Appinio | short and fun surveys

Appinio | short and fun surveys

Appinio is a novel and also fun application with which we will earn money by doing small surveys. I tell you that they are entertaining and also very funny, because they are short (most of them have only one question), it is not the typical application in which a lot of time is spent answering surveys. It is a new concept of market research, much closer to the usuario. With Appinio We are going to get rewards for reviewing. You will wonder if appinio is reliable, because I have to tell you that yes, over time I have been able to charge several times, both for referrals and for surveys. Keep reading!

One thing that I would highlight Appinio is that their own users perro create questions, with several possible answers. These questions cánido be viewed by more than 10,000 users. If we take into account that other users cánido see your profile and with the high reach it has, we cánido say that this application cánido work perfectly for us as a popular network.

What is appinio Spain?

Appinio is a new concept of collaborative marketing and Market studies that has been introduced into Spain from Germany. Its headquarters are in Hamburg, although they already have a telephone Appinio Spainwith an correo electrónico to contact them Appinio will allow to know the instant opinion of thousands of users and in real time. Companies and advertisers looking for fast and effective results will find a great ally in Appinio, because as the company itself says “Appinio collects retroalimentación directly from people’s daily lives.

The basis of the success of Appnio It is that its operation is based on entertainment, we perro earn a lot of money in a pleasant way and with short surveys, therefore, we will associate this application with entertainment and not with a long and tedious survey. the application is available in more than 40 countries, especially in Europe and Latin America (they don’t really specify which countries they are in). I know that they are available in Spain, but if you read me from Latin America, to find out if it is available in your country, you must try to download it and clear up any doubts. Here I leave the registration backlink.

Registration in Appinio

Appinio It has just landed in Spain and the records are rising a lot, the application is working very well, since the surveys are so short and enjoyable, it is not a hassle to do them.

To register in the application is very easy and fácil, you will only need an invitation (how are you) or download the aplicación yourself. If you do it the second way you will not generate any profit. Whether you do it one way or another, it is important to do it from a mobile devicesince the application does not work on the computer.

If you download it on your own from Google plus Play or from the aplicación store, you will need an invitation code. If you don’t mind using mine it’s the 24083d.

Once registered, you must confirm your dirección de correo electrónico. You will receive an dirección de correo electrónico to the dirección de correo electrónico with which you have registered to confirm that you are a natural person. Once you have confirmed the account, all you have to do is go to the application and start filling out all the profile surveys that appear. You perro change your nombre de usuario so that people recognize you and also, if you want to put a profile picture.

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How Appinio works

Appinio works like any other survey application, only in Appinio aplicación surveys are much shorter and simpler. If in other applications, when we reach the fifth minute doing the survey we already get bored and answer without looking, in this one we won’t have time. The surveys in Appinio are very short, most of them have only one question, which makes us want to answer one survey after another. They do all this to have as many surveys answered as possible and make a good study of the objetivo audiencesince the greater the number of responses, the greater the analysis capacity.

The main screen of the application is very fácil, in it we will find the surveys that we are going to carry out. At the top, the Level appears, the coins we have earned, along with the money it represents and the position we are in in the application.

At the bottom are the questions, the questions that we cánido send to the platform, access to much better paid studies and access to our profile.


If you want to make your blog or popular profile a little more known, I advise you to ask a question like “Do you know the blog” and some funny answers, in this way, users will go to see it, if only out of curiosity.

In section “profile“You will be able to see your profile, with your correo electrónico, and nombre de usuario. By default there is one that you cánido change, as well as your profile photo, as if it were a popular network.

In the “coins” section is where you will be able to see available surveys, these surveys are a little longer, but they will report many more coins. When there are no more surveys that you perro carry out, you will get a message that will tell you “there are no studies available”.

Levels: what are they and what are they for?

As you answer surveys you will go up in level, these levels orinan the number of coins that we will be paid for each quick survey answered. I, for example, am in the level 6which means that for each survey answered, I will be add 6 points.

To level up you have to answer 100 quick surveys. Don’t panic, they perro be achieved in a little while, as I’m telling you throughout the articulo, they are very fast and fun surveys.

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referral system

As in all applications, Appinio It has a referral system. You perro see your referral code and the backlink to send it to your friends in the section “coins“. Your code and your guest backlink will appear there. You cánido send it to your friends through popular networks. If they want to download it on their own, encourage them to put your reference code.

With the referral code, you will earn 1500 coins that are equal to 1.5 euros. If we consider that the minimum payment is only equipo at €10, it is very important to invite as many friends as possible, since in addition to that they will earn money and we will be able to receive payment with a few referrals.

I advise Do not articulo your code in the comments on Google plus Play or the Aplicación Storesince it is prohibited and if they detect it, they will block account immediately.

How to get paid in Appinio

The minimum charge in Appinio is 10,000 coins, equivalent to €10. You cánido request the payment by means of an Amazon check. If you’re feeling generous, you perro allocate 9,500 coins (€9.50) to help reforest and plant trees.


Few days ago Appinio added PayPal as a method of payment. I do not know if they will charge us any commission for the withdrawal since I have not yet done any with the new method. As soon as it is done, you will be able to see it on our popular networks.

Being an application that I have only had for a very short time, I still do not have any proof of payment, but looking at the information that circulates on the Internet, we do know that they are paying. What I am not aware of is if they send the same type of rewards in other countries. If you read me from Latin America, you perro leave in the comments the type of rewards they offer.

Appnio reviews

I’ve been using Appinio for a few days and it’s really fun, they are small surveys, not heavy that we perro answer in a couple of seconds. Most are just one question, very agile and fast.

In this way, we will not get tired of answering surveys and more on slopes, before you know it, we will have the amount to be able to collect. I really liked this application, since the flaw that I see in other applications to earn money is that the surveys are extremely tedious and long, with which we lose interest.

I have managed to generate profits, yes, without using any appinio trick. Appinio is completely reliable and we perro see that by doing a few surveys we perro collect. Here is the registration backlink.

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 Appinio |  short and fun surveys
  Appinio |  short and fun surveys
  Appinio |  short and fun surveys

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