Applications to earn money Listening

Applications to earn money Listening

Today I will espectáculo you these Applications to earn money Listening to Music easily and from your cell phone.

For me, the best applications to earn money in this way are Current and Givvy Radios and in this article I will tell you about them.

If we talk about the ways to make money with aplicacionesThere are many, some easier than others.

In this article I bring you a way that is quite easy to apply and is listening to music or radio stations.

whathow perro i earn money doing this? Easy, these aplicaciones are not only used to listen to the radio, but also have advertisingwith which developers win moneywhich they distribute to their team and users.

find one decent aplicación to earn money It’s getting more and more challenging these days.

For this reason, on this page I recommend several of them, you perro get more applications like these here.

Now, the Applications to earn money Listening to Music They are not that common and the concept is barely being explored.

This review is based on what I have experienced with the aplicaciones, your results may be different.

There are people that they will earn more money either less, depending on the circumstances.

In any case, if the applications are not useful to you, you perro explore the blog, you will find many ways to earn money without leaving home.

Earn money listening to music

Earn money with Current

What is Current and what does it offer?

Current is an application that will allow you make money just listening to music from the aplicación.

The logic is that the more you listen, more eager.

It also offers other ways to earn.

And in order to fully understand how well you perro earn from this aplicación, we need to take a closer look at the earning opportunities it offers.

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Play music

As the aplicación promises, you will be able to earn points just by listening to any of the radio stations found in the aplicación.

When you first log in to the aplicación, you will be asked what kind of music you are listening to.

When you first log in to the aplicación, you will be asked to choose the music genres you like.

You just have to choose what kind of music you like.

This will help the aplicación determine which radio stations to suggest for you to listen to.

Before you cánido start listening, you’ll need to allow the aplicación to espectáculo on top of other aplicaciones.

This means that the aplicación will continue to run in the background even if you close it.

This is very important because it will allow you to earn points while playing music.

When you give the aplicación permission, what happens is that Current will always run in the background.

While the music won’t play, the aplicación will still run.

It will even take over your lock screen.

Think of it as the equivalent of the “Always on top” option on a computer.

Now, as far as how many points you’ll earn while listening, they don’t explain exactly how their point system works.

The points you’ll earn will depend on your location, how long you stream the music, and the station you listen to.

Therefore, it is very difficult to measure how many points you cánido earn just by listening to music.

paid offers

Since there are no clear guidelines on how many points you cánido earn by listening to radio stations, it’s nice that Current also offers other ways to earn points, namely paid offers.

To earn more from this aplicación, you will need to complete paid offers.

This type of income opportunity perro usually be found on Get-Paid-To sites and aplicaciones.

If this is your first time hearing about this opportunity, consider it a short task that you cánido complete to earn rewards.

Most of the paid offers found on Current will ask you to register on a website, answer a survey or quiz, play a game.

Now, in my experience, this type of income opportunity is what will usually help you earn rewards on a regular basis.

This is because there will usually always be a paid offer you perro make.

That, at least, ensures that you cánido earn points every day.

Now, each offer will have a certain equipo of instructions that you need to follow in order to receive the reward.

Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter.

Otherwise, you may not complete the offer and therefore not get the reward.

Also, the paid offers you’ll find in the Current aplicación are from advertisers who have partnered with them.

Therefore, do not be alarmed if you are taken to another website while making paid offers.

paid surveys

Another way to earn more points on Current is by answering surveys.

This income opportunity is usually found on survey sites.

Answering surveys will earn you more points, but it’s not always available and you must qualify to get rewards.

The premise is really fácil.

If you see a survey available, simply clic on it and it will take you to the survey page.

First, you’ll need to answer a equipo of qualifying questions so that whoever is running the survey perro determine if you belong to the demographic group the survey is targeting.

If you qualify, you perro take the de hoy survey.

If you don’t, just move on to the next survey.

Once you have completed the survey, you will receive the promised reward.

The good thing about taking surveys is that it’s a pretty easy way to earn rewards.

Also, in my experience, it tends to be more rewarding than paid offers.

The downside is that there aren’t as many surveys available as there are paid offers.

Also, the surveys offered will not come from Current, but from other sites that have partnered with them.

So don’t be surprised if it takes you to another website.

Watch vídeos

You cánido earn plus points just by watching vídeos.

This is a fairly straightforward opportunity to earn points, but it won’t always be available.

However, you must finish watching the vídeo to earn the points.

This will usually last between 30 seconds and a minute and most of the vídeos you will see will be ads.

However, in my experience, this is not the most profitable income opportunity.

Usually, watching vídeos won’t really earn you many points.

So don’t expect to earn much from it.

I suggest you only do this if you don’t have anything else you perro do in the aplicación, as it won’t be the best use of your time.


Another way to increase the points you’ve earned from Current is to invite people to join the platform.

When you invite someone to join and they complete the registration process, they will become your referral.

Invite people to join the aplicación and earn 100 points when they sign up.

You will then earn 100 points for each person you successfully invite to the aplicación.

In addition, you will earn 5% of what your referral earns by listening to music.

Please note that the commission you will earn will be based on your referrals’ earnings from listening to music and not from answering surveys and completing offers.

I personally like the fact that you will earn 100 points immediately when a person you invited becomes a member of the aplicación.

daily plus

Every day you log in to the site you will earn a certain number of points.

It’s not much either, but it cánido still help you rack up more points in the long run.

And considering that you don’t actually have to do anything else to take advantage of this plus, it really is a nice perk to become a member of the aplicación.

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How do you get paid?


As you already know, Current emplees a points system for its rewards.

You perro then redeem the points you’ve earned for certain rewards.

You perro redeem your points for certain products or you cánido convert them into cash through PayPal.

You perro, for example, get products like sports watches, headphones, projectors, and even drones.

In addition, you also have the option to convert the points you have earned into cash vía PayPal.

However, its conversion system is a bit confusing because it’s not fixed.

If you want to convert your points to $1 (which is the smallest amount available) vía PayPal, you’ll need 7950 points.

If you want to convert it to $3, you will only need 9950 points.

So, it’s a bit tiered and you cánido’t really tell how much your points are worth.

But I like the fact that you perro withdraw your winnings once you have won $1.

It is a very low payment threshold.

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Cánido you use it on PC?

Current is a mobile-only platform.

Therefore, you cannot use a desktop or notebook computer to earn rewards.

You will have to use your mobile device.

The aplicación works on both Android and iOS devices and you perro download it from their respective aplicación stores.

Fortunately, their aplicación is available for download on the Android and iOS aplicación stores.

Therefore, you will not have any problems with compatibility.

Their aplicación is also easy to use and the usuario interfaz is intuitive.

Also, you perro record songs you like so you perro listen to them even when you’re sin conexión (no internet connection).

The only thing I noticed about the audio quality of the songs being played is that it’s not as good as, say, Spotify.

The quality is more like when you are listening to the radio.

So if you’re pretty especial about audio quality, this aplicación will be a bit disappointing.

Who perro join Current?

The aplicación is available globally.

So you perro download and register as a member anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection of course).

You cánido register in the usual way by providing your login details or you cánido use your Fb account.

Signing up is also quite easy.

You perro choose to sign up with your Fb account or you cánido provide your own login details.

Once you are done with the registration form, you just have to confirm your registration by clicking the confirmation backlink in the dirección de correo electrónico they will send you.

One thing to note, if you want to withdraw your earnings vía PayPal, you will need to be at least 18 years of age to do so.

That is the age requirement to sign up for a PayPal account.

So please consider that before you sign up as a Current member.

Generate income with Givvy Radios

What is Givvy Radios and what does it offer?

Givvy Radios is an Android aplicación that pays you to listen to your favorite radio stations anywhere in the world.

You will receive coins just for leaving the aplicación open while listening to songs and podcasts.

It works afín to your other habitual aplicación, Givvy Vídeos.

When you have accumulated the required amount of coins to cash out, your coins will be automatically converted to USD for withdrawal.

The best thing about it is that you perro listen to the music you love and earn money every day, wherever you go.

Givvy Radios was launched in May 2022 and has been installed over 50,000 times since then.

With more people searching for legit aplicaciones to earn passive money, I imagine this number will skyrocket in the coming months.

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Earn money with Givvy Radios

Like most money-making aplicaciones, Givvy Radios is completely funded by advertisers.

Thus, the company shares its revenue with users for being exposed to ads while using the aplicación.

Givvy Radios will award you coins from time to time just for staying in the aplicación.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be listening to a song or podcast to receive them.

Agregado, you won’t earn more money for doing it.

Coins will be credited to your account instantly whenever Givvy Radios espectáculos you ads.

There will be a persistent banner at the bottom and frequent vídeos that you need to watch before collecting coins.

That is to ensure that users are exposed to commercials that generate revenue for the developer.

Other ways to earn

Since earning coins passively takes a lot of time, you may want to do some tasks to collect more coins.

The easier but less profitable alternative is to tap on the gift symbol at the top and watch a vídeo.

Another option is to complete en línea offers and surveys from third-party platforms like TapJoy, Fyber, OfferToro, Pollfish, Bitlabs, and more.

Most of these offers revolve around installing a sponsored aplicación and achieving a specific goal to receive the coins.

They will help you earn between 10k and 20 million coins.

You perro also invite friends and ask them to install Givvy Radios through your unique backlink.

As a result, the company will pay you 10% of your withdrawal.

Your friend will also receive $0.02 for doing so.

So, copy the backlink and share it with those who want to get paid to listen to the radio.

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How do you get paid?

First, it is essential to know that 10,000 coins equals 0.01 USD.

You cánido always check your US dollar cómputo by opening your wallet, where you perro also withdraw your money.

At first, Givvy Vídeos will give you hundreds or even thousands of coins per minute, depending on your budget.

It is difficult to predict how much money you will earn because the rate of coins per minute drops significantly over time.

Givvy radios allow you to withdraw cash using various payment methods.

Each method has a minimum withdrawal amount that must be met before receiving the money.

Here is the full list of requirements:

  • Payeer: 0.19 USD (instantly)
  • Airtm: 0.19 USD (instantly)
  • Coinbase 0.19 USD (instant)
  • Perfect Money: $1.04 (instantly)
  • Advcash: $10.4 (instantly)
  • Amazon: $0.69 (3 days)
  • PayPal: $1.04 (3 days)

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Cánido you use it on PC?

Givvy Radios is currently only available on Android devices and is 100% free! After launching the aplicación on your móvil inteligente or tablet, you must agree to the Terms of Service and sign up with Fb or Google plus.

Then you cánido search for millions of radio stations in almost every country.

The application allows you to explore the most habitual radios and add some to your favorites tab.

Who cánido join Givvy Radios?

Everyone perro use Givvy Radios, and we just have to search for it in the Google plus PlayStore to download it for free.

It will not take up much space on your cell phone and the best thing is that it is coincidente with most devices.

There is a registration process that we must do, where we will entrar our name, Correo electrónico and password.

To end

Without a doubt, for me, these are the best Applications to earn money Listening to Music that I have tried, I will keep this until time tells me otherwise.

In any case, if this way of generating income does not suit what you are looking for, you cánido read other articles on the blog.

Earning money on the internet is becoming much more possible and in increasingly easy ways, years ago it was just a dream and today a great reality.

That is why if you are new to earn money en líneaI suggest you consult these excellent pages to earn money easily if you prefer to have more alternatives.

Now if you are looking for simpler ways to earn, I highly recommend you check out the best sites to make money watching vídeos .

All the sites on this list have good earning potential, so you will be able to earn a decent amount in no time.

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 Applications to earn money Listening
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