allcoins | Multi-faucet that PAYS in several

allcoins | Multi-faucet that PAYS in several

allcoins It is a platform in which we cánido earn cryptocurrencies in different ways.

In addition to the classic faucet, also there is the possibility of generating profit in other ways.

Among them viewing ads, answering surveys, working the so-called autofaucets, with mining.

For having, it even has its own exchanger.

The most interesting thing is that the minimum payment does not exist in Allcoins.

So that we perro request a payment whenever we want it regardless of the amount.

Not bad for an introduction right? Let’s see in more detail how works.

What is

Allcoins is a multifaucet since we perro obtain several cryptocurrencies for free and in different ways. has been en línea since March 2018 and is a 100% reliable site.

On a personal level, I have been using this portal since its launch and has always complied with payments.

So, I perro assure you that it is highly recommended to get fractions of cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.

As we will see throughout the tutorial, Allcoins gives us allows you to withdraw profits directly to our wallets.

In this sense, it is necessary to have a wallet for each cryptocurrency that we want to earn.

Because the range of cryptocurrencies that we cánido obtain in Allcoins is very wide, my advice is to focus on those that are best known.

In this way, for example, we cánido withdraw the profits to wallets such as Coinbase.

It is worth mentioning that Coinbase supports BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XRP and some more.

And since in Allcoins we have the possibility of obtaining these same cryptocurrencies, having an account in Wallets like this make it easy to receive your earnings.

If you still do not know Coinbase, you cánido take a look at the tutorial that I leave here below.

What is Coinbase and how does it work?

Registration in Allcoins

Allcoins platform allows registration to users from all over the world.

Notice that they are very strict with the use of VPN and VPS and do not think twice when it comes to banning someone if you are caught cheating.

That being said, we are going to create an account in Allcoins.

Naturally for free.

If you want, you cánidofollow this backlink, which will take you directly to the home page.

Once there, right in the central part, a tab will appear with the text of “Register”.

Clic on it and a registration form will open.

We write down our nick, an correo electrónico address and a secure password.

We check that the data is correctly written and clic again on “Register”.

Take me straight to the portal

Now we will be in our account and we cánido all the Allcoins sections.

Unlike other portals, in this one we do not need to validate the account through dirección de correo electrónico.

we will only receive an dirección de correo electrónico notification when we request a payment.

For the rest, we cánido already work on the different sections and start earning cryptocurrencies.

In Allcoins we cánido get different cryptocurrencies.

Among the most prominent BTC, DOGE, LTC, XRP, TRX, BCH, DASH, XMR or ETH.

How allcoins work

Taking advantage of the fact that we are already inside our Allcoins account, we are going to review the sections it has.

In this way, we cánido get the most out of the portal.

Allcoin Sections

In the menu on the left we see the following tabs:

Home “ Main screen of our accounts.

Faucets » In the faucets we perro claim cryptocurrencies every 360 seconds.

Regardless of the cryptocurrency in question, we perro only request a claim every 5 minutes.

However, it also has autofaucets, in which we perro leave a timer activated so that it claims automatically.

Offer Wall » Every day we cánido see some ads.

And additionally, there are also several offer walls with which we cánido generate profits by completing offers or answering surveys.

Games » Games to risk the cryptocurrencies that we have obtained so far. these games they are not freeand although we cánido win money if we are lucky, we cánido only participate using the money we have in our cómputos.

Mining » Allcoins also has a section in which we perro earn cryptocurrencies through mining.

PTC » In this section we perro earn BTC by watching ads.

Tools » The portal has a Exchanger own in which we perro exchange our cryptocurrencies for others.

Also has he price converter.

It is a calculator that is used to know the amount that would come out when making an exchange.

Referral » We will find all the Allcoins promotional material in this section.

Both the referral backlink and the banners.

FAQ » Section in which we cánido solve some doubts that we have about the site.

In it, we will see the most frequently asked questions with their relevant answers.

Earn cryptocurrencies in Allcoins

Now that we have identified the Allcoins sections, let’s see how earn our first fractions of cryptocurrency.

Currently, we perro earn 13 different cryptocurrencies in this portal.

Depending on the preferences we have, we will be more interested in focusing on some cryptocurrencies or others.

But in any case, the process to claim the cryptocurrencies is always the same.

Allcoin Faucets

The operation of the Allcoins faucets is that of a lifetime.

same as in bitcoin.

What you have to do is select the cryptocurrency that you want, clic on «Claim» and solve the captcha.

At the end, they will give us the option to multiply the profits x2, x10, donate them, etcétera.

The last option is to collect the amount of cryptocurrencies that we have obtained in that claim.

When pressed, the reward will automatically be added to our cómputo.

In the case that we clic on the other options, it will depend on oportunidad that they multiply the profit.

That is we risk staying with zero or that we perro get more.

If we do not want to risk it, the most sensible thing is to keep the cryptocurrencies that we have already obtained as a prize.

As they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

But that is already your choice!

offer wall

In Allcoins we cánido also earn cryptocurrencies by answering surveys or completing offers.

Various offer walls are available.

In this case, just like the portal of Idle Empire, it will be enough to access each wall, see the promotions or the surveys that there are and get down to work.

Best of all, the profits from the walls are allocated on the spot.

If not, we will be notified of the conditions we must meet before completing offers or responding to surveys.

Paid surveys are one of the most fruitful ways to generate profit on Allcoins.

Miner and Autofaucets

There are three different ways to get cryptocurrency by mining Allcoins.

As I have said many times, I am not a seguidor of mining with the PC.

Domestic teams are not prepared to mine and the most likely thing is that the profitability is very low.

And on the other hand, mining consumes resources from our computer that cánido damage it in the long run.

For me, two compelling reasons not to use this section.

In any case, as they are things that may interest you, I will leave a brief explanation of how it works.

Cmd Miner » In this case we will have to download a archivo and configure it.

It is about downloading the miner on our PC and letting it just work.

Whenever we want, we cánido stop it and withdraw the generated profits to our cómputo.

autofaucet » It is a type of browser-based mining.

We will be able to use the claims that we accumulate to activate this tab, let it run and do it.

This allows us to earn cryptocurrencies passively.

Every day we access the portal we get two coche-claims for the coche-faucet.

Additionally, if we want to get more self-claims, we cánido get them using the shorteners.

Web Miner » And finally, we have web mining available.

Here we will only have to give it access to Allcoins, configure the speed at which we want it to work and let it run.

Every ten minutes they will pay us the profits generated.

The big difference between Web Miner and Cmd Miner is that the latter is much more powerful and faster than the former.


Unlike the rest of the sections, with PTC ads we perro only get BTC.

It seems relevant to me to mention that Allcoins is not a PTC.

And I want to highlight it because the number of ads available is rather low.

Compared to PTC when used as Coinpayu either AdBTC, the number of ads is quite poor.

However, these announcements in Allcoins, although they are few, come in handy to keep adding.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

allcoins pay

We have seen before that in Allcoins there is no minimum payment.

Therefore, we cánido charge whenever we want.

To be exact, there is a minimum.

The one that refers to the commissions that apply to each withdrawal.

The good part is that this minimum is so small that claiming once in the faucet we already reached it with leftovers.

By withdrawing Allcoins earnings directly to our main wallets, fees may vary.

That depends on each cryptocurrency and the price at which they are listed.

Request a payment in Allcoins

In my case, I withdraw all the earnings that I get in Allcoins through Coinbase.

Although it is also possible to send the cryptocurrencies to an exchange like Binance.

To request a payment we will follow the following steps:

– We clic on “Withdraw”.

– Depending on the cryptocurrency that we want to withdraw, we select one or the other by clicking on the red square that is to the right of each one.

– Then our profile will open.

There we will have to paste the addresses of the cryptocurrency wallets that we have in Coinbase.

Remember that each cryptocurrency needs a specific wallet.

To collect BTC we need a BTC wallet.

AND the same with all the others.

– Once the addresses of our wallets have been configured, we perro now request the payment.

We clic again on the corresponding red square.

– After a few seconds Allcoins You will send us an correo electrónico to validate the withdrawal.

In its content will be attached a backlink with the text “Clic on this backlink to confirm”.

Within a maximum period of five minutes, we will see the transaction in our wallet.

Thus confirming that allcoins pay.

In Allcoins we cánido request 3 payments every 24 hours.

Regardless of whether we repeat a withdrawal with the same cryptocurrency.

Main features of Allcoins

We already know how to get cryptocurrencies in Allcoins.

Based on all the information that we have seen, I am going to make a compilation with the most outstanding ideas.

Furthermore, I will take the opportunity to add some personal opinions.

Always based on my own experience working on the Allcoins site.

There they go:

✅ Allcoins has no minimum payment.

That means we cánido request a payment right after you claim in the faucet or complete a survey.

The only thing we must keep in mind is the withdrawal commission.

✅ In the faucets of Allcoins we cánido request a claim every six minutes.

Precisely for this reason we cánido accumulate different cryptocurrencies.

In the end, it’s about adding up.

And if we like several, we have total freedom to accumulate those cryptocurrencies that suit us best in every instant.

✅ In Allcoins ads we cánido only get BTC.

There are no ads that pay in another cryptocurrency.

However, if we use the Exchanger, we will be able to exchange BTC for other different cryptocurrencies paying very low rates.

we just have to make a cómputo exchange and that’s it.

✅ Allcoins has a very interesting recommendation system.

For each friend who joins the portal with our backlink, we will receive 25% of the profits he gets.

Allcoin Reviews

At Dineroworld we have talked about many faucets to get free cryptocurrency.

In the case of Allcoins, its operation is quite practical.

Something that always helps when working on a site.

Furthermore, just as in Faucet Cryptowe have the incentive that we perro get different cryptocurrencies.

There are dozens of faucets in which we cánido earn BTC, LTC or ETH.

But it is so easy for us to get XRP, TRX or ZCASH.

In this sense, in my opinion, it perro be very interesting to accumulate cryptocurrencies with potential and take advantage of a good price rise to sell them later.

AND Allcoins is great to follow this strategy.

With Allcoins we cánido expand our cryptocurrency portfolio without investments of any kind.

And here we have come with today’s articulo.

If you liked Allcoins and you are thinking of creating an account, I would appreciate it if you registered with my backlink by clicking on the following button.

Pressing it will take you to the cover and you will only have to follow the tutorial that we have just seen.

And as always, if you have any questions, you cánido write a comment below and I will answer you with pleasure.

Until next time and hit the cryptocurrencies!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 allcoins |  Multi-faucet that PAYS in several
  allcoins |  Multi-faucet that PAYS in several
  allcoins |  Multi-faucet that PAYS in several

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