UPDATE 02/12/2018

I stop recommending the application, I have reached the limit of daily checking and it does not allow me to see more vídeos.

I have tried to download offers and applications and it won’t let me.

Just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t orinan it works perfectly for you.

Good afternoon friends! Today I am going to talk about appkarma, an aplicación to earn money with our móvil.

We will add it to our mobile, like those already installed CashPirate, slidejoy and LuckyCash.

appkarma It’s a typical aplicación, it will pay us to go through it every day, for install other aplicaciones and for watching vídeos, it is easy and fácil to use.

For each of these actions they will give us points that we cánido exchange for money vía PayPal, azmazon vouchers, iTunes, GooglePlay, etcétera…

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Let’s go to the explanation!!

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countries: works for all countries.

Guy: application available on ios and android.

minimum payment: $3 with 4,000 points (PayPal).

referrals: Yes, there is only one level of referrals, but you will earn 30% of the referrals they generate.

VIP: If you have a Youtube channel, or a blog with hundreds of followers, you cánido request to become a VIP member.

With this, your referrals will earn 400 points initially instead of 300 and you will earn 40% of your referrals.

how we win points that will be transformed into money? Here I explain it to you:

  • When you download it, you will already have 300 points Karma.
  • You cánido watch 15 vídeos every dayFor each vídeo, they will give us 1 Karma point.
  • install aplicaciones, each aplicación that you download from appkarma will give you several points, depending on the aplicación, you must “play” several minutes with them, and if you have it installed for several days, they give you points for visiting it daily.

    Then you perro uninstall it.

  • They give us 50 Karma points every time we make 10 visits in a row, 25 and so on, although it is easy to build loyalty in this aplicación.
  • They also give us 50 points for signing up, 50 for verifying the account and 50 more for watching all the tutorials.
  • they will give us 100 points for each referral sign up and complete an offer (important thing).
  • 50 points for 5 completed offers, 100 when you complete 15 offers, 250 points when you earn a total of 15,000 Karma Points, and 50 when you complete 50 offers.
  • 50 points when you earn your first 3,000 Karma Points, 100 when you earn 8,000, 250 points when you earn 15,000 Karma Points, and 500 points when you earn 25,000 Karma Points.

As you cánido see, there is multiple possibilities to earn points and convert them into money or gift cards from your favorite en línea stores.

As usual, registration is free.

With it you will earn your first 300 points and with the advice I have given you, you will quickly reach 500.

You perro register here.

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And this is all friends! Another aplicación to add to the collection to earn money.

A hug!!

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