Alternatives to OnlyFans: Top 5

Alternatives to OnlyFans: Top 5

OnlyFans is considered as one of the platforms for generate plus money preferred by users, as we saw recently in the article on how to make money with onlyfansbut despite its great popularity, still has certain deficiencies that have led people to look for other alternatives. Some of the most common issues are prohibited content, account verification, to mention a few.

It is possible that you have an account on this website, but you are looking for other options, for this reason, we have prepared an article for you with the best platforms and aplicaciones afín to OnlyFans that you cánido use for sell your content en línea. In addition, this will help you identify which is the most appropriate for you according to the market you want to conquer for get more opportunities.

Platforms and aplicaciones afín to OnlyFans to earn money

On the net there are thousands of options that offer you all kinds of content, however, some of them are not reliable. Therefore, we will point out below some of the platforms afín to OnlyFans that have time in the market, likewise, are habitual and enjoy good reputation among its users.


fansly is a alternative to the latest OnlyFans platformdue to its great growth and commercial activity that began in 2021. In relation to the platform it is not limited by themes or categories, but it is possible to find adult contentfrom conventional photos or vídeos to those focused on fetishes.

For its part, the popularity of the site started thanks to Twitterwhere many people showed interest in the freedoms and thousands of options provided. Some of the most outstanding features of Fansly are:

  • possibility of block especial cities or sites instead of having to lock down the entire country.
  • It is possible to create several subscription levels.
  • It has a commission system of at least 20%.


Unlike the other sites this platform is afín to Onlyfans being created and digested for adult service providers. This site works by subscriptions where each one of the users pays a monthly amount to enjoy the contents. Also, the platform is left with at least 30% of what a creator perceives for total subscriptions.

As of the year 2020, justforfans was considered the site with the most traffic on the net after OnlyFans. One of the features that most caught the attention of the public are the following:

  • Transparency about the industry by stating that it is a site dedicated to adult content.
  • It is possible to connect the account to popular networks or entrar without verification

3. Patreon

One of the best alternatives to OnlyFans is Patreonwhich entered the market in 2013. It perro be said that this site is an inspiration for the platform, since its model is very afín, admitting content in Spanish. Besides, creators using Patreon build their audience based on fanes from other sites such as Instagram or YouTube to offer them exclusive material under the subscription modality. Its most outstanding features include:

  • Allows you to generate plus money through the sale of different types of content.
  • owns at least 200 thousand creatorss of content from around the world.
  • The platform managed to accumulate 350 million dollars.

If you want to know more, we leave you here a guide to how to make money on patreon in 10 different ways.


manyvids is a good option if you want to find a platform afín to OnlyFans, also, allows you to sell additional vídeos to the subscription model. Now, this site is focused on the content of women or trans people.

Similarly, it offers the possibility of offer fetish content without any restrictions. Among the different functions that Manyvids provides you are:

  • Possibility of making direct or totally live transmissions.
  • Sale of vídeos by orders.
  • Option to create contests.
  • You cánido maintain direct communication with the creator.
  • Cancel through tokens.
  • The platform only take 20% of profit totals for each creator.

5. MYMFans

MYMFans is one of the platforms afín to OnlyFans that originated as a popular initiative in France. However, it is not dedicated exclusively to creating adult content, but rather gives creators and artists the opportunity to monetize their content through their own seguidor club. In relation to its operation, it is afín to the other sites, except for the following functions:

  • Allows you to notify followers about events or activities carried out on the profile.
  • The commission of the site varies, however, it charges at least 20% of the money obtained in addition to the commissions.

We recommend you start with the platform that best suits your needs. However, remember to take into account the information we provide you about these sites so that you perro choose the right alternative for you.

What is better Onlyfans or Patreon?

This question is quite common among people looking to make money. Patreon is best for those who want to earn regular income from their followers as it allows them to establish a fixed monthly contribution. OnlyFans is best for those who want to get paid for the content they articulo, as it allows them to equipo a price per articulo.

Patreon offers a way for creators to earn money by supporting their “patrons”, which are people who donate money recurringly to the creators they support. Creators cánido offer their patrons exclusive content, such as vídeos, music, artwork, and more, in exchange for their support. Patrons cánido donate as much or as little as they want, and perro cancel their support at any time.

OnlyFans is a paid popular platform that focuses on adult content.. Users perro create and share sexually explicit content, such as photos and vídeos, and perro charge their followers for access to this content. OnlyFans also allows users to interact directly with their followers, which perro result in a more personal and up-close experience. Although you cánido create an anonymous Onlyfans to earn moneyHis thing is to espectáculo his face and be close to his followers.

In general, Patreon is considered a more professional and versatile platform than Onlyfanssince it is not restricted only to sexual content.

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 Alternatives to OnlyFans: Top 5
  Alternatives to OnlyFans: Top 5
  Alternatives to OnlyFans: Top 5

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