AppKarma Pay by PayPal

AppKarma Pay by PayPal

AppKarma is an application that is available in many countries and has been helping people earn money for many years, in addition to that AppKarma pays for PayPal.

It is an application that is valid for Android and iOS.

It offers a large number of methods to earn and accumulate money.

Its operation is afín to that of other pages, it allows you to generate an accumulation of points that you perro later exchange for money that will be transferred to PayPal.

Features of AppKarma

  • Rating: Good
  • Available: iOS & Android
  • Minimum Payment: Between $5 and $10 depending on the payment method
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and gift cards
  • Referral System: If you earn 30% of your referrals
  • English language

AppKarma Aplicación to earn money

Likewise, the exchange cánido also be obtained through gift cards for which you perro buy what you want in different en línea stores.

Undoubtedly, it is an application that has a lot to offer if you are looking for money.

Are you interested in starting to earn money with AppKarma? Continue reading with us and learn how to manage this application and generate income through it.

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How to earn money with AppKarma?

To have access to all the benefits that this aplicación offers you, the first thing you have to do is download it and register.

Now, there is an important detail when downloading it, if you do it by your own means you will start with no available cómputo, that is, from scratch.

However, if you do it through a code sent by guests, that is, being someone’s referral, you will get your first 300 points ($0.30).

An interesting fact is that VIP users cánido help you earn more points if you are their referral.

Once downloaded the aplicación, you must complete the required registration and from now on you will start receiving offers.

Initially it will give you the option to watch vídeos, like Fb pages, among others, and from there accumulate more points.

advertising vídeos

Throughout the entire application you will be able to find many advertising vídeos that, when viewed, will generate between 1 and 5 points for each vídeo played.

Score accreditation time is approximately 10 minutes.

Application offers

In this section you will find multiple applications that you must download, you perro also answer surveys and play all the games that are there.

You will charge for using the application in its entirety, each activity you carry out will generate a certain number of points.

Sometimes they will ask you to answer surveys, other times to reach a certain level of play, other times to register in a certain backlink, etcétera.

The minimum collection amount is $10, that is, 12,500 points, although you cánido accumulate them and later withdraw them.

With an accumulation of 100,000 points you will get $100 and so on.

AppKarma referral system

For the referrals you cánido also earn profits, and not just any profit, but you will receive 30% of what they genera during their activity in the application.

Now, if you are a VIP member, you will collect not 30% of your profit but 40% of it.

All payments are made through a transfer to a PayPal account as well as you perro opt for other gifts such as vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, Google plus Play, Steam, among others.

Does AppKarma pay or is it a scam?

The company pays without any problem, you cánido easily find proof of appkarma payments in forums, Fb groups and YouTube, it works without a problem so you won’t have problems when requesting the money earned. Sign up here.

AppKarma Opinions and Suggestions

If you want to increase your earnings with this appkarma application, I recommend that you spend a couple of minutes a day reviewing it, inviting your friends and acquaintances, motivating them to download and use it, because that way you cánido increase your earnings a little more.

Alternatives to AppKarma

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 AppKarma Pay by PayPal
  AppKarma Pay by PayPal
  AppKarma Pay by PayPal

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