When we talk about cryptocurrency platforms, it is impossible to ignore the issue of commissions. And it is that every crypto-wallet is subject to this issue, including eToro. For this reason, we have brought you this new articulo regarding this matter, that is, all about commissions on eTorowhere answers will be given to pertinent questions that you will surely ask yourself.

To do this, we must go to the official page of the eToro platformwhere you will find the information about it.

Are there Fees to open an eToro account?

The answer is NO. As you may already know, opening an account within eToro it’s absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anything; It is 100% zero commissions.

Does eToro charge fees for trading Stocks?

when doing transactions with ETFs or stocks they will not apply either no charges. As stated on that same main page, transactions of this type will be “without margins, commissions for incidents or stamp duties”, in other words, “0% commissions on actions”.

Are there Management Fees on eToro?

NO. Not at all. Not even when you copy investors of the platform not even when investing in portfolios.

When could there be Commissions charged on eToro?

Well, it is true that, at the time of making a withdrawal of fundsthis will incur a low and stable $5 fee. But this does not carry compensation charges.

Now, if you scroll down a bit on the same page, you will find that you are spoken to more specifically what the fees orinan on eToroyou perro see various sections which will give you a little more detail on the matter:

Stocks and ETFs

This section tells you that you cánido invest in stocks and ETFs without paying commissions. You cánido make your purchases of these assets in unit amounts or fractions thereof, investing a minimum of $50.

In addition to this, you are made aware that you will not be charged:

  • Management commissions.

  • Recharges for renewal of positions.

  • Commissions for incidents.

  • neither Additional brokerage commissions.


Within cryptocurrencies you will see that there are certain cryptos that go for percentagethrough Differential. This percentage will depend on the purchase you make of a especial cryptocurrency, since each one has a different percentage.


Within CFDswhich is nothing other than Foreign exchange, raw Materials, indices and others, you perro see that the commissions are charged in Pips. Depending on the item you choose, these points will be quoted. And although they are also calculated in percentage, these, likewise, are based on Pips.

night commissions

A little further down we talk about what are the night commissions Within CFDs, which are small commissions that you would be charged for leaving a transaction open overnight. In themselves they are very low, but in the long term they would make a real amount. These commissions vary if you are in one long position either in short.

Important: All these sections are arranged in drop-down menus for your convenience. You should display them depending on your main interests, etcétera.


At the end of this “tour” on the issue of commissions in eToro, we will tell you about some more sections on the aforementioned page:

Copy trader and Copy Portfolio

Regarding these sections of eToro, no additional commission is charged no hidden costs, In the first case (Copy Trader); there are no management commissions or any other kindapart from those that apply to the assets included in each portfolio, in the second case (Copy Portfolio).

Important: The depósito portfolios are commission-free, so if a briefcase is of cryptosyou will have the commissions of the cryptos that you have included.

Deposit Fee

There is no. It is totally free from eToro.

withdrawal of funds

As said at the beginning, this will be of a single and low fee $5.

Conversion Fees

In case you want convert from one currency to anotherSo, you should know that the commissions go by Pipsas shown in the next image.

Inactivity Fees

And, in the event that no activity detected on your eToro account (you are not logged in), at least for the first two months, you would be charged a charge of 10€ monthly by concept of account maintenance.

Important: It is recommended that if you are not using your account for whatever reason you have, and you have your card connected to it, you do closing of said account.

In short, this has been the brief route through it all Concerning Commissions within the eToro platform and what is pertinent that you know about the subject. Also remember that you have other support material at the end of this information.

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