Airtm » What is it and how does it work? Processor

Airtm » What is it and how does it work? Processor

Airtm is a electronic payment processor that gives you the possibility to change dollars or euros to your local currency in a fácil way.

The payment processor airtm It is very useful for those users whose local currency loses a lot of value with respect to the dollar.

Airtm is a legally registered company that has been operating since 2015.

With the payment processor airtm You perro have an en línea account in dollars as if you were in the United States.

On this platform you cánido deposit, send and withdraw money using a variety of forms.

Airtm allows you to withdraw your money through PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, among many other ways.

Airtm offers the possibility of send and receive money safelyexchange cryptocurrencies for hundreds of currencies, “freeze” the cómputo in dollars so as not to lose purchasing power, and even earn money by recommending the platform to other users.

Any usuario cánido register for free and immediately, with the possibility of obtaining a $1 welcome plus.

Airtm Basics

platform management Airtm has been operating since the year 2015.

Languages English and Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido use the platform.

Activity Payment processor.

Registration and first steps in Airtm


Registering with Airtm is free and easy, and you perro do it by clicking here.

When entering you must choose if you are an individual or a company, complete the data, accept the terms and continue with the registration.

In case they send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, then you make the confirmation from your correo electrónico.

Registration Form

You perro register in the payment processor airtm from the following backlink: Go to Airtm.

First steps

After registration you must entrar the section “settings”, where you perro make the different configurations of your account.

In this section you perro configure your profile data, verify your account, manage your account security, and equipo up your payment methods.

These options will be presented below:

Profile: This section allows you to complete the general information of your account.

Check: Here you cánido perform another verification of your account, this so that you do not have money limits to work on your account.

To verify you must entrar the “Verify now” section and follow the steps indicated.

Security: In this section you perro add security to your account, such as two-aspecto authentication.

Payment methods: With this option you cánido configure all the payment methods with which you are going to work in your Airtm account.

How does Airtm work?

Airtm is a payment processor that allows to carry out different types of transactions with respect to Internet payments.

The Airtm payment processor cánido allow you send and receive payments from anywhere in the world with really low commissions.

The Airtm wallet offers its services to businesses, developers, NGOs, non-profit organizations and individuals.

As a usuario you cánido use this platform for the sending and receiving money worldwide.

This payment processor has the ability to transfer your money in euros or dollars to the local currency of your country.

By being registered with this payment processor you will be able to send and receive payments to and from anywhere in the world.

With the Airtm payment processor you will be able to deposit cómputo in your account, withdraw cómputo from your account, send payments to other users and receive payments from other users.

One of the best features is that you will be able to withdraw cómputo from your Airtm account to your local bank, which you cánido withdraw from the bank or from ATMs.

ATMs at Airtm

Airtm serves as an intermediary between the users of the platform and the cashiers.

Cashiers are Airtm verified and endorsed users who have funds in different payment processors and cánido exchange cómputo in several currencies.

As an Airtm cashier you will be able to access the advanced dashboard, and for this it is necessary to meet several requirements.

Requirements to be a cashier

In order to be a cashier at Airtm it is necessary to meet 3 requirements:

  • Be a verified member
  • Have a minimum of 3 successfully completed deposits or withdrawals.
  • Have an average rating of more than 4 stars.

With access to Advanced panel (cashier) You will be able to accept deposit and withdrawal requests from other users.

By accepting any request you will be responsible for ensuring that the another usuario acquires a good experience completing the transaction.

In exchange for providing this service to Airtm you will be rewarded with a commission for each transaction you complete.

Operations in the Airtm payment processor

The Airtm platform allows you to carry out a equipo of operations designed to work with the transactions that perro be made in this electronic wallet.

The various operations that you cánido work with in Airtm will be presented below:

Add funds to your account

you have the possibility of add funds to your account in different ways, such as: Paypal, local bank, Uphold, among many other options to add cómputo to your Airtm account.

For add funds You must entrar the “Funding/Withdrawing/Funding” section, select the deposit method and follow the steps to add funds to your Airtm payment processor account.

Withdraw funds from your account

you have the possibility of withdraw funds from your account in different ways, such as: Paypal, local bank, Uphold, among many other options to withdraw cómputo from your Airtm account.

For withdraw backgroundYou must entrar the “Fund / Withdraw / Withdraw” section, select the withdrawal method and follow the steps to withdraw funds from your Airtm payment processor account.

Send money to other users

He purse airtm allows you to send money from your Airtm account to other users, where you will have different ways to do it.

For send money to other users First you must add funds to your account, and once you have these funds you must entrar the “Send/Request/Send” section.

Here you will have the necessary instructions to send money.

Request money from other users

The Airtm wallet allows you ask for money other users to send you cómputo to your Airtm account, where you must indicate the necessary data to achieve it.

To achieve this you must entrar the “Send/Request/Request” section, complete the data and follow the steps indicated for this.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies using Airtm

He payment processor airtm allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

As users you will have the ability to buy cryptocurrencies using your cómputo of airtm, so before doing so you have to be sure you have available cómputo; and as a usuario you cánido sell cryptocurrencies in an easy and fácil way.

For buy or sell cryptocurrency Using the Airtm payment processor you must entrar the “Crypto” section, where you will have the section to buy and sell cryptocurrencies separately.

You just have to select what you want to do and follow the steps to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Referral system in Airtm

Payment processor Airtm has a direct referral system, with which you cánido get bonuses.

For each person you invite who completes 3 transactions as a verified usuario, you will receive $2.00 AirUSD and your guest will receive $1.00 AirUSD.

This money will be added to your account cómputo.

You perro find your referrals and your referral ink in the “Home” section.

Here you will see the different statistics of your account regarding referrals.

You perro use your referral backlink to attract people to the platform.

Is Airtm safe and reliable?

A good measure of security to highlight is the association of AirTM with IdentityMind Global in order to meet the needs of the KYC (Know Your Client), sanctions, transaction monitoring and prevention of possible fraud.

The AirTM system and operation is based on a relationship of trust between users, ATMs and vice versa.

To protect the operation of this way of working, it is necessary to generate trust and ensure that the network is free of any type of activity criminal and illegal.

For this reason, each member must go through a KYC process and a meticulous process of monitoring and tracking their transactions in the event of any suspicion.


AirTM is a great solution for anyone who wants to change cómputo between processors.

Regardless of whether they are Mexican pesos, Venezuelan bolívares or any other, AirTM is committed to helping users have access to a systemwhere it is allowed to store in dollars so as not to lose value and withdraw when necessary in a very very fácil way.

Its ease of use and low commissions that are applied to its transactions have made of AirTM one of the main platforms in recent years that has become a benchmark among the public Spanish-speaking.

No matter where you live, in a few minutes you cánido deposit, withdraw and send money using the more than 200 different payment methods available.

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 Airtm » What is it and how does it work?  Processor
  Airtm » What is it and how does it work?  Processor
  Airtm » What is it and how does it work?  Processor

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