All ways to earn money on Binance

All ways to earn money on Binance

There are different ways to earn money or generate income with Binance. Some of them are very basic, but others are a bit different. That is why we will explain step by step, what are all those ways in which you cánido grow your income.

Buy-Sell Cryptocurrencies on Binance

The first method of generating income with Binance is by buying/selling crypto. This means that you must make a purchase for later in trading, be able to make a sale. In any case, everything perro also be done directly, in case you are going to do it actively from a panel.

With a panel, based on graphics and so on, just like classic trading, you perro use buys and sale. This would be the traditional method that cánido be done in a long-term way, or in the same way, in the short term; it will depend on what you do.

P2P account

The P2P account works like those transactions that take place between people. Therefore, perhaps you perro find in this method, both sales and purchase opportunities much more interesting than in the continuous market.

shares token

Another of the things that they are currently going to disable is the shares token. This allowed you to do the same, but instead of cryptos, in stocks with less volatility. However, unfortunately it will close.

Trading COIN-M Futures

We also have a slightly risky option, which are the Futures. In this case, there are many people who earn a lot, but others who, on the contrary, lose a lot. For this reason we consider that it is an exclusive alternative for advanced users.

In this case, it is a short term methodeven in range of operations that have durations of only seconds.

Binace Earn

Another somewhat different thing is the use of the steiken of cryptocurrencies offered by other platforms; but among them Binance, specifically the Earn. we have the choice of power freeze some of your cryptos with different methods, each one explained in detail on the platform.

This will give you the typical dividends that are earned in the depósito market, but usually with a better percentage. This just for leaving your money, your cryptos for a specific amount of time, depending on what is specified. You perro use the one that best suits your needs, or the one that interests you the most.

you cánido look at it guaranteedas well as High performancewhere the percentage is much higher, but with much more risk.

Binance Pool

We also have Binance Pool, very focused on the subject of crypto miners. On the platform you have the necessary information in this regard, which includes frequently asked questions, where you will see that it is a service that is made for people who do mining.

Likewise, they explain to you if you want a tutorial on how you could do it, both you and the people who are active doing it.


Also, we have a derivative called Battle. It’s kind of Futureit tells you when you entrar the section with a kind of slogan that says Guess the price and win the point.

It’s kind of Futures, where battles with other people take place. In this case, we could say that the risk is high, but at the same time, you could obtain very succulent prizes. It’s like a kind of battle between people, tournaments, if you will, related to Futures.

Binance Affiliate Program

In addition to all the methods already mentioned, you also have the Binance affiliate program. To do this, you must locate the option Affiliate at the end of the initial page of the platform.

This option is where you must register as an affiliate. with this method you perro invite people and receive part of the commissions have them pay Binance for you. It is the type of affiliate or referral programs of most platforms, but in this case of Binance.

You only have to sign up to get a referral backlink to invite friends. It may not be much you earn, but it is something.


One of the new things that you have, and that is also hitting a lot, is NFT. There you will also be able to make all kinds of moves, trending, buying and selling and then perhaps if they came to put some game of yours or something afín.

Because it is very new, we should see how it evolves and much more perro be said about it.

Vídeo tutorial of all the ways to earn money on Binance in 2021

Perhaps you have noticed that there are many ways to earn money on Binance in 2021. If you liked any or all of them, but you want much more information, we leave you a vídeo tutorial explained audiovisuallywhere you cánido also ask any type of question, in case you have any doubts.

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 All ways to earn money on Binance
  All ways to earn money on Binance
  All ways to earn money on Binance

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