Andorra, the best option to work from

Andorra, the best option to work from

Anyone who wants and perro work, and generate money without leaving home, may be interested in moving, starting a business and living in Andorra.

If you do not want a physical business and are more interested in commerce, en línea sales, distance and digital services, this place may be your best option.

Andorra offers three different ways to equipo up a business and live, either as a freelancer, creating a company or obtaining passive residence.

If you want to know more about all the advantages that living and starting a business in Andorra will bring you, keep reading this article.

tax advantages

The Andorran taxes they are very short compared to the other European countries around you and around the world.

All taxes are comparable with those of any country in Europe, but with much lower and more attractive nominal rates.

And despite the current situation with COVID-19, even for next year taxes will remain the same, in this way they will remain a good option to invest in whatever you want.

The corporate tax is of the general type of 10%, with reductions for new businesses that are quite interesting; from 50% in the liquidation fee in the first year, and if the income is less than 100,000 euros during the first three years of activity, The tax base will be reduced by 5% between 0 and 50,000 eurosand 10% of the remaining base.

In addition, your indirect taxes (in Andorra the IGI is the equivalent of VAT)are also very low compared to those charged in other countries such as Spain, France, Germany or Ireland.

For example, the general rate is only 4.5%, it also has a reduced rate of 1% for food and water for consumption, magazines or books, and the special rate of 2.5% applied to transportation, among others.

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As a home-based person, the tax-saving advantages will be reason enough to convert Andorra in the country where to start your business and even start livingcompared to other European countries.

Is it worth it to be self employed?

Be self-employed in Andorra or liberal professional It will offer you a wide variety of advantages if you are thinking of working from home.

To practice as a licensed liberal professional in Andorra, You will need to have a valid training qualification that guarantees your skills to practice said profession.

However, you will have the limitation that you cánido only carry out an economic activity related to your studies.

To be self-employed you will need to have undergraduate studies and you must have your training approved to be recognized in Andorra, in this way you will get the active residence permit and self-employment.

The advantages of being a licensed liberal professional in Andorra are diverse, since you will not have to pay a deposit of 15,000 euros to the AFA, it will not be necessary to have a company name, and the fees are cheaper.

The races of graphic designer, web designer, community manager or translatorare perfect for working from home and taking advantage of all the advantages of being self-employed in Andorra.

And start a company?

Another way to obtain an active residence and self-employment permit is by setting up a company in Andorra, an option that is more expensivesince you will have to make a deposit of 15,000 euros, which will be returned in its entirety when you process the cancellation of the residence permit on your own.

Besides, offers greater security and flexibility to carry out economic activities, and in tax savings.

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However, the low taxation, which barely reaches 10% of income, regardless of its type and origin: connection services, both in fiber optic and mobile; Andorra’s location, which allows easy access to other European countries; Its health systems and low prices make it the best option to equipo up your company from home and thus start generating money with your venture.

The same way, you cánido obtain residence in Andorra in other wayssince there are many types of residence permits.

Types of residence permits

The Andorra residence permit types They are very diverse, all with their own requirements and documentation to obtain them.

Among the active residences We cánido highlight three, self-employed, employed and temporary.

The first will allow you to live and carry out your economic activities permanently, the second will be achieved by working for a company, and the third, through temporary employment contracts, for studies or for providing services to a citizen of Andorra.

On the other hand, there is the passive residence or without work, granted if you only want to live but not work in Andorra.

To get it you will need to invest at least 400,000 euros in Andorran assets and You will have the authorization to radica for tax purposes when you have lived for more than 90 days.

In this way you will obtain the right to live but without exercising any economic activity in the country.

Although you will be able to entrar dividends, royalties or rentals, both from Andorra and abroad, in addition to being able to work and collect from a foreign company, but not from any Andorran company, whether your own or someone else’s.

You cánido also obtain passive residence if you are a professional with scientific, sporting or cultural interestas well as to entrar a geriatric center.

In these different ways, you will get residence in Andorrawhether you are looking to create your company or en línea store to work from home and earn money with minimal effort, or whether you escoge to radica passively in which you will not have the right to carry out economic activities in the country.

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Andorra is one of the most striking places to invest in a project from homewhether it is an en línea store, a company or an agency about what you have studied and thus be able to work on your own, paying few taxes, with a good health system and with the possibility of obtaining residence to live as long as you want .

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 Andorra, the best option to work from
  Andorra, the best option to work from
  Andorra, the best option to work from

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