AppBounty, new aplicación that replaces

AppBounty, new aplicación that replaces

This afternoon LuckyCash has changed to AppBounty.

You will remember LuckyCash, right, it is a Chinese aplicación from which we have charged several times, you cánido read the last charge through this application here.

The application was going quite well, you could get points quickly, but it seems that they have had a problem with the en línea service provider.

This afternoon users have sent us a message through the application.

And apparently it they have had to change.

So far so good.

Even better.

With application change They have given us 400 coins.

Another change has been that now we perro collect from 5000 coins, which is equivalent to 2 dollars vía PayPal or a 2 dollar amazon card.

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I am going to tell you (or remind you) how Lucky Cash worked, and how AppBounty will work.

Although one with the other they have some changes:

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Country: China

accepted countries: all

minimum payment: $2

Payment methods: PayPal, Amazon Card and Steam (the latter from $5)

As you know, this application will pay for several daily actionswhich will not take us more than 5 minutes a day:

  • Install other aplicaciones and test them for 30 seconds.

    Depending on the application, they will pay us more or less coins.

  • Open the application every day, as you know, they will pay us 15 or 50 coins
  • Watch vídeos, for this action we will be paid 1 coin.
  • Aplicación locked, with this option we will double the benefits in some actions, for example in watching vídeos, there they will pay us 2 coins instead of one.
  • Daily lottery, where we perro win chests, coins, etcétera., we will have three free spins a day.
  • Magic card, we perro win several coins, we will have to raise four cards.
  • The last option is more of a gamble.

    We will have to play rock paper or scissors, in this game we will play 30 coins with other users, we cánido win or lose them.

As you perro see, I am talking about coins, this will be the currency that they will give us for our actions.

We will exchange the coins for money for PayPal or for our Amazon Card.

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The changes, as you may have seen, have been few.

The most important is the change of the minimum payment.

For my part, I will wait to get the $10, equivalent to 19,000 coins.

And that’s all friends!!, I hope you take advantage of this application, its registration is free for android.

you perro download it easily here.

This way you cánido start with 2250 coins.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 AppBounty, new aplicación that replaces
  AppBounty, new aplicación that replaces
  AppBounty, new aplicación that replaces

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