Amazon Prime free | How to do it

Amazon Prime free | How to do it

Surely you are one of the millions of people who buy en línea through Amazon and you have asked yourself more than once what it is or what it is about Amazon Prime.

It is nothing less than a subscription service that provides its users with great advantages when buying and receiving the products displayed on Amazon.

If you are one of those who usually buy en línea, this service is something that you cannot miss, since it offers us a powerful tool at a ridiculous price, what’s more, you perro even try it totally free.

Among the many advantages of becoming Prime, we perro find that of receiving any product much faster than as a estándar usuario, in addition, we will not pay shipping costs for any of them, if you buy a lot, this cánido save you a lot of money after all. of the year.

No matter where you look at it, it is a more than profitable service, but if this is not enough for you, I suggest you try amazon prime free for 30 days to see for yourself.

All this without any type of commitment, since you perro cancel the subscription at the time you want, without any cost on your part.

Advantages of the Amazon Prime service

Well, I have already told you about some of the advantages and additional services that we are going to enjoy by contracting Amazon Prime, but now I am going to espectáculo you in more detail.

Amazon Music Unlimited: It is a premium subscription service to listen to music in uso contínuo, in which you will have more than 5 million songs from your favorite artists.

You cánido use various devices, as well as being able to listen to songs sin conexión, that is, without the need to be connected to a network.

Prime Vídeo: Uso contínuo movies, series and documentaries service.

You will access an extensive catalog with exclusive Amazon content.

Exclusive series and movies, free

Prime Photos: A service afín to OneDrive, where we will enjoy 5GB of space to store photos and images.

Prime Reading: Access to thousands of eBooks from your Amazon Kindle device.

Hundreds of different themes that will delight the most demanding readers.

Amazon Pantry: It will allow us to buy supermarket products at really low prices, it is an incredible way to save on everyday purchases.

How to get Amazon Prime for free

To get 30 days of Amazon Prime for free, you just have to follow the backlink that I am going to leave you a little below.

After those 30 days, you perro cancel the subscription at no cost or continue with it paying 36 euros per year, which is €3.99 per month.

Of course, given the advantages, it is a price that is thrown away.

Then you just have to clic on the button that says Start my free trial periodthen we perro choose between the two plans that the platform offers us when paying for the subscription.

Choose how to pay

As you cánido see, we have 2 different options when it comes to paying the Amazon Prime fee.

One is paying €3.99 monthly and the other is with a single annual payment of €36, with the latter we save 25%, since it would only cost us €3 per month.

* Of course, you will only have to pay if you want to continue with the service after your trial period, on the contrary, if you do not want to continue enjoying being Prime, you cánido cancel your subscription at no cost whenever you want.

Other interesting Amazon Prime services

Do not go yet, there’s more.

And it is that we have some additional services for being members subscribed to Amazon Prime.

For example Twitch Primewhere you will enjoy the best uso contínuo channel to watch vídeo game gameplays, all without any advertising, not to mention that we cánido receive free games from time to time.

We cánido also take advantage of the service Prime Now, for those who live in La capital de españa, Barcelona or Valencia.

You receive your products purchased on Amazon in an hour, incredibool!

Finally we have the discountsexclusive offers that estándar users do not receive, such as Prime Day for example.

Amazon free forever?

I’m sorry to tell you no, there is no way to have this service for free for life, but I perro tell you methods to get gift vouchers for Amazon that will help us pay for our subscription without spending a single euro out of pocket.

These are mostly free pages, where we will have to carry out fácil tasks in exchange for financial compensation, when we reach a certain limit we cánido withdraw the earnings through Amazon gift vouchers that we cánido use as real money within the platform.

Entrar and exchange your gift vouchers

The cómputo that we have in gift vouchers cánido be used however you like, to buy any product or to pay your subscription to a premium service such as Amazon Prime.

Final opinion of Amazon Prime, is it worth it?

Yes, yes and a thousand times yes.

Well, unless you never buy over the Internet, something difficult today, on the contrary, it will be very worth it.

We are talking about a magnificent service, at a ridiculous price.

We are going to save hundreds of euros a year, remember that if you are Prime the shipping costs disappear, and that is that they stick you 3 or 4 euros in the best of cases for sending you a product, it kind of hurts a bit.

That without counting the speed.

It is one of the great drawbacks when buying a product on the Internet, we do not have it with the immediacy that we would like and more so if it is a gift that we need to be there for a close date.

With Amazon Prime we are going to live much calmer in this aspect, all the products arrive to you in less than 24 hours, in addition, you cánido verify for yourself that this is true, using the 30-day trial.

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 Amazon Prime free |  How to do it
  Amazon Prime free |  How to do it
  Amazon Prime free |  How to do it

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