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With so many aplicaciones to choose from, isn’t it nice to find one that easily replaces several others? seeks to be everything from your shopping list to a project management tool in one convenient aplicación.

Anything you need to track and organize, the aplicación has a feature for that.

During my review of, I had the opportunity to test the free and premium versions for several weeks. Overview

Before we delve into my experience, let’s highlight what makes a useful productivity aplicación.

It has five main features that go beyond basic task lists and notifications:

  • Things to do: Includes tagging, organizing, and dividing into projects or groups.

    Add aprecies, attachments, subtasks, and more.

    Easily equipo due dates, equipo up repeating tasks, and share with others for collaborative projects.

    It also only takes a minute to equipo up a new to-do list item.

  • Calendar– Mezcle everything you need to do in one summary with the calendar function.

    There’s even a home screen widget to quickly see your calendar and upcoming elementos on your list.

    It integrates well with other calendar aplicaciones to mezcle everything in one place.

  • Shopping list: Not only cánido you make a shopping list, but automatically organizes your elementos (some elementos require manual sorting) by type, like dairy and fruit.

    This makes it easier to get everything on your list without going back in the store.

  • reminders– Equipo custom reminders for anything on your list.

    You cánido even equipo location-based reminders.

    You cánido also equipo reminders for things that aren’t on your lists, like grabbing your work project when you leave the next morning.

  • daily planner: Easily prioritize tasks with the daily planner.

    Mark each item as Today, Later, Done, or Delete.

    This helps keep your tasks manageable without forgetting anything.

During my review, I only tested the Android aplicación, but it is coincidente with numerous platforms.

Use the web version, iOS, Windows, Mac, Google chrome, Apple Watch and more.

It’s also coincidente with voice assistants, including Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google plus Assistant.


Getting started with is completely free.

In fact, I was impressed with how much you perro do without subscribing to the premium version.

Start by setting up an account.

No credit card is required, but you’ll need one if you sign up for the free trial.

I like that the aplicación takes you through a short tutorial to help you get started.

With so many features, this is a good thing.

You will also be prompted to backlink existing calendars.

If you already have elementos in another aplicación, like Google plus Calendar or iCloud, perro import those elementos for you if you want.


The interfaz is surprisingly clean.

I’ve used other aplicaciones that are supposed to do everything, but the UI felt intimidating and cluttered.

With this, you have some fácil options above and below the interfaz.

At the bottom, you have Tasks, Calendar, and Settings.

At the top, you have some settings relevant to what you’re currently doing.

For example, in the Tasks panel, you’ll see options to create a new list, view current lists, organize lists, and more.

Logging into the web version gives you a afín experience, although I didn’t do much there.

Mainly just wanted to see how things looked.

Setting up a new task is as fácil as entering it at the bottom of the task pane.

You cánido even equipo a reminder, add tags, and choose which list you’d like to add the item to.

I personally love that you don’t have to go through numerous screens or options to equipo up a fácil task.

Of course, you are free to editar tasks at any time.

Add different reminders, add subtasks, or add an attachment.

The latter is especially useful if you are using the aplicación for project management.

I’d like to point out that in the Tasks panel, you’ll see an option to view suggestions.

These are ideal if you want to integrate the aplicación with others, such as virtual assistants, or automate workflows using any of the 1,500+ supported aplicaciones.

Setting up a shopping list is very easy.

This is one of your default task lists.

Select the list and entrar your elementos.

The aplicación lists some elementos as suggestions, but feel free to write your own.

If a category doesn’t appear for your article, touch it and choose Change Category.

Choose the category you want.

This helps the aplicación learn about your preferences in the future.

I personally don’t use calendars often.

I prefer task lists and reminders.

However, the integration with Google plus Calendar was incredibly easy.

This allowed me to view some work related scheduled elementos shared by a client without having to leave

free vs premium

I started my review with the free version.

I could easily create lists, sort them, manage my calendar, and add tags to elementos.

For the average usuario, you’ll get a lot of use out of the free version.

I highly recommend using it for a few weeks to see what’s possible before upgrading.

On the other hand, there are some really cool features included in the premium version.

My personal favorite was the colored labels to better organize your tasks.

You also get location-based reminders on mobile, which perro also be incredibly helpful.

Focus mode is great for helping you stay on track.

Premium also provides more advanced reminders, custom themes, WhatsApp integration, and an unlimited daily planner.

Pricing is also reasonable, with the cheapest plan being just $2.99/month when you pay annually.

If you prefer to go month-to-month, it’s $5.99/month.

My only complaint is that a credit card is required for the one week free trial.

I hate lawsuits that ask for a credit card, as it’s easy to forget to pay on time.

However, canceling is not difficult.

To end

Overall, I really enjoyed my time reviewing

I liked that everything is easy to organize in lists.

Adding the color-coded labels during my time with premium was a nice upgrade, but it’s not escencial to using the aplicación itself.

Oddly enough, I fell in love with the shopping list and how quick it is to equipo up and organize.

Of course, having that in the same aplicación as my to-do lists and being able to monitor goal progress is icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for a productivity aplicación to help you stay organized, give a shot.

It’s free, easy to equipo up, and ideal for a busy lifestyle.

If you like it, try the premium version for even more benefits.

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