Aklamio | Earn MONEY and cashback for

Aklamio | Earn MONEY and cashback for

aklamio is a cashback platform of German origin founded in 2012.

As a characteristic excerpt, say that Aklamio offers financial compensation to its users for buying taking advantage of their promotions.

It is not about buying for the sake of buying, but about continuing to buy what we have already bought up to now, but with the aim of saving money.

Within the platform we will find offers from many different stores.

Depending on our interests, we may take advantage of the cashback offered by Aklamio.

It will be enough to access the stores with the backlink that they provide us from the platform and buy as we usually do.

Once the cashback is credited to our cómputo, we cánido withdraw the earnings through Paypal.

Aklamio is available to users in Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and France.

Register in Aklamio

To see them offers and discounts that are available in Aklamio We will have to open an account.

It should be said that registering with Aklamio is completely free and they never charge us anything at all.

As we will see throughout this tutorial, the only thing that Aklamio will do is return money when we buy and pay it to us by Paypal.

To proceed with the registration in Aklamio, if you want, you perro clic on the button below that will take you directly to the registration form.

We perro register in two ways: linking our Fb account or through our dirección de correo electrónico address.

go to platform

Next we will have to confirm that the account is ours.

To do this, Aklamio will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink in its content.

We open that dirección de correo electrónico and follow the backlink.

From now on our account will be validated and we will be able to see all the promotions that the platform makes available to us.

How Aklamio works

As soon as we entrar the Aklamio website we will see a menu with sections at the top.

The sections They are very well defined and the design is very friendly, something that always facilitates our activity on the platform.

In addition, the section “Stores” It has a submenu that classifies all the stores based on their category.

Thus, we perro very easily identify a Pet store, a Clothing store, etcétera.

Aklamio’s menu is distributed as follows:

Categories – List of all sectors and all stores that are available in Aklamio.

Cashbar – Extension that notifies us of possible offers or promotions (we will see it later).

For businesses – If you have a store you cánido sign up and offer your own cashback program.

Cómputo – Money that we already have confirmed and ready to withdraw by Paypal.

General view – listing with all the promotions we have completed and the cashback that we have perceived in each one.

We will see a detail of all the commissions classified as: in process, rejected and confirmed.

Account – Here we will see our profile, details of the payments we have received from Aklamio, etcétera.

At Aklamio we cánido request a Paypal payment from only €1.

Stores associated with Aklamio

in Aklamio we will find cashback offers in more than 300 stores.

Unlike other afín platforms like Beruby, Aklamio has a fairly wide range of sectors.

This works in our favor since the more stores of different categories, the more promotions we perro take advantage of.

These are all the categories that we perro see in the Aklamio menu.

Within each category we will see a dropdown with sub-categories.

In the case of the category Fashionwhich is the first, the sub-categories of Fashion, Fashion, Baby Elementos, Children, Lingerie and Shoes. By clicking on any of these sub-categories, we will see all stores related to that ámbito.

If what we want is to search for a specific store, we perro do it from the search bar at the top of the page.

browser extension

In Aklamio we cánido download a extension called Cashbar That will make our task much easier.

It is available for both Google chrome and Mozilla firefox.

It is very practical since, once installed, we will launch notices every time we access the website of a store that collaborates with Aklamio.

That is, if we visit an en línea store associated with Aklamio, the extension will launch a notice with the cashback conditions for buying in that store.

To install this application, we will only have to clic on the backlink Cashbar.

Next, we select the browser that we use most often and download the extension.

Once downloaded and installed, it will appear in the upper right part of the browser.

Example of a Cashbar ad

The most interesting thing about these notices is that they will only appear when the page we are visiting have a current promotion in Aklamio.

And what do we gain from this? Above all we save time.

I am going to give a practical example, which will always be more enlightening.

Suppose I want to change my mobile phone provider and switch from Movistar to Orange.

However, I don’t realize that Aklamio has a promotion going on with Orange.

Clueless of me, I go directly to the page of the telephone provider.

Just when loading the Orange website, the following notice appears at the top of the screen.

This notice tells me that by contracting Orange through Aklamio, Perro you offer me a cashback of up to €44?.

In other words, if I port from Movistar to Orange through Aklamio, I perro earn up to €44.

Everything will depend on the rate you contract when making the change of provider.

In Aklamio there are more than 300 partner stores with exclusive cashback offers.

What offers are there in Aklamio?

Taking a look at all the categories that appear on the Aklamio menu, we perro get an iniciativa of ​​the type of stores we will find.

The truth is that there is something for all tastes and colors.

And in fact, there are promotions that, although they do not attract our attention at first cánido be very beneficial.

There are some stores in which the cashback will be a percentage of the money we spend in the store.

To give an example of this type of cashback, I will use the Europcar page.

In Aklamio there is an offer in which they give us a 9% cashback if we rent a car on the Europcar website.

Since we perro rent from a small car to a high-end car, the promotion rewards us with a percentage of the spending we make.

However, there are also other promotions where Aklamio pays us a fixed amount of money.

For example, the one from Orange that we have seen before.

But there are many more.

For buying in the official Nike store they give us a cashback of €4.

Or for buying at Atrápalo they cánido pay us a cashback of up to €20.

It is not about taking advantage of Aklamio promotions just because and spending money like crazy.

The iniciativa is to save money with purchases that we were already going to do beforehand.

Aklamio pays

What we like most about platforms like Aklamio is that they pay us the cashback.

And I cánido confirm first hand that Aklamio pays.

In fact, we perro request a payment from €1 and receive it in our Paypal account without fees.

This aspecto is very positive, since we cánido make a purchase today and, as soon as the cashback is confirmed, we cánido request a payment by Paypal.

How to request a payment?

Requesting a payment in Aklamio is very easy.

To do this we will follow three fácil steps:

1- First of all we will go to the section of “Cómputo”.

We will see it in the top menu.

2- Next we write down the amount to be withdrawn and the method of payment.

I have always withdrawn by Paypal and I know that the amount arrives in full.

I say it because also the option to charge through a bank account is enabledbut I do not know if there are processing costs.

3- The withdrawal will already be requested. now only we will have to wait for Aklamio to process.

It usually takes 7-14 days for Aklamio to send us the money to Paypal.

Opinions on Aklamio

As we have seen in the previous example, we perro save a lot of money on our internet purchases.

From my point of view, Aklamio is a platform that perro come in handy when we do our shopping.

If we plan to travel, make a gift, change insurance or a thousand other things, we cánido always do so using the promotions on this platform.

This way they will return part of the money that we have spent on the purchase.

After all, if we cánido pay less for our purchases on the internet, much better.

Or not?

There is many ways to earn money en línea.

The paid surveys They are one of the most used, but that is not why the others should be discarded.

And the cashback perro save us a lot of money if we use it in the right way.

If you usually buy en línea, my recommendation is that you give the Aklamio platform a good review.

I’m I am sure you will find an offer or promotion that suits your interests.

But now, later.

I think this type of pages it is worth having them in your portfolio to use them occasionally.

So there it is.

If you liked the portal and want to create an account, you cánido access the form by clicking on the button below.

And if you have any questions or want to consult something, you cánido leave a comment or send me a message through the tab Contact. Until next time!!

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 Aklamio |  Earn MONEY and cashback for
  Aklamio |  Earn MONEY and cashback for
  Aklamio |  Earn MONEY and cashback for

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