Amazon Music Unlimited | how to have it

Amazon Music Unlimited | how to have it

Do you want to have access to more than 50 million songs? All this including the most relevant artists as well as the latest news and thousands of playlists.

This you cánido do with Amazon Music Unlimitedan Amazon subscription service that allows us to listen to any type of music, anywhere and on any device.

The benefits are substantial, but if I also tell you that you cánido try this product for free for 3 months!!! Things already look much better and if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you the whole process step by step so that you perro benefit from this magnificent gift.

Surely at the end of this free trial period you will want to continue with your subscription to the service, but if for some reason you escoge not to, you should know that the process is totally free, that is, you will not pay anything and we perro do it at any time. .

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited is a subscription service offered by the American company.

The advantages of subscribers to this service are multiple, among these we cánido find the following:

  • Unlimited access to over 50 million songs, including the latest releases from top artists, agregado thousands of playlists
  • News at all times as soon as they are available.

  • Uso contínuo without ads, audio without interruptions and of the highest quality.
  • Sin conexión mode.

    You cánido download and listen to your favorite music wherever you are.

  • Hands-free mode with Alexa.

    Exclusive features with voice control.

It should be noted that this is a totally independent service, that is, it is an Amazon product, yes, but if you have a buyer account or any other subscription service, it is independent from them.

Sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited

To begin with, if you want to benefit from 3 months totally free and try the service, you will have to do it from the backlink that I am going to leave you below.

This offer is limited, so you have to hurry.

Then we will have to clic on the button “Start your 3-month free trial”then we will only have to log in with the same correo electrónico and password as in our Amazon account and we will be able to access all the songs available on the service.

To find your favorite artists or songs you only have to filter a search, remember that there are millions of options available, so finding what you want without doing this will cost you the same life.

Access your favorite songs

As you use Amazon Music, the platform itself will create its own lists of recommendations, all of them based on your own musical tastes.

It’s a good way to discover new artists or find that song you like but don’t remember the name of.


Best of all, we won’t have to put up with tiresome ads, since it’s a premium service.

In addition, we perro use it without an Internet connection, so you cánido enjoy it wherever you are, the countryside, the mountains, the beach, the autobús or wherever you want.

How much is Amazon Music worth?

Using this service involves a subscription, although you cánido benefit from the first 3 months free.

After that period we will have to pay €9.99 monthly.

Within Amazon Music Unlimited we have up to three different rates to choose from:

1️⃣ Individual rate €9.99 per month This is the estándar rate and is focused on a single person, they perro entrar up to 10 different devices from their account.

2️⃣ Family rate €14.99 As its name indicates, it is designed for families.

Different accounts perro be used to log in and it is ideal to save money together.

3️⃣ Rate echo €3.99 It is the individual rate par excellence, we perro only listen to music from a single account and device.

Of course, we have no obligation to continue after that 3-month period, what’s more, we perro unsubscribe at any time at no cost.

Of course, we must do it before the 3 months have passed, then we will automatically be charged the price of the subscription month by month.

✅ One way to have Amazon Music Unlimited free for life is to be a member of Amazon Prime, just for that you will be entitled to a lot of privileges.

See how you perro get prime here, you will be entitled to 30 days free.

To unsubscribe from the service we will have to go to our account and clic on our nombre de usuario and then on settingsthen we look for the section “Subscription Renewal” and we give him to cancel.

Final opinion on Amazon Music Unlimited

Surely you have already tried other systems to listen to or download music such as Spotify and perhaps the Amazon option seems a little short compared to this or others.

It may be, we must think that this Amazon service is relatively new compared to its competitors and the truth is that little by little they are getting their batteries.

For my part, what I like the most is that they don’t bother you with advertising, although it is something obvious in the case of a paid service, of course…

In any case, I think it’s a great service, which you perro try for free for a while and continue or not depending on whether it meets your expectations.

Nothing more, I leave you the backlink so you cánido subscribe and I hope you enjoy your favorite music just like I am doing.

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 Amazon Music Unlimited |  how to have it
  Amazon Music Unlimited |  how to have it
  Amazon Music Unlimited |  how to have it

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