AirDrips pays

AirDrips pays

Good morning friends!!, I bring you my first BitcoinCash payment.

I have verified that AirDrips pays.

Airdrips is the new name of Digital Artist En línea, a faucet platform with which we earned bicoins.

You cánido read the articulo of the change here.

If you don’t want to read it, I summarize it:They changed their name and also their payment methodbe supposed to it was for all the feeds that charged the platform to pay users in Bitcoin.

For this reason they changed the name and method of payment.

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Definitely, AirDrips is the best option to earn BitcoinCash of the moment.

A faucet in which you perro claim your satoshis (in both bitcoin it is the millionth part) every five or ten minutes.

Some time ago I wrote a articulo commenting on how Digital Artist En línea works, which you perro read here.

If you want to register, I leave you in this box the backlink, as always free.

Don’t hesitate anymore, the BitcoinCash is the second most important cryptocurrencyafter its older brother Bitcoin.

He I received payment in about 48 hourswhich is very good.

I have received it by Coinbasepossibly one of the best wallets for various cryptocurrencies that currently exist.

You cánido see how it works here.

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Without further ado, I put the proof of payment.

The amount is really not very large, especially due to the drop in cryptocurrencies.

But the question is not what is worth nowsince BitcoinCash (BCH) is trading at just over $1,000.

The question is what it cánido be worth in a few monthsLet’s never forget the rush bitcoin had last year.


Well friends, here is today’s articulo, I hope you have been encouraged to register in AirDrips, if you were not before.

remember that This is the best faucet to have BitcoinCash, the little brother of Bitcoin.

Don’t think about it anymore register through the following banner.

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 AirDrips pays
  AirDrips pays
  AirDrips pays

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