Applications to earn bitcoin with your mobile

Applications to earn bitcoin with your mobile

The aplicaciones to earn bitcoin are the order of the day, new pages have appeared and aplicaciones to earn bitcoin playing.

Without a doubt, this cryptocurrency and by extension all of them are becoming the best way to earn money en línea, even many establishments already accept them as a payment currency.

If you like mobile games, I advise you to keep reading, you will be able to earn bitcoin playing in your free time or while you go to work.

Like all methods for earn money on internet that we offer in this blog, are all free and anyone, even if they are inexperienced, perro play.

If you keep reading you will see the best ways to earn free bitcoin.

All these applications are available in all countries, you only have to have an internet connection, a device to play and a wallet, which in these cases is coinbase

Free Cryptocurrency Aplicación

In recent times there have appeared many cryptocurrency mining aplicación.

Although there are many, we are only going to espectáculo you the ones that work and the ones that are available for all countries.

From here I put all the applications for earn bitcoin completely free of charge, shall we continue?

Free Bitcoin Cash

It is a fácil application in which we will claim satososhis every hour and additional bitcoin cash every three hours.

Every hour you have two spins and for each additional vídeo you watch another two spins.

In each spin you cánido earn bitcoin cash, each level you go up you cánido earn more satoshis.

At the higher level you cánido win the prize of 100.00 satoshis, there are people who have achieved it.

There is no minimum to collect, but every Tuesday we perro collect if we have 10,000 satoshis or more.

We may charge any wallet that accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The application is downloadable for the android operating system.

It does not have a referral system, what you earn will be by your own means.

You perro download the aplicación here below:

Free Litecoin

Application very afín to Free Bitcoin Cash, made by the same programmers.

Litoshis are claimed every hour and you will have more additional litecoins every three hours.

Every hour (60 minutes) you get two spins and for every additional vídeo you watch you get another two spins.

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As in the previous bitcoin aplicación in spanish you cánido win litoshis with each roll.

If you reach the top level, you perro win the prize of 100,000 litoshis.

You perro withdraw your earnings to any wallet that accepts litecoin (for example Coinbase), yes, as before the payments are automatic every Tuesday having more than 20,000 litoshis.

As in the previous case, it is valid for android, you perro download the application at the backlink in the lower banner.

Bling Finance

This is not an application, it is rather on behalf of the company that has developed four applications for android systems with which you cánido get free BTC.

The satoshis that you get with each of the games will be combined in a single account and you perro collect them whenever you want.

The downside is that you only have 15 times to play each game.

And I tell you only because the games are really quite addictive, you cánido download one, all or just some.

  • bitcoin blast
  • bitcoin blocks
  • bitcoin food fight
  • bitcoin solitaire

To entrar your benefits you will have to have a Coinbase account and in all the games you will have to entrar the same dirección de correo electrónico.


This is a very entertaining application with which we cánido earn small fractions of Ethereum (gwei).

You will have to collect the largest number of coins of the same color to get more score (the higher the score, the more gweis you will earn).

You will be able to request payments every three days regardless of the amount you have accumulated.

There is no daily earnings limit, nor is there a minimum to collect.

Of course, you will have to wait three days between payment and payment.

Your payments will go directly to the Coinbase wallet.

As a curiosity to tell you that they give you 1 gwei when you register.

It is an operating game for android, if you want to download it you perro do it in the lower banner.


Crytoword and Crytopop are two applications created by the same developer, a certain Max Weller.

In this case, the game consists of forming words with the letters that appear to you.

The only drawback is that it is in English, this cánido be positive if you want to learn English.

I recommend that you start by forming words of three or four letters and go up in level.

In this case you will earn small fractions of bitcoin.

Its operation is identical to that of Crytopop.

Max Weller is the creator of this aplicación and the previous one, it is a very afín game that consists of forming words with the letters that appear.

The only downside is that it’s in English, if you’re not good at it, try forming words of 3 or 4 letters.

In this case, small fractions of Bitcoins (satoshis) are earned and it works the same as Cryptopop.

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The earnings will go directly to your Coinbase account, you will not have a daily earnings limit, but you will have to spend three days between payments.

It works only for android devices and you cánido download the application in the lower banner.

Best wallets to store cryptocurrencies

If you already know something about the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, you will know that cryptocurrencies are stored in specific wallets known as wallets or microwallets.

In most cases, it is the wallet itself that allows us to exchange cryptocurrencies for real money.

I usually recommend the Coinbase wallet to store cryptocurrencies, due to the amount of cryptocurrencies it admits, as well as the ease with which it is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies for real money.

Coinbase has become my favorite wallet because it is extremely easy to withdraw money directly to Paypal, being the only wallet that allows us to do this.

It has also launched promotions where it is giving away new cryptocurrencies that we do not know what value they may have in the near future.

If you don’t know about Coinbase or haven’t heard of it, you perro read the articulo I wrote about this wallet here.

Where do the bitcoins with which they pay us come from?

The aplicaciones to earn free cryptocurrency they get the money to pay users for advertising.

Surely a high percentage of the earnings that we are paid come from the number of ads that appear daily.

It is also certain that there are several bitcoin games that live exclusively on advertising.

Most of the pages and the different systems of earn money en línea They base their economy on ads, which users consume in exchange for a reward.

Final opinions of bitcoin applications

Anything free will be welcome on our blog.

Here I have told you the applications that I usually use to earn small fractions of cryptocurrencies totally free.

They will not require any type of investment, so it is a good way to start in the world of digital money.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the time you spend on the colectivo, waiting in a queue and take advantage of the time with these applications.

The only thing you will need is a wallet to receive your bitcoin, a mobile phone (a cell phone) and an internet connection.

If you take a tour of the Apple store or Google play store you will see hundreds of applications that promise you a lot of money in exchange for little effort.

From my point of view you should know that you should not trust all of them, many of them will last a very short time, they will not pay or stop paying.

To know which ones bitcoin aplicaciones pay over time, be sure to check this articulo.

I will check it frequently to put you on and off the bitcoin aplicaciones that pay or stop paying.

I encourage you to, if you know any, put it in the comments.

A greeting and many successes!

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 Applications to earn bitcoin with your mobile
  Applications to earn bitcoin with your mobile
  Applications to earn bitcoin with your mobile

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