amazon affiliates

amazon affiliates

amazon affiliates It is one of the most interesting affiliate programs that exist today and if you hit the right product to recommend, you will be able to get a good pinch.

you cánido start to earn money on internet without having to sell anything.

Today Amazon is one of the leaders in en línea sales worldwide, in Spain, it has a high level of billing.

The trick Amazon has is that it sells everything you perro imagine, from a counterfeit descubridor to a móvil, going through food at home.

If you add that to very competitive prices and perhaps the best logistics of en línea sales, with incredibly fast delivery times, we already know the secret of its success.

Registration in the Amazon affiliate program

Registering in the Amazon affiliate program is completely free, you only have to access to complete your registration.

In this way you will already have access to all promotions and affiliate services.

You will not need to have an Amazon seller account to earn money with amazon affiliatestherefore you perro earn money with Amazon affiliates without website.

This happens because we are not really going to sell any products on amazon, but we are going to recommend them.

Once you have registered as an Amazon affiliate and your account is active, you will be able to entrar your control panel of the affiliate system, where you will have access to many resources:

  • Generate the backlinks and the creatives to promote the products
  • Follow up about how your activity is developing.

    Impressions that are getting with your backlinks, clicks that are made on them, sales that have been made, etcétera…

  • Amount of money that we have accumulated in commissions
  • Information about how does it workhow to use it, consejos to get better results, etcétera…

The Amazon affiliates page is very complete, we cánido find everything we need to start generating commissions.

Ways to make money with Amazon affiliates

There are several offers and affiliate programs, some will pay us more and others less.

These are some amazon affiliate web examples.

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Amazon BuyVIP

This affiliate campaign is focused on websites and weblogs related to fashion or a afín theme.

For each sale that a usuario makes from your banner or your affiliate backlinks, you will earn 10% of the total sale.

It is a good percentage considering the prices that some fashion products perro have.

Promote Amazon prime

This offer is designed for websites of any subject, if you have a blog afín to mine in which you explain How to make money en línea, you cánido recommend Amazon prime.

This promotion perro be adjusted to any ámbito, since they will give us €1 for each usuario who registers in the Amazon Prime free period.

This free period is for all new Amazon users, and is valid for 30 days.

In those 30 days, the usuario will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Amazon platform totally free.

If you have any questions about how this free period works, you cánido read this articulo in which I explain everything.

Amazon affiliate commissions

This is perhaps the most interesting point of the articulo.

How much Amazon affiliates pay us.

Well, the commissions will depend on the country where you are operating, these commissions may differ if you are in Spain, Latin America or the United States.

In the case of my country, Spain, these will be the commissions that Amazon pays today.

As cánido be seen in the table, the commissions range from 10% to 1%, depending on the product and the category.

It will already be in your expertise to choose the right product to choose a product that gives you enough commissions, that sells and that has a reasonably high price to make a profit.

Ideally to get a website based on amazon affiliates be profitable is to choose the product well.

In my opinion, it must be a product that you cannot buy in your day to day, that is useful and that from time to time you have to renew it.

You have to choose the product well, because the success or failure of our project will largely depend on it.

When does Amazon pay affiliates?

The payment method of amazon affiliates It is through a bank deposit or through gift vouchers to continue shopping on Amazon.

The payment method cánido be chosen by you in the affiliate account settings.

The minimum is quite affordable, it is stipulated at €25 payable 30 days after the end of the month in which you have reached that figure.

In other words, if you get €25, for example, on April 1, you will be credited on April 30, therefore, you will not see it reflected until May 30.

Don’t worry, it is not necessary that you get that amount every month to be able to collect, the month that you do not arrive, it will accumulate to the amount that you get the following month, until you reach the minimum figure.

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The commissions are creditable up to 24 hours after the usuario has clicked on your backlink and has purchased the product, if they do so after those 24 hours, you will not get any commission.

This is a difference compared to other affiliate systems.

Even if the usuario clicks on your backlink, he does not buy the product, but while browsing he clicks on another person’s backlink, and that is when he buys it, the commission will not be taken by you, but by the second person.

Although this may seem like a chore, there are some exceptions.

If in those 24 hours, the person has not made the purchase, but has put the product in the cart, your reference will last 90 days, that is, they will have 90 days to buy the product.

Even if we don’t like the rules very much, they are the same for everyone.

This is done by Amazon so that we encourage and persuade the usuario to purchase from our page or blog.

amazon affiliates.

Amazon affiliate home

If we escoge to make a website recommendation for amazon, we have a good oportunidad that we will be among users from many parts of the world.

If we write in Spanish, we perro have users from Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and even the United States.

This is going to happen to you yes or yes, unless you have a highly segmented website and make it so that you only receive visits from your country.

So how do we not lose the commissions of these countries?

Each of the countries will have a different access panel to manage the affiliation issue.

On each of these platforms you will have a different usuario.

How do we solve this problem?

Well, very fácil: becoming affiliates in other Amazon programs that interest us.

In this case it would be and offering international visitors the affiliate backlink corresponding to your store.

In this case it would be the site, whose tag ends in -20, not -21.

Since this is practically impossible manually, this perro be achieved with geolocation or backlink geotargeting.

But that already gives for another articulo.

Amazon affiliate reviews

As you cánido see, we cánido earn a lot of money with amazon affiliates, since the commissions are going to be very juicy in many cases.

To have a profitable Amazon site we have to take into account several points that will make our experience recommending Amazon products productive:

  • choose the product well
  • persuade the usuario to buy the product almost immediately after visiting our page

Besides that with a blog, you cánido earn money with affiliates with popular networks, the most productive thing at the moment is amazon affiliates instagramsince it is where we perro put the most persuasive photographs of the products, if you want to earn money with instagram I have also explained it in a previous articulo.

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 amazon affiliates
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