All about Binance fees

All about Binance fees

we will espectáculo you everything related to Binance fees, both those of trading, such as those of deposit or withdrawal and others. If you still don’t know some of them, here you will discover and understand much more.

trading commissions

In principle, we have all trading commissions In general, most are in a especial range, clarified in a box that generates the wallets, which goes from VIP 0, and from there, how to increase and decrease commissions. This will depend on the amount you cánido increase it.

You will have the facility to find out how to improve when selecting clic where it indicates next to Your VIP commission level 0. In any case, depending on that BTC volume or BNB cómputo, you will have a especial percentage of the transactions that are made in mode trading in spots.

Pay commissions with BNB

In case you pay the commissions with BNB (something that is surely done to boost it), they would be a little lower. However, most people tend to stay with the first option (Maker / Taker), or in any case the second if you use this alternative.


The third option would be associated with referralsIn this case, the platform generates an plus benefit for you in this aspect, which perro benefit you even if it is a minimum percentage.

Margin Loan Interest

after section Spot market tradingwhich is the most common, we have that of Margin Loan Interest. This explains to us what would be the interest that they would charge you for making a loan or leverage. This should be taken into account depending on the currency you choose.

USD Futures Trading

Then you also have the commissions in futures. In this case, it also depends on the level. Most are from 0.0200% to 0.0400%, although it will depend on the amount.

In addition to this, you also have other types of futures, in this case COIN-Monly with a different type of commission, in which it perro vary from 0.0100% to 0.0500%, the same as the previous one, it will depend on the amount.

Cross Collateral Interest

He Cross Collateral Interest It is a bit more advanced, especially for people who move with greater precision within the Binance wallet.

Liquid Swap Fee

Liquid Swap Fee is another option we have. Like the previous ones, it has a percentage range that varies depending on the case, depending on the quantity.


Another of the options that we have is P2P, which is quite good because it is at zero percent by the platform. Is about exchanges between people in a very fast and automated way.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

In addition to these types of trading commissions, we also have deposit and withdrawal fees. We have so much deposit, which are to receive; as well as those of withdrawal, which would be those of sending to another wallet or to another account.

cryptocurrency fees

The cryptocurrency fees, will vary depending on the type of crypto. They will be different from each other. The minimum is usually quite low, although it also varies a lot. What you will be able to vea is that most of the commissions for deposit it’s practically free.

However, as to the withdrawal feewhich would be generated to a bank or to another wallet, the commissions also vary depending on the cryptocurrency.


In addition to the cryptocurrency feesyou also have those of Fiat. In this case, it would be when you want to make a deposit within the same Binance platform in Euro currency or any other type, and even to your own bank account.

The commissions for deposit They will also vary depending on the case, some are from 0, up to 2.50 or maybe more, although usually it is not much. Likewise, the withdrawal fees They will also be as the case may be.

In some cases you will see that it indicates that it is not available, which means that the option is not available for a certain currency. The percentage will tell you exclusively for the currency that is available.

The most common is that the commissions are higher for withdrawals than for deposits, although this is not always the case, especially in Fiatunlike cryptocurrencies that usually charge more to withdraw than to entrar.

Convert and OTC portal

Another important thing is to convert one currency to another, important in case you want to withdraw. To do this you must select trading in the top bar, from there a list of options will be displayed, among them, Convertthis being the one you must access.

The most important thing that you understand is that this procedure is free of commissions, you perro do it from this section that we indicate.

Vídeo tutorial on Binance fees in 2023

If you have any doubts or in the same way you expect an audiovisual explanation of what and how the Binance commissions are in 2023, we leave you with a vídeo tutorial of all the existing ones on the platform.

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 All about Binance fees
  All about Binance fees
  All about Binance fees

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