AirTM Commissions | What you need to know about

AirTM Commissions | What you need to know about

Learn all about commissions at AirTM. We espectáculo you a list with the most common commissions on the platform and their variations depending on the transactions you make.

AirTM is one of the most habitual payment processors today. This exchange has almost all the most habitual virtual wallets on the web, such as Paypal, Skrill, Payeer and others.

In addition, the platform is found in more than 163 countriesallowing us to make transactions in dollars from different national banks.

Another reason why it is habitual is that it charges a really low commission rate compared to other virtual wallets. Although the commission may vary, depending on the payment processor we use and the amount of the transaction.

The habitual thing is that we want to know the percentage to pay to choose the processor that best suits us.

But it’s amazing that there is so little information on the web about AirTM fees. And if there are, they are usually confusing. So we have prepared a articulo where we will talk in more detail about the commissions in AirTM.

What is AirTM?

AirTM is a virtual wallet to save or make transactions in dollars. It belongs to the category of exchangerbecause it allows us to make changes between different virtual wallets such as: Paypal, Uphold, Skrill, Payza, Neteller and others afín.

We perro also exchange money between national currencies such as euros, Mexican pesos, and Venezuelan bolivars. Another important feature of this exchanger is that it will allow us change cryptocurrencies to other currencies in a fácil way.

AirTM emplees the teller method to make transactions between users more secure. Cashiers are verified users who will help you complete the transaction in the currency of your choice. AirTM does not release money until both parties have confirmed the transaction.

So it is a secure platform. If you would like to learn more about this exchanger, see our articulo about AirTM.

AirTM Commissions

The main thing you should know is that AirTM charges a fixed commission of $0.40 (formerly $0.30) for each funding or withdrawal you make. Then, each payment processor has its own commission percentage.

There are other transactions that are completely free such as:

  • Send money to other users.
  • Register, buy and sell bitcoin.

And for users who create ads for Bitcoins with LocalBitcoins a discount is 1% of the full amount.

In the following table, we present the commission percentage, depending on the payment processor you use.

payment processor Commissions for Funding Commissions for making withdrawals
PayPal 15% to 18.5% or $0.15 to $0.19 per $1 2% or $0.02 for every $1
Uphold 3% or $0.03 for every $1 4% or $0.004 for every $1
Neteller 5% or $0.05 for every $1 5% or $0.5 for every $1
Skrill 8% or $0.08 for every $1 4% or $0.004 for every $1
payer 4.5% or $0.045 for every $1 3% or %0.003 for every $1
Payoneer 6% or $0.06 for every $1 5% or $0.005 for every $1

In processors like Paypal, the commissions become higher because Paypal’s commissions are also included. With this virtual wallet, the commission usually varies in amounts less than $10 (between 15% and 17%). After that, a fixed percentage of 18.5% is established.

To all these commissions, the fixed amount of $0.40 is added. For example, if you want to receive $10 in AirTM from Paypal, you will have to pay $1.85 (18.5%) agregado the flat fee of $0.40 (a total of $2.25). You would end up sending $12.25 for $10. This is how the AirTM calculator indicates:

You perro find out for yourself how much commission you are really going to pay. Go to the bottom of the fund or withdraw screen, where you will find the option to “See rate details”. There you will see all the details of the commissions.

Another way to know the commissions is by going directly to the “Fund” or “Withdraw” window. To the right side of each payment processor, you will be told the percentage of commission that you must pay for each dollar.

With respect to transactions with national banks, the commissions will depend on each country and each currency. In general, the commissions are already included in the rate that you must pay for each dollar that you introduce to the platform. Another thing is that the funding rate is always higher than the withdrawal rate.

How to send money with this processor

Sending money on AirTM is a fácil process and perro be completed in just a few minutes. These are the steps you must follow:

  • Before sending money to another usuario, make sure you have money in your AirTM account. For this, you must clic on the “fund” option and complete the entire process.
  • Once you have money in your account, clic on the option: “Send/Request”.
  • Once there you must entrar the dirección de correo electrónico or nombre de usuario of the recipient of the money. Indicate the amount of money you want to send, an equivalent in your local currency will appear on one side. If you want, you cánido add a note. Then you clic send and voila, the transaction has been completed.

You perro learn more about this process by looking at our articulo on how to send money on AirTM. Finally, remember that for this type of transaction you will not have to pay any commission.

How to earn more money on AirTM

But AirTM will not only allow us to save money in dollars (which is already a profit in countries like Venezuela whose currency is constantly devaluing). It also offers two ways for us to earn money:

AirTM and its referral system

AirTM will give us a profit for inviting our friends to the platform.

For each referral that registers with our backlink and completes 3 funds of at least $5, we will receive $3 AirUSD while our guests will be rewarded with $2 free.

We have also prepared a articulo with everything about the AirTM referral system.

How to be a cashier at AirTM

working as a cashier is the best way to earn money on AirTM. Your task as a cashier will be to help other users to complete their transactions.

To be a cashier you must have the advanced dashboard activated. This is achieved by having your account verified, completing 7 funding or withdrawals and following other steps, such as those indicated in the following articulo: how to be an AirTM ATM.

Earnings will depend on the payment method you use. Typically, you will earn $1 for every $20 transaction.

AirTM Reviews

These variations is precisely what has made the issue of AirTM commissions seem confusing to many users. However, once you start engaging with the platform, the percentages and the fixed amount will be a piece of cake.

In case you still have too much trouble, you perro still use the automatic airTM calculator. Indicate the amount you want to send or receive and you will know how much commission you will have to pay.

AirTM is an excellent platform to save money in dollars and make transactions between virtual wallets or from national banks. But some transactions are not advantageous, such as those with Paypal, since you will lose a lot of money in commissions (unless you work as a cashier, where it is the opposite, you will have more profits). But most commissions are relatively acceptable.

And that’s as far as we have come with this articulo about AirTM commissions. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and we will help you answer it.

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 AirTM Commissions |  What you need to know about
  AirTM Commissions |  What you need to know about
  AirTM Commissions |  What you need to know about

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