airtm | Exchange and send MONEY and CRYPTO

airtm | Exchange and send MONEY and CRYPTO

airtm is a currency exchange platform that allows us to exchange money between processors.

belongs to the company Airtm Inc. and has been operational since 2015.

Since then, it has become one of the most used payment methods by users around the world.

The most interesting thing about Airtm is that we perro exchange any currency for another from anywhere on the planet.

Using the payment method that suits us best.

Perro you imagine exchanging dollars for bolivars, euros for litecoin or bitcoin for dogecoin in the same place.

Well, now we cánido send, receive or make exchanges of this style thanks to Airtm.

What is AirTM?

The easiest way to define the activity that Airtm performs is the intermediary between users.

In other words, to date, except for a few rare cases, the majority of payment processors that we know of played the role of money receivers.

Basically they are dedicated to saving the profits that we obtain in PTC sites, faucets, paid survey portals, etcétera.

However, in Airtm the concept is a little different.

How useful is Airtm and operational

In addition to saving our money, we perro carry out very interesting operations with our cómputo:

send remittances → With Airtm it is possible send money to family or friends abroad.

Manage our cómputo → With our money we cánido do what we want at any time.

Redeem money for Gift Cards Another option is to exchange our money for Amazon gift cards or other trade.

Or vice versa, exchange Gift Card for money.

receive payments In our world, we perro receive payments from neobux through Airtm, but it perro also be applied to charge our customers if we are a company.

protect us from inflation Airtm has its own currency (AirUSD).

There is the option to exchange our local currency for AirUSD and thus avoid the possible loss of value of our money.

get cryptocurrencies At Dineroworld we work with various free systems to earn small fractions of cryptocurrencies, but if we want, we perro acquire Bitcon, Litecoin or Dogecoin with the money in our cómputo.

request withdrawals On this platform we perro request withdrawals from almost all processors, cryptocurrency wallets or banks around the world.

inviting our friends Airtm will reward us with 2 AirUSD for each friend who register to the platform from our backlink and make your first operationno.

Besides, our guest will also win 1 AirUSD.

How Airtm works

Airtm registration It is completely free and does not carry any type of fee.

The only fees that we will pay will be, if applicable, those resulting from the transactions that we carry out.

To register, you cánido follow the backlink below, which will take you to the processor registration form.

Remember that when you process your first operation, you will be assigned 1 AirUSD in your cómputo as a reward.

If a person registers directly from the processor (without it being through the recommendation of a member) will not receive the prize of 1 AirUSD.

Create my FREE account and earn 1 AirUSD

After completing the form, we will receive an correo electrónico to confirm the account.

Then we perro access and take a first look at the Dashboard and the Airtm menu.

As a note, say that sometimes the web loads very slow for me.

If the same thing happens to you, don’t worry.

It is habitual”.

Airtm has its own currency, the value of which is approximately 1 AirUSD = 1$.


The Airtm menu is made up of four main sections:

Settings › In this tab we cánido add or change any means of payment that we are going to use. we cánido also improve account security verifying our identity with the mobile, etcétera.

Cryptocurrencies › From here we cánido invest in cryptocurrencies, but there is a caveat: we cannot withdraw those cryptocurrencies.

To do this, we will have to sell the BTC for AirUSD previously.

Board > Overview of our funds, transactions made and shortcuts to add funds, withdraw funds or send money to another Airtm usuario.

Personal profile From this section we perro modify our data, invite other friends or review all the information contained in the FAQ.

Deposit, send and withdraw money to Airtm

Taking the Airtm Dashboard as a reference, we are going to see the three operations that we perro perform from this section.

As shown in the following screenshot, there are three possibilities: deposit funds, withdraw money that we have in the cómputo and send money to another person.

To perform the first two operations the intervention of an “Airtm cashier” will be necessary, which as we will see later, are those people who make their money available to carry out the transactions.

The process is very afín in both operations:

» First of all we access the corresponding operation (add or withdraw funds).

» Next, a form will appear with all the deposit and withdrawal methods that we cánido use.

We entrar the amount of money, the processor and clic on “send request”.

» By default, the system will search for a colleague (cashier) to process our request.

When he accepts it, Airtm will provide us with his data.

Subsequently, we will have to send the money to your account through the processor that we have selected in the previous point.

In other words, if we have selected to add $60 in Airtm through Payeer, we will have to send those $60 to the account that the cashier has in Payeer.

» Finally, as soon as the colleague verifies that we have sent the money satisfactorily (in this case to payer), We will entrar the resulting amount in our Airtm cómputo.

Any movement of money that occurs in Airtm is between users.

Both to deposit money and to withdraw it.

As for the operation to send money to another Airtm usuario, it will be enough to know their correo electrónico address and write down the exact amount.

The money will arrive in your account immediately.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

From the Airtm Dashboard we cánido add dollars through Payeer and withdraw them in BTC to our wallet.

To cite an example.

Or add funds in Dogecoin and withdraw the equivalent amount to our bank account in euros.

However, the cryptocurrency section has nothing to do with it.

It is a separate section and works in a different way.

The most important thing is that in this section we cánido only buy or sell cryptocurrencies with the money we have in our AirUSD cómputo.

That is, continuing with the previous example, suppose I deposit $60 in my Airtm account with Payeer.

Since the value of 1 AirUSD is $1 and the commission applied for this operation is 0.30 AirUSD, 59.70 AirUSD would arrive clean.

Money that you could use to invest in cryptocurrencies.

It is essential to acquire these cryptocurrencies at a low price in order to sell them at a higher price.

And so make a profit.

Otherwise, we will lose money, since to withdraw we will need, yes or yes, to transfer those cryptocurrencies to AirUSD.

In no case perro we send these cryptocurrencies to our wallet.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

How to be a cashier at Airtm and earn money plus

We have talked about the figure of the ATM in Airtm from the point of view of a usuario who wants to use the processor to carry out their exchanges or send remittances to other people.

However, also there is a oportunidad to earn money by taking the role of cashier.

In order for some users to carry out a cómputo exchange, it is essential that there is another party that lends their money to the processor.

And thus close the circle being able to process the requests.

But how does a cashier make money in Airtm? As usually happens in any cómputo exchange, there are always a series of commissions derived from the transaction itself.

In Airtm this commission also exists, but it is distributed between the processor itself and the cashier.

In this way, they manage to keep the Airtm page en línea and compensate users who act as cashiers by lending their money.

Requirements to be a cashier

AND what should we do to be a cashier? Not everyone cánido take that role.

To be eligible, we will have to meet two requirements:

✅ Process a minimum of 10 operations as a client, either adding or withdrawing funds.

✅ Obtain a score equal to or greater than 4 stars in each of those transactions.

These scores are assigned to us by cashiers.

And we, for our part, perro also value your service.

When we meet these two conditions, a button will be activated on the Dashboard with the text “Become a Cashier”.

To end the process, we will clic on that button, we will answer the questions that we are asked and we will become part of a selection process by Airtm.

After analyzing our profile, the administration will contact us to tell us what their decision has been.

Main features of Airtm

There are some personal considerations that I want to highlight about the Airtm payment processor.

There they go:

From my point of view, it is very positive that we cánido carry out operations with the currency we want, from the country we want and using the payment processor we want.

I have exchanged on many platforms and Airtm is the one I see with the most potential.

It has a large and diverse customer base.

Also, sites like Neobux have started working with this gateway to pay their users.

And those that will come… That adds value to the platform.

When we add or withdraw funds to Airtm, the operation is not immediate.

When opening the application, the system has to find a partner and this process cánido take a few hours.

The exchange rate applied by Airtm in each operation may vary.

This aspecto will always depend on the currency, its market value, the payment processor, etcétera.

On a personal note, I perro say that compared to other exchanges, the commissions that this platform applies are very reasonable.

In fact, from now on it will be an essential tool for me when exchanging dollars for cryptocurrencies.

For each friend who joins Airtm with our backlink and made an operation they will credit us 2 AirUSD.

In turn, he will earn 1 AirUSD for signing up with us.

Airtm Reviews

airtm no it is just a mere payment processor to use.

In my case, it has been and will be very useful to exchange dollars for cryptocurrencies.

But we perro carry out any type of operation with currencies.

An example It refers to the sending of money remittances.

Now we perro send money to a person who is in the other part of the world with the added value that it will arrive instantly.

Or what about the fact of being able to change dollars to our local currency.

In Spain it is a minor problem, since we perro solve it using Paypal.

But in certain South American countries such as Venezuela, these exchanges are not so fácil.

Or rather, they weren’t… With Airtm it’s very easy!!

I hope that today’s tutorial has served to better understand Airtm and know how to use their services.

If there is any doubt, you have the comments at your disposal to ask everything you need.

I will be happy to give you a cable.

For my part nothing else.

Just a big thank you to everyone who used my referral backlink to sign up for Airtm.

Thanks to that gesture I will earn 2 AirUSD, so what I said.

Thank you and see you next time!!

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All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 airtm |  Exchange and send MONEY and CRYPTO 
  airtm |  Exchange and send MONEY and CRYPTO 
  airtm |  Exchange and send MONEY and CRYPTO

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