desire or desire, attitude is also the position of the body when expressing an emotion or affection.

Here are some examples:

  • I always recommend keeping a positive attitude.
  • You had to see it, his attitude showed how uncomfortable he was.
  • In that girl I see the necessary attitude for the role of Gretel.
  • Manual is a genius, but I’m worried about his attitude to college.

We invite you to look at the proper use of Apt or Act.

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 Aptitude or Attitude How do you write?
  Aptitude or Attitude How do you write?
  Aptitude or Attitude How do you write?

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