AppTrailers: Earn money watching vídeos and

AppTrailers: Earn money watching vídeos and

If you spend many of your afternoons playing and watching vídeos, then you should know AppTrailersan application that pays you for it.

If you have ever thought about earn money without making the slightest effort, simply entertaining yourself in your leisure time, because this aplicación is indicated for you.

Using their points system, you will be able to claim some of their prizes.

One of the most habitual activities in modern times is playing games and watching vídeos.

Surely most of us already have smart devices that are capable of offering us an excellent multimedia experience.

This becomes more and more recurring, therefore, this aplicación seeks that you cánido get some kind of benefit by doing these same types of activities.

What is AppTrailers for?

AppTrailers It is used to earn money and gift cards by watching vídeos and playing games.

It is available for Android mobile devices and is accessible to everyone.

As I told you before, the theme of the application is based on watching vídeos or playing some kind of game to accumulate points and exchange them for any of the available rewards.

These prizes are in the form of gift cards for platforms such as Amazon, Steam and Google plus Play or cómputo for the habitual PayPal payment page.

In order to access them, you must accumulate a specific amount of points (they vary depending on the prize).

These points are the base of the platform, they are mainly earned by watching vídeos and ads. The more time you spend watching vídeos, the more points you cánido accumulate.

Which means you’ll be able to redeem your points faster.

How do you use AppTrailers?

It is very fácil, the first step is to have an Android device.

The second is to go to the Play Store, search for the “AppTrailers” aplicación and download it to your mobile or tablet of preference.

After installing it you must open the aplicación and go to the configuration section, where you will have to adjust the main parameters such as the creation of your account. You perro register with your Fb account or with an correo electrónico.

You should know that, to use the PayPal payment method, you must use an correo electrónico address linked to the same PayPal page.

Once you have finished configuring the main parameters of your account, you cánido start watching vídeos and accumulating points for prizes.

The aplicación will offer you different vídeos and ads as the day goes by.

I recommend that you check regularly to take advantage of each option it offers you.

Know all the benefits that Apptrailers offers you

The main benefit that stands out is the ability to earn money by watching vídeos and ads, this will require no effort at all.

It perro even be very entertaining for some! Since the content that is displayed is varied and changes regularly, so surely more than one person will find some content of interest.

In matters of net profit, it will depend on how much time you dedicate to the platform.

Of course, watching about 3 vídeos will not be enough for you to claim any of the prizes.

Therefore, you must be patient and dedicate your time to see the results, so do not give up! Try to spend small amounts of time throughout the day to take advantage of the aplicación.

If you find yourself in a scenario where you have to wait for an extended period of time or just looking for something to do remember this aplicación! These are usually the perfect moments to take advantage and watch the vídeos that it offers you.

If you’re lucky, sometimes AppTrailers will offer you to download free applications so you cánido get plus points.

It’s just a matter of downloading and trying them, you don’t have to have them installed for a long time, once you claim your points, you perro uninstall them.

Offers like these will further shorten the distance that separates you from your prizes.

What type of content does the platform offer?

As I mentioned before, the main consumables that AppTrailers offers are vídeos, ads and even mobile games.

Normally, the ads that we will find are like any type of conventional advertisement, however, we find advertising vídeos of current content.

Movie trailers and current series are common to find, therefore, this cánido make our usuario experience more entertaining.

If you want to change the subject of viewing advertisements a bit, there is a category to try games and accumulate plus points.

These are usually fácil games to kill time, puzzle or trivia style games are some of the ones we will find in this section.

If you feel somewhat bored you cánido try any of them, remember that they will also benefit you in points.

What do I need to claim the prizes?

For this, it is necessary to reach the minimum number of points for each prize.

The lowest you perro claim is 500 points for a $0.50 PayPal cómputo.

If the amount seems low to you, you perro continue to accumulate more points to opt for an even higher payment.

But yes, you must have a little more patience.

If you are looking for an alternative to paying for PayPal, the aplicación also offers gift cards from sites like Amazon, Objetivo, Starbucks, Steam among others.

Gather the amount of points required to choose the one of your preference.


This aplicación offers you varied multimedia content and is an excellent way to generate plus income without having to make additional efforts.

You perro do it from anywhere, in your car, office, store or in the comfort of your home.

Do not think about it too much, this option must be tried.

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 AppTrailers: Earn money watching vídeos and
  AppTrailers: Earn money watching vídeos and
  AppTrailers: Earn money watching vídeos and

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