Amazon opens 200 job vacancies in México

Amazon opens 200 job vacancies in México

If you want to work at Amazon and you currently live in México, you have the possibility of joining its work team as it is offering 200 job vacancies in this Latin American country.

Although Colombia and Spain have also joined the list of countries where Amazon is recruiting staff, both to carry out face-to-face work and to telework.

Despite the current circumstances, companies like Amazon are expanding their workforce to meet the demand for their products and services globally.

How to work at Amazon right now

In this article we will share with you about the job vacancies that Amazon has opened in the Mexican territory, as well as the options to work at Amazon in Colombia and Spain.

We’ll tell you what positions are currently in demand full-time, what job categories or businesses you perro apply for, and how you cánido benefit from their current job offers.

The objective is to help you earn money from home working for Amazon, or from some of their physical places of work, such as their offices or main headquarters in México.

Job opportunities at Amazon México

Below we will share the main Amazon job opportunities that you cánido take advantage of if you live in México at the moment.

In the official Amazon job portal there are 159 full-time vacancies.

These offers are divided into 10 job categories and below we will list the most habitual.

Backlink: See list of job offers in México

Sales, Advertising and Account Management:

This category has 19 vacancies available in two Mexican locations: 18 in México City and 1 in Guadalajara.

Within this category of jobs they are recruiting Advertisers, Marketers and leaders in digital advertising services who are highly proactive and have at least 5 years of experience in related or afín positions.

Professionals interested in applying for these positions must be able to implement, manage and analyze en línea campaigns that help this company achieve its business objectives and generate significant profits at the same time.

Many of the positions you cánido apply for are in connection with Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Advertising.

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Purchasing, Planning and Inventory Control

This category has 23 vacancies available in México City.

The professionals who are currently being sued are to lead important divisions of Amazon, such as Consumer Electronics.

Although it should be noted that vacancies for sellers are also quite habitual at the moment.

So, if you have held positions such as Senior Salesperson, Sales Manager, Inventory Manager, and even if you are a Brand Specialist, you perro apply and hopefully join the Amazon México team.

Work at Amazon in areas of Finance and Accounting

Today you have the possibility of becoming an Amazon employee if you live in México City and have a professional degree in Finance or Accounting.

Right now this Seattle, Washington based company is recruiting Accounting Managers, International Tax Managers for Latin America, Tax Compliance Analysts, Senior Financial Operations Managers and Financial Analysts.

This is one of the most in-demand categories today, so if you have experience in this field you should take a deeper look at all their offers.

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Programa development

For this category there are 6 vacancies in México City.

The professionals required in this opportunity are Programa Development Engineers, Cloud and Data Programa Engineers, and Systems Engineers.

Applicants must have at least 5 years of professional experience and be available to travel frequently to San Francisco, California (in most cases).

Marketing and Public Relations

Amazon has enabled 10 vacancies for this category; all based in México City.

You may be interested in their offers if you have a degree in Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, or Popular Media.

If you apply and are accepted you could work for big Amazon projects, like Amazon Prime Vídeo, Amazon Music or Alexa.

The positions available are Senior Marketing Managers, International Public Relations Manager, Marketing and Acquisitions Manager, Head of Media for México and Latin America, Communications Manager and Head of Music for México.

The rest of the vacancies are divided into the following categories: Solutions Architecture, Compliance and Operations Management, Business & Commercial Developments, Human Resources or Non-Technological Product Management.

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Job opportunities at Amazon Colombia

To work at Amazon Colombia there are 55 job vacancies available at the time of publishing this article: 50 of them in Bogotá and the rest in other locations in the country, such as Medellín.

If you currently radica in this Latin American country, you could apply for the business category that best suits your professional profile.

The options available to you are:

  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Advertising.
  • Digital Entertainment.
  • Amazon Customer Service.

Regarding the positions available for Colombia, those of Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Associate, Customer Service Representative, Senior Public Relations Manager, Account Manager, Machine Learning Specialist, Sales Representative, among others, stand out. .

Backlink: See list of job offers in Colombia

Job opportunities at Amazon Spain

Amazon Spain has 464 full-time openings and 2 part-time openings available.

This giant of ecommerce global is recruiting staff to work in different locations, such as Barcelona, ​​La capital española, Zaragoza, Getafe, Castilla de La Mácula, Malaga, Murcia, Seville, or Valencia.

You cánido apply for some of the following positions: Logistics Operator, Commercial Sales Representative, Manager of ecommerceBrand Specialist, Loss Prevention Manager, Programa Development Manager, among others.

The business categories available for Amazon Spain are Amazon Web Services, Transportation and Logistics, Retail Sales, Technology Operations, Human Resources, among others.

Backlink: See list of job offers in Spain

Options for working at Amazon remotely

Amazon is also recruiting staff to work from home, especially in major US cities.

Although it also has vacancies in México, Colombia and Spain; so if you are interested in working as freelancer for this great marketplace We recommend you review the teleworking options available on the Amazon Jobs page.

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General requirements to work at Amazon

It is logical that each position has its especial requirements.

However, there are some common conditions for a large number of vacancies, such as the ones we will share with you below.

  1. To be over 18 years old.
  2. Have obtained a Bachelor’s or Engineering degree.
  3. Have 5 years or more of professional experience.
  4. Availability to travel regionally or internationally (especially if you are applying for a job in México).
  5. Be bilingual (a large number of vacancies require proficiency in English and Spanish).

To apply for a job en línea or in person at Amazon, all you have to do is visit the Amazon Jobs portal to research in depth the job offer that best suits your requirements and your professional profile.

Remember that Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and that if you join its workforce you could work in one of the fastest growing companies, with global reach and great growth prospects.

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 Amazon opens 200 job vacancies in México
  Amazon opens 200 job vacancies in México
  Amazon opens 200 job vacancies in México

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