Amazon Cashback | get money back

Amazon Cashback | get money back

Until now I had not found any page of cashback amazon.

This has been fixed with this new cashback page called The Wirsom Club.

Wirsom started as an international en línea trading platform.

The Wirsom club is a fully legal Spanish company whose company is located at Avda Juan de la Rosa 254 B, in the town of Ubrique (Cádiz) in Spain.

The Wirsom Club in what we really care about what is earn moneywe are going to allow to save and get money back with our purchases and daily expenses.

Also with those of our friends and family, in addition to be able to enjoy exclusive discounts in thousands of associated stores.

You perro accumulate the money and withdraw it whenever you want (when you reach a very low minimum).


Currently The Wirsom Club It is divided into two completely different pages.:

➡ My Wirsom Club, which is where they have spent the money that we could have accumulated in The Wirsom Club and where there is no Amazon casbahck

➡ My Refunds.

Here we will have to start from scratch, but with the caveat that we will have cashback on Amazon.

In addition to Amazon Cashback, which is perhaps the most attractive option I have found in this affiliate program.

In addition to Amazon, we perro get cashback and save on many other products and servicessuch as savings at gas stations Cepsa, Aliexpress, etcétera… Do you want to know how? Well keep reading.

Registration and first steps at Club Wirsom

The record The Wirsom Club, with which you perro get Cashback on Amazon and in many other stores it is very fácil.

If you are used to registering on these types of pages, everything will be much easier for you.

The first thing you will have to do is register from this backlink or from the lower banner.

Once inside the page, you have to fill in your name, surname, correo electrónico and optionally your phone.

It is what is normally filled in these types of pages.

Once these details are filled in, You will go directly to the home page of El Club Wirsom where you cánido find all the benefits of belonging to this club.

Besides, just by registering, you will start with €2 in your account.

Considering that the minimum withdrawal is only €10, it is something very important.

In which countries is Club Wirsom?

The Wirsom Club is present in more than 20 countriesincluding most of latin america.

If you read me from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador or México, you are in luck.

You perro earn cashback in many stores in your country, including Amazon.

Obviously, this articulo talks about the money back that perro be obtained in Spain, but if you display the flag of your country On the main page you perro see the different stores and the percentage of money back that you cánido get in your country with the different en línea stores.

Existing cashback at Club Wirsom

In this page you cánido find many en línea stores where you cánido receive cashback with just your purchases.

Pages like Aliexpress, El Corte Inglés, Fnac and in physical sites like Cepsa, BP and also El Corte Inglés, you perro get a reimbursement of the money spent on your purchases.

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In all these sites, and in many more you perro get cashback on your purchases.

In some cases, such as in Cepsa, they will send you a card to your house (you must register) and with it you will get discounts on your refueling at those gas stations.

I’ll explain it to you later.

cashback amazon

I had been looking for one for quite some time.

page that returned money with purchases made on Amazon.

I don’t think I have to explain what Amazon is, since it has positioned itself as one of the most important marketplaces that exist in my countryif not the most important.

On Amazon they sell everything and you cánido make money with amazon affiliateswhich is kind of like purchase recommendation of its various products.

In the case of The Wirsom Club, the page earns money with affiliationthat is to say, will earn a percentage according to the product that we have purchased.

For this, they make sure we do it through your backlink of affiliates.

For it, Every time we go to make a purchase on Amazon, we must go to the pagein the section “account“.

Once there, in the part left of the screen will appear the section “buy on amazon”we will clic there and we will find a screen like this.

As you perro see, the instructions are very fácil, we simply have to do the following steps:

  • choose the product What do you want to buy on Amazon?
  • copy product backlink that appears in the address bar
  • then we will press the button that tells us and clic on “go to amazon and make the purchase
  • ready, we cánido pay for the product and wait for it to arrive at our house already receive the cashback

This way, we will buy the product we want to buy through the affiliate code from The Wirsom Club.

In About 48 hours we will see the cómputo that they have paid us in our account reflected.

Eye, if you don’t see it reflected in the account, you perro send them an correo electrónico to with the purchase invoice (downloadable from the Amazon page) so that they perro check that everything is ok.

If you have done things correctly and everything is correct, you will receive your amazon cashback in the account.

Discount at Cepsa gas station

In Spain and Portugal there are more than 1,700 Cepsa service stations.

Therefore, it will be very easy for you to find one, refuel when you need it and earn money.

For save money with your vehicleyou will have to do a series of fairly fácil steps:

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  • you must request your Cepsa El Club Wirsom card.

    To do this, you only have to add the data of your vehicle (or vehicles) in your control panel, in the “my vehicles” section.

  • one will open for you new tab where you will find the contract by Cepsa
  • fill it in with your personal data and confirm with two steps until a thank you message appears, then close the sale
  • wait for the card at your home

If you don’t want to have another card, you perro get the virtual card.

Simply when you have the card activeyou shall download the Cepsa application and access with your dirección de correo electrónico.

If you do not have a password, you perro request another one by clicking on “forgot password” and you will receive a backlink to change it.

To refuel at your Cepsa gas station, you only have to scan the QR code.

Cepsa card conditions

Us will reimburse up to €0.16/liter in fuels from the Star range (always presenting the Cepsa El Club Wirsom card).

If, on the contrary, you refuel the optimal range, will be 0.18 €/literalso presenting the Cepsa El Club Wirsom card.

This discount will be divided into two payments, one will be in person at the same gas station and another at the end of the month.

He face-to-face discount with the card will be according to the liters that we refuel:

  • of 0 to 19.99 liters will not apply any discount
  • 20 to 34.99 liters an immediate discount of €2.50/liter will be applied from the first liter
  • to from 35 liters a discount of 5 cents will be applied/liter

Subsequently will make a discount at the end of the month on the Starresa card that will be based on the liters refueled by the members of El Club Wirsom.

This discount will accumulate in the form of a side on the same card so that the members themselves perro use it to pay for fuel when they refuel.

Referral program

The Wirsom Club too has a good referral program with attractive commission rates.

The commissions will be paid based on the total purchase (the value of the product).

Specific commissions may be offered to specific affiliates (incentive commission/affiliates get super refund, etcétera.)

To receive the referral commission, all transactions must be completed successfully without cancellation, return or refund.

He Total completed orders must include references from 1 to 31 of the previous month.

Yeah there is any request for replacement or refund with an order placed during the previous month, will be deducted from the next month’s payment amount.

Minimum payment and method of payment at Club Wirsom

The page works like all the previous cashback pages that we have explained in the blog.

Quantities will be added and when it arrives at the minimum, which in this case is €10we perro ask for our money for various methods.

  • transfer bank (with a cost of €1)
  • cryptocurrenciesbitcoin and ethereum (with cost according to network cost)
  • bizum (new) with cost 0
  • PayPalalso with cost 0

As you perro see, the minimum payment is quite low and we cánido get it in a short time.

Simply by making habitual purchases at Amazon, we will get a cashback that we will not have in other places.

Final Opinions Cashback Amazon The Wirsom Club

Until here today’s articulo, This page has been very interesting to me. especially in the subjects that I have explained to you in more depth.

He cashback amazon and the discount on fuel.

Although it will not be a substantial reduction, it will depend on the fuel you refuel.

Also, at Club Wirsom you will not start from scratch.

Simply with the registration you will already have €2 in your account, and it is withdrawable at €10.

For the rest, I haven’t had any payment from the page yet, but I hope to get it as soon as possible, since I usually buy a lot on Amazon and, like everyone, I also refuel my car.

When I have a payment, do not doubt that I will upload it immediately to my popular networks.

Meanwhile, I invite you to register on the pageIt is totally free and you perro get many advantages.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Amazon Cashback |  get money back
  Amazon Cashback |  get money back
  Amazon Cashback |  get money back

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