AirHelp Review: Perro You Trust Them?

AirHelp Review: Perro You Trust Them?

Ah, Europe… the land of flourishing cultures, mouth-watering food, rich history, divine architecture, jaw-dropping art and laid-back living.

There is nothing like it.

And almost anywhere on this continent, from the sunny Mediterranean to the deserted shores of Eastern Europe, is a dream destination.

Whether you’re strolling through the magical Christmas markets, socializing on a Contiki tour, or embarking on a baguette-fueled backpacking adventure, Europe is brimming with opportunity.

Making your way usually involves a series of flights, trains, autobuses, and taxis, and sometimes transportation perro take things to a whole new level, though.

Getting stuck, like a sardine, in a crowded airport is the last thing you need, especially before, during or after your dream vacation.

This is where Berlin-based AirHelp comes in.

Whether you’re dealing with a delayed, overbooked or canceled flight, AirHelp claims they perro help you get flight compensation.

Let’s take a look to see if that’s the case.

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What is AirHelp?

Coined as the world’s largest flight compensation claims company, AirHelp is committed to passenger rights.

Initially founded in 2013, the company has expanded rapidly, now working with law firms in more than 30 countries and 16 languages.

Their sole objective is to help air passengers with the air compensation process, making it easier, faster and simpler.

What situations perro AirHelp deal with?

Not sure when or if you are due flight compensation? The crazy thing is that you often are, but the airline is unlikely to tell you.

Here are some situations where you perro claim with or without the help of AirHelp.

  • Canceled flights
  • If your flight was canceled with almost no notice, you cánido claim up to $700 of flight compensation + your refund.
  • Flight delays
  • If you had to wait more than 3 hours for a flight that was delayed, you may be able to claim up to $700 in compensation.
  • lost connections
  • If you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late, you could claim compensation.
  • Non-cooperative airlines
  • If the airline has rejected or ignored your claim, AirHelp cánido help you check and process the claim for you.

What are air passenger rights?

Put on your goggles because we’re about to dive.

Air passenger rights are laws that protect travelers and offer compensation in case things go wrong.

The specific situation varies from country to country.

In especial, Europe’s 261 community laws are known for their generous compensation conditions.

Most people have no iniciativa they have rights, so AirHelp breaks down the specific laws in an easy-to-read way.

Let’s face it, things cánido go wrong when you travel, so a company like AirHelp perro help take some of the stress off your plate.

What is AirHelp Agregado?

AirHelp Agregado is a prepaid service that offers various benefits for air passengers, as well as access to all AirHelp services.

There are two different AirHelp Agregado subscription levels.


Cost: €19.99 per year/€1.66 per month.


  • Compensation claims up to €600.
  • Claims for expenses up to €6,000.
  • Baggage claims up to €1,400.
  • Assistance with flight refunds.
  • Live chat support.


Cost: €49.99 per year/€4.16 per month.


  • All the benefits of AirHelp Agregado Essential.
  • Access to the airport lounge: a free coupon when a flight is delayed more than 1 hour or a flight is canceled less than 6 hours before.
  • Range of lounge amenities included in the price of admission.

How does AirHelp work?

When you’ve got your suitcase packed, travel mode on (in your mind), and your tiques are booked for an upcoming trip abroad, simply entrar your flight details.

AirHelp will notify you of any delays and associated compensation that you may claim.

All the features are nice and stylish, especially for someone who travels a lot! And with an affordable price, AirHelp Agregado could honestly be a stellar option for seasoned travelers and budget-minded backpackers.

What is the AirHelp score?

The AirHelp Score is another advantage of using the platform.

It is a global top system that rates the best airlines in the business based on reliability and customer service.

You cánido compare which airlines have the best service, fly on time, and offer air passengers a fair deal if something unexpected happens.

Here are some of the highest-scoring airlines based on passenger experience:

How does AirHelp compare to Priority Pass and LoungeBuddy?

To put it directly, AirHelp is primarily focused on helping with flight compensation claims.

While AirHelp membership includes some lounge benefits, the services focus on delays and other unexpected flight-related issues.

On the other hand, Priority Pass and LoungeBuddy are ideal options if you are a frequent traveler and love to hang out in airport lounges no matter your flight status.

By offering exclusive lounge access at a more affordable price, these sites offer high-end experiences.

But they are not necessarily essential for everyone.

Is AirHelp worth it?

Yes, I think AirHelp is worth it, especially if you are a frequent flyer.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler, a savvy backpacker, or even a regular globetrotter, it’s important to know that you cánido recover money from airline and airport-related mishaps.

AirHelp also makes it easy to access information on air passenger rights, pretty much doing all the hard work for you.

You cánido take the unwanted stress out of researching and filing a claim, following up and everything else.

If you get stuck in an airport for a few hours or have to deal with a canceled flight, AirHelp perro help you get compensation.

Or even hook it up with lounge access to make lingering more enjoyable.

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 AirHelp Review: Perro You Trust Them?
  AirHelp Review: Perro You Trust Them?
  AirHelp Review: Perro You Trust Them?

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