alternatives to adsense

alternatives to adsense

If you have a blog and a problem with adsense, this articulo interests you. Here I am going to talk about alternatives to adsense that we perro use Without a doubt, Google plus adsense has become in recent years one of the most habitual tools to monetize your blog or website.

As you know, Google plus adsense is an advertising system that displays ads according to the search interests of users who visit our website. If you have come here looking for alternatives to adsense 2020 you have come to the right place.

But why choose others? platforms afín to adsense? Well the answer is very easy. You have sent the request and it is rejected by Google plus, you have “messed” something with Google plus (like clicking on the ads yourself) or anything else that has violated the privacy policies and you are not allowed to put the ads on your blog.

On some occasions, just correcting small errors or not clicking on your ads again may be enough to get your adsense account approved. But at other times, you, as a publisher, will be forced to look for companies afín to adsense.

How do I make money from paid advertising?

We, through adsense and afín platforms perro monetize (earn money) through our blog or website. Through the advertising that is inserted in our blog we perro earn money on internet through different ways or ways to pay us for advertising. I explain them to you:

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  • He cpc either cost per clic It is what the advertiser pays the publisher for the number of visits that will reach his website thanks to the website inserted in the publisher’s site. There is no fixed rate, but the CPC will vary depending on various factors such as the quality of the page or the conversion rate of each clic.
  • He CTR It will be the total percentage that we will obtain by dividing the number of impressions (page visits) with the number of clicks that the ad gets. That is, the clic-through rate achieved per number of visits. If your site has a CTR that is too low, advertisers will not be interested in showing their ads.

These two are the factors that advertisers rely on to place ads or not. These may be the most important, but other “secondary” factors also intervene, such as the total time that a usuario remains on a page, the country or even the device from which they connect. there is no or It is not known which aspecto is the most determinant. to put one or the other price. In the end, the price is equipo by both publishers and advertisers based on these aspects.

google plus adsense

Google plus Adense ads have been present for years, I have seen all this in the blog adsense. It was the year 2000, the euro did not yet exist as a currency in Europe and I had just finished my degree. I remember that at that time the Internet began to grow tremendously and companies saw how people were looking for them more and more en línea, especially through Google plus. Then the computer giant (at that time it was beginning to be) came up with the iniciativa of ​​inserting advertising through codes on websites. The iniciativa was so well received that in that year Google plus Adsense began to expand. Internet, as you know, is a living element and it adapts to the circumstances. Advertising began to be implemented in other channels such as YouTube, Bing, Blogger, forums and bulletin boards, in everything imaginable.

Currently, anyone with little programming knowledge cánido put adsense advertising on their blog or website. In wordpress, for example, there are plugins that do it all for you and they put the ads on the site you want, you just have to do a fácil cut/paste. On the other hand, if you do not want plugins, in Google plus Adsense you will have the opportunity to make adsense itself the one that puts the ads on the site that suits you best, where your visitors clic the most. In this way, it will be Google plus that is in charge of displaying advertising on the most appropriate sites for your website. The only thing you will have to worry about is creating content, and therefore traffic to your website.

Should I consider platforms afín to Adsense?

If your relationship with adsense goes well, there will be no problem, you will be able to place your ads and you will receive your compensation at the end of the month. The bad thing is when you have a problem with Adsense, whatever the reason. If Google plus rejects your website and prevents you from making money with its advertising program, it will be your turn to rack your brain to figure out what you need to change. Google plus will never specify what you need to change in order to add your web space. Some of the factors may be:

  • low quality of the content you upload
  • the type of content (sometimes they cánido remove Google plus Adsense from certain pages without having to remove advertising from the entire blog)
  • that you do not have updated privacy policies.

In short, you are going to be the one who has to think about what you have done wrong (in the eyes of Google plus) so that you cannot insert their ads. Google plus will never tell us what you have to change. They will send you an explanatory vídeo on what to do to get your website approved, but nothing more. After that, you will have to make the necessary changes to resubmit the application, but you will never have the guarantee that you will be approved. If in the end they approve it well, you have achieved it, if not…, you will have to think of other options for companies afín to Adsense to monetize your blog or website. That is why it is very important to know other ways to monetize besides Adsense. From my humble experience, I cánido tell you about an affiliation platform as an alternative to Adesense, I’m talking about themoneytizer.

Themoneytizer reviews (the best alternative to Adsense)

Undoubtedly, Themoneytizer is the best option of the Adsense alternatives 2020. It is perfect for medium or large weblogs. There are two drawbacks: requirement essential is to receive 30,000 unique visits per month and that payments will be made 60 days after the end of the month. I understand that many websites do not have such a level of visits, therefore, I will leave you others below. adsense alternatives that will not require special conditions.

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Although it has this disadvantage, we cánido highlight several things about the platform. Here I explain them to you, so that you do not see that they are all disadvantages:

  • you will have a much faster response about the approval of your website
  • the minimum payment is €50
  • the available payment methods will be both bank transfer and Paypal
  • free complemento to easily insert ad codes
  • More than 10 types of ads to choose the ones that best suit your site
  • support in spanish

As you perro see, this advertising platform is one of the best compared to adsense. There are administradores de páginas web who claim to earn more money thanks to themoneytizer advertising. But for sure it is not known if this will be true or false, in addition there are many factors that influence profits, such as the theme, the type of writing or the origin of the visits. If you want to try your luck with The moneytizer, here is the registration backlink.

Other companies afín to Adsense

If, on the contrary, you have started with your blog and you still do not have the level of unique visits that The Moneytizer asks for, I perro present you other affiliate platforms afín to Adsense. I am not going to go into details of each one of them, since they are very afín or they are platforms that offer this way of earning money on the internet as another way they have to earn money. Here I list them:

Final opinion on alternatives to Adsense 2020

Although we are all clear that Google plus Adsense is the best company to monetize your website, not everyone is lucky enough to work with them. Either because it has low-quality content or because its theme is not accepted.

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In addition to these programs that I have explained in the articulo, there are other ways to monetize your website or blog as the amazon affiliate program or others affiliate programs Afín. It will depend on you if you want to monetize your website or blog with this or other programs, or a combination of both. What I do have to tell you by way of advice is that you should not stop seeing the trees to see the forest, that is, worry about the content and helping your readers, once you have done this and have an audience that reads you. , the benefits with the affiliate programs will come alone, be it with Adsense or with any other.

If you want to know other articles afín to alternatives to adsense you perro visit the category adsensei.

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 alternatives to adsense
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