Amazon opens more than 500 vacancies to work

Amazon opens more than 500 vacancies to work

If you live in Spain you have the possibility of being part of the Amazon team by applying to one of the more than 500 job offers they currently have.

These jobs are really varied, you cánido even do face-to-face or remote work, wherever you are within Spanish territory.

The range of possibilities is wide, the important thing is that you are transparent with your abilities so that you cánido find the perfect vacancy for you.

Work at Amazon from Spain:

Here we will share a little about the vacancies that are being offered, the different job positions and the ways in which you perro be part of a company that has international scope.

We also invite you to identify your professional skills as you read so that you perro find the offer that best suits your work capacity.

You perro also identify the points in which you feel less prepared and plan to train yourself so that you do not miss any opportunity.

Learn a little about the Amazon company

Amazon is an American company headquartered in the American city of Seattle, Washington State, focused on electronic commerce and offering en línea computing services.

It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos who always had in mind to create a huge store that would be recognized worldwide, and he achieved it after going through different company names and even different domains for his en línea store.

One of the most successful business lines was the sale of books, they had the ability to access wholesale books from ingram and in its first week of sales in the United States it managed to reach $20,000 dollars.

As of 2010, Amazon had developed a customer base of around 30 million people.

With that in mind, you cánido imagine that working for a company like this is really something very positive.

Today we perro say that it is one of the most successful companies with the most employees worldwide, so you have an excellent opportunity if you escoge to take it.

Job opportunities at Amazon for Spain

Here we will share those jobs at Amazon that you perro do if you live in Spain, whether you want to continue working remotely or from one of its offices.

Access the backlink: Jobs at Amazon for Spain

It goes without saying that they have full-time or part-time job offers, they even offer remote jobs, which greatly expands the spectrum of possibilities.

Job Categories:


Sales, advertising and account management:

This is one of the categories where you find the largest number of job offers, around more than 70 options for you to choose in which you could perform better.

For this category it is important that you have knowledge of business strategies, have the ability to relate to the customer, as well as know about technology and the characteristics of the products and services offered by Amazon.

People with the ability to develop businesses who also speak different languages ​​such as Czech, Roman, Polish and Hungarian, among others, are also sought.

One of the primordial areas is advertising, so if you have experience working in advertisinghere you perro find the job for you.


Programa development:

Not everything is sales and advertising.

Behind all this platform there is a system that must work perfectly.

With this in mind, the company knows that it must hire people specialized in the development of applications or systems capable of optimizing employee performance.

Not only this, as Amazon operates globally from a virtual core, it is committed to always providing good support to its customers.

In this category you will find offers such as: Programa Development Manager, Sr.

Programa Development Engineer, Directivo Business Primeamong others.


Logistics and operations management:

If you are organized, strategic, have a good visión to resolve unplanned situations and are looking for work in Spain, here you perro find good jobs to implement these skills.

One of the most important premises at Amazon is that you have fun while you work, for them it is essential to create an excellent work environment.

For this reason, in their vacancies, they mention that for their logistics team, they require people who are always willing to smile and communicate trust to their customers.

In this category, in addition to drivers and operations managers, they need people to train entire logistics teams, to ensure, among other things, that packages arrive to their customers on time and in proper form.

It goes without saying that in this category there is a high level of responsibility in maintaining the satisfaction of Amazon customers at a fairly high percentage.

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Other categories:

In addition to those that we already mentioned, like any other company, it requires employees in the maintenance, facilities and buildings area.

They even hire medical and health service personnel to maintain a good cómputo within the organization.

As you will see, the options to earn money with Amazon are quite wide, if not unlimited.

Although it is a company that is focused on technologies and developments, you perro apply from different professional angles.

How to do a job search on Amazon

The first thing you should do is access the Amazon backlink and write in the search fields the country from which you are going to apply, in this case, Spain.

Once you press the search magnifying glass, you will have a list of job vacancies on the screen and a number of categories to explore in depth.

You also have the option of filtering not only by category, but by type of employment, whether full-time or part-time.

You perro also define by distance from where you are, this is a good practice as it allows you to define how far you are willing to travel to go to your new job.

You cánido choose the cities where these vacancies are located and finally search for the ones that are most relevant.

Requirements to work at Amazon

Before deciding to work in any company, it is important that you review its internal philosophy, not least the fact that you cánido feel related to and supported by its principles.

Amazon states that its goal is to satisfy the customer and make their lives easier.

Of course, your employees must then be comfortable enough to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.

They also reinforce that teamwork is essential to achieve the objectives, as long as employees perro help each other in complex situations, it will espectáculo a good impact on the results.

Its values ​​include diversity and inclusion, the health offer for each employee and personal safety.

Specific requirements:

Each vacancy has a clear and specific description of what the activities and responsibilities of the position are.

Although there are a variety of categories, it is important to take into account some general conditions when applying for a job at Amazon.

1. You must be over 18 years old.


You must have a Bachelor’s or Engineering degree.


In some cases you are required to have 5 years or more of professional experience.


Although it is not applicable to all vacancies, some require you to be available to travel regionally or internationally.


It is important that you know how to speak English and Spanish, and in some specific cases they ask you to speak an additional language.

Of course, to all these demands are added those of soft development such as: creativity, resolution capacity, responsibility, teamwork, among others.

Find the professional vacancy for you:

We know that the job search is not easy sometimes, but it is a matter of having discipline and perseverance in the process so that you cánido find the perfect opportunity.

In addition, among the options you perro choose to work remotely, this will allow you to travel without problems.

Even if you are looking for this type of income that is not tied to a place of work, you perro explore the Amazon affiliate program to earn money through commissions

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 Amazon opens more than 500 vacancies to work
  Amazon opens more than 500 vacancies to work
  Amazon opens more than 500 vacancies to work

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