Applications to send money

Applications to send money

Now that Christmas is approaching, applications to send money They are a very interesting option so that there are no misunderstandings between friends and co-workers.

Aplicaciones like see each other, Bizum, or Twyp will allow us to transfer money from one to another only with the mobile.

That way we cánido pay for our share of the beers or food we’ve had.

But which is the best of all? What benefits does each of them have? Does it have any disadvantage? I want to answer all these questions in this articulo, so if you are ever in that situation you will know what to expect and what application to download.

Are you ready for the comparison? Well let’s go there!

What are Fintechs?

The word Fintech is a word that arises from the union of two English terms: Finance and Technology (in Spanish, it could be translated as financial technology).

These are companies that offer their customers innovative financial products and services, through the use of ICT technologies.

These startups use financial technology as a means to lower costs and simplify processes, which will result in an efficient Internet service for the usuario, which at the same time will generate lower commissions (on many occasions without any commission) in relation to the traditional systems.

In short, Fintech means the union of technology and finance with the aim of creating financial services that are easy to contract, understand and with a standardized price that will allow access to a greater number of people and companies, both investors and borrowers.

The digitization of the financial campo is here to stay.

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Within the Fintech, the functions for the sending money between individuals.

Are aplicaciones to send money They make life easier for us and will allow us to keep our accounts on our mobile phones, in most cases without any type of commission.

Although Fintech applications have many more functions such as controlling expenses and income, they help you calculate specific tasks such as calculating taxes or knowing how much you spend on your mobile rate or applications.

These applications will also help us to send money from one account to another

Best applications to send money from one account to another

Previously I have mentioned three applications that cánido be the aplicaciones to send money most habitual among users.

Each of them is very valid and will help us to send money between individuals.

Here I explain the three, with their advantages and defects.


Twyp is one of the most habitual applications that will allow us to send money to anyone.

It is the application of ING Direct to share money.

And even if it is a bank aplicación, it perro be used whether you are a customer of this bank or not.

It works in Spain and perro be used as long as you have a card and you are registered in the application.

To use it, all you have to do is backlink your credit or debit card to the application and thus be able to send money to your friends.

The money will be received the next day and may even be received on the same day if it is a working day.

perro be sent as much 1,000 euros per year without any commission.

A primordial aplicación to pay for meals and drinks at these parties.

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see each other

Seeing yourself is another of the easiest ways to spend money.

You perro download and backlink a credit card to the application to have a cómputo.

With that cómputo you cánido pay your friends and you cánido even add a message to indicate what the payment is for.

One of the interesting things about this application is that you perro create “events” so it perro be ideal for meetings with friends and you perro create a common pot to pay for everyone.


With Bizum you perro send and receive money through your bank’s application.

The money will reach the account of whoever you want in less than 5 seconds.

It will be safely, using only the phone number.

You only have to entrar the application and select your bank by clicking on the logotipo.

Once in your bank’s application, select “send money with bizum” and ready!

This application is ideal for payment among friends in any popular gathering, therefore, it is one of the aplicaciones to send money most used in Spain.

It perro be said that it is a union of banks to send money between individuals, since Bizum is used as a gateway between the different banks.

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Final conclusions of the different applications to send money

Here are a proposal of the most used aplicaciones to send money in Spain.

In the coming years, cash will gradually disappear and will give way to this type of Fintech that will help us share day-to-day expenses, help pay shared bills and pay for our day-to-day activities.

With any of these three you perro, today, do any of the three things, it is up to you to choose one or the other.

It depends on your needs, one of these three or some other will serve you.

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 Applications to send money
  Applications to send money
  Applications to send money

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