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Alternatives to The 12 Best is a habitual project management tool that allows teams to work together and stay productive. At, you cánido create Gantt charts, manage master tasks, and keep track of all your projects.

The thing is, though, while is great for team collaboration and long projects, it doesn’t offer time tracking tools and limits the number of people who perro be en línea at one time. So, we did some research and found the best alternatives to that may be a better solution for you and your team. Wonder what they are? Let us begin!

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Alternatives to

Project management tools are neither few nor sporadic, the difficulty lies in knowing which ones will actually work how and when you need them. We chose the alternatives below because they are great tools for project management. By using these platforms, you’ll be able to quickly sign up, add your projects, and get your team up and running right away.


If you’re new to project management, Trello is a great alternative that cánido help you get started. Praised for its ease of use and free trial options, Trello offers great admin features.

Although this collaboration programa is a great alternative to, it falls short in some project management features. This management solution does not offer financial management features and does not provide calendar functionality unless you choose to get the complemento. With that said, Trello offers a free trial and a free plan so you cánido get familiar with the task management platform.

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For $9.56 per month per usuario, Paymo offers great task and project management features for small and medium-sized businesses. This alternative offers many useful features, such as a customizable dashboard, the ability to track time, and great project planning tools.

Although Paymo is a bit more expensive than at almost $10 per month, Paymo offers great customer service, a wider range of tools, and lets you track things in real time, which people love. project managers. That said, if you’re looking for a platform that provides cost-to-completion tracking or iniciativa management, Paymo may not have everything you need, as its feature equipo is smaller.

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Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, Slack is a great platform to consider for effective team collaboration. In Slack, you perro send messages in real time, track projects, articulo updates, and more.

If you’re on a project management team, Slack is a great project and task management tool worth checking out. Compared to, Slack offers better prices per month, audio calls, and the option to chat in real time. You perro also create charts, participate in your free trial, and drag and drop elementos into the chat that you want to share.

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4.Easy Redmine

Redmine is an en línea management tool that is typically used for task management, team management, productivity programa, and customer service. For $25 per month, Redmine offers easy-to-use technology that’s great for task planners, those who want to create a business plan, and teams who want to get things done.

Unlike, Redmine does not offer portfolio management. However, this management solution offers resource management tools, unlike

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If you’re looking for a project management platform to help you track tasks, start large projects, and foster team collaboration, Asana is a great alternative for you.

For $10.99 per usuario each month, Asana offers many useful project management tools and allows you to collaborate with other teams, categorize tasks, and create a business plan. Unlike, Asana offers version control and a free trial, making it one of the best alternatives out there.

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If your team wants to collaborate on various tasks and projects, Taskworld is a great piece of programa to consider. For just $10 per usuario per month, Taskworld gives you almost all the project management tools you’ll ever need, letting you chat with your team, organize tasks, and work on multiple projects at once.

Although Taskworld is a great alternative to that allows you to collaborate and share ideas, it doesn’t allow you to make Gantt charts or put them in a spreadsheet view.

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7. Todoist

If you’re looking for a project management tool that focuses on personal and team productivity, Todoist is a great platform for you. This time management tool will help you with time and task management.

Todoist also offers time tracking and is a great collaboration tool. Unlike, however, Todoist doesn’t let you make Gantt charts or create customer portals. That said, it’s a great tool for those who want to stay on top of their various tasks and projects.

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8. Workfront

Workfront is a great alternative that allows you to collaborate with others and plan projects. If you work on a team of between 10 and 1,000 people, Workfront is a platform worth considering.

With Workfront, you and your colleagues cánido work together on projects, brainstorm ideas, equipo up your calendar view, and talk with other team members. Unlike, however, Workfront doesn’t let you talk in real time or manage your contacts. That being said, they do offer a general business plan and a free plan that allows you to try the project management programa for free.

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9. Planview AgilePlace

Suitable for teams of any size, Planview AgilePlace [antes Planview LeanKit] is a project management tool created for project managers and their team members. Praised for its easy-to-use programa and wide range of collaboration tools, Planview AgilePlace is perfect for those who want to take charge of a task or collaborate with others in the business world. Planview AgilePlace also offers a 30-day free trial.

While Planview AgilePlace is an excellent task management tool for small and large teams alike, its $12 monthly fee turns out to be higher than’s. Also, unlike, Planview AgilePlace does not allow its users to track milestones or create customizable templates.

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Created for small and medium-sized businesses, GreenRope is a project management tool that will help you manage your sales and marketing efforts. With GreenRope, you cánido analyze your team’s data and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. By having access to this data, you will be able to plan your next project and keep track of your income and expenses.

Although GreenRope is more expensive than with a monthly fee of $99, it provides more data and correo electrónico marketing tools that perro’t be found anywhere else. Also, GreenRope offers a free trial for those who are not sure if they want to buy the monthly package.

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Designed for medium to large businesses and teams, TargetProcess is an easy-to-use collaboration tool that helps teams get things done and manage multiple projects at once. With this alternative, you cánido talk to other people in real time, plan your next project, and articulo product updates.

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12.Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a programa tool for project management that allows teams large and small to coordinate tasks, create Gantt charts and Kanban boards. This platform is great for teams that want to interact with other users and plan projects.

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To end

The alternatives above cánido offer great solutions for your team. By choosing the best project management platform for you, you’ll be able to track tasks, communicate with your team members, and share important ideas. You perro also drag and drop tasks to stay organized, create gantt charts and keep track of multiple computers at once.

Whether you are looking for a solution project management home-based or a task management tool that lets you create a business plan, the alternatives above are sure to have features you’ll love.

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 Alternatives to The 12 Best
  Alternatives to The 12 Best
  Alternatives to The 12 Best

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