Affiliate Marketing » What is it and how

Affiliate Marketing » What is it and how

With the evolution of the Internet, new ways of marketing They are established every day, always with the aim of expanding the channels that manage to attract the attention of the consumer. What happens is that users are increasingly demanding, and the affiliate marketing land charge in such cases.

He affiliate marketing emerges as an interesting alternative for users who want to work with Internet sales, since this is a great tool for producers who want to increase advertising your products. In this presentation you will be able to understand everything related to affiliate marketing.

What’s affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy in which an individual associate with a company (mainly y también-commerce sites) to get a commission to the recommend products or services specific to that company. To be truly successful at making money with affiliate marketing there is something else.

In the case of weblogs, a blogger will become an affiliate from a selected company through an affiliate network or directly from the y también-commerce business, and you will earn money by being an affiliate by placing a backlink, button or banner within a artículo that will direct the reader to the affiliated products or services.

Emergence of Affiliate Marketing

He affiliate marketing started in the 1990s, when the Amazon company began to make the service available to anyone who wanted to promote the products of the store. All that was necessary was to create a registration base and expect affiliates They will carry out the promotion of the products to obtain a commission.

This is one business relationship in which all the participants in this process win as follows:

  • The Affiliates They manage to make their websites, weblogs and popular networks profitable, using the sale of third-party products, without having to create a product.
  • The producers They gain many distribution channels, and thus get more customers and sales.
  • Even the customerssince they have more options to search for products and make a better decision when buying.

Types of promotion in Affiliate Marketing

There are several formats that companies that provide affiliate programs. It is the responsibility of the company to use the most suitable for its product.

Each of the different Affiliate Programs that exist will be presented below:

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

In this format, the advertiser pays a fixed value to the Affiliate when the banner ad reaches thousand views. The number of impressions is equivalent to the number of page views on the blog, assuming that whoever browses a page is already being impacted by the advertising that is there.

Therefore, the cpm It is good for the affiliate who gets a lot of hits, since they will be remunerated on a recurring basis, regardless of the number of visitors who clic on the ad.

Cost per Clic (CPC)

In this type of program, affiliate gets paid per clic, that is, you get commissions every time someone clicks on the banner, pop-up, or any advertisement that is displayed on your blog, site, or popular networks. In this case, the Affiliate’s commission will depend on the performance of the advertiser’s campaign.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

In the case of cost per action, the Affiliate is commissioned if users make clic on the ad and perform some action on the landing page of the ad. These actions cánido be registering, requesting a quote or making a purchase.

In these cases, it is not enough to publish the advertisement, since the Affiliate will have to use its influence to espectáculo the Product benefits and convince visitors that this offer is good for them.

Cost Per Sale (CPV)

In this model, the Affiliate only receives remuneration when the backlink shared by said affiliate generate sales.

Channels that perro be used to promote affiliate products

In the world of affiliate marketing You cánido find different channels that allow you to promote the products of an y también-commerce company.

Below will be presented the main channels that perro be used for the promotion and sale of affiliate products:

website or blog

The best advantage of having a blog/website it is the freedom that the Affiliate has to write, in addition to the number of ways that they perro use to leave the page with the face of their audience, unlike popular networks, which have certain limitations.

have a Blog It’s also useful for multiple product reviewers, as it allows you to use visual and written arguments to persuade your readers and reinforce your authority on that especial topic.

The popular networks They are the most used channels to promote products and services, and they cánido bring good results in sales, as long as they are used correctly. The most used popular networks for this are Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Because of his powerfulare excellent channels for those who want to be recognized on the Internet.

dirección de correo electrónico marketing

The Affiliate who has a large list of correos electrónicos you have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with your leads, deliver good quality content to those people, and even convince them to make certain purchases. Is a effective strategysince you give people to understand that you are not only interested in making the sale, but in adding purchase value to them.

Most of the affiliate merchants They pay for their traffic through platforms like Fb, Google plus Adwords, and other ad networks. Be careful when promoting your affiliate backlinks on popular networks, as most of them will not accept the iniciativa of ​​you posting these backlinks. It is always better send popular traffic to your own landing page on your site.

The principles of affiliate marketing

The world of affiliate marketing is made up of a equipo of primordial principles that you perro allow yourself to be successful in this way of generating income.

Below will be described the beginning that govern affiliate marketing for its correct implementation:

1- Relevance

It is of the utmost importance that you promote products that are relevant to your audience. If you have a blog about music and you promote a beauty product, you will not arouse any interest in your visitors. By doing this you have a double risk, because you will not sell anything and you will also lose readers, so do not promote products irrelevant to your audience.

2- Credibility

You should always promote products that actually work for what they are for. destined. One of the best strategies is to promote products that you use yourself or that people you know use. It also tries recommend several classes of the same product so that your public perro have several options and escoge the one that best suits them.

3- Your own experience

To make sales when you work with affiliate marketing, you must tell people to buy a certain product because you are told to. do you recommend without any experience with the product. It is best to focus on presenting how you yourself are using this product and what is the value it has for your business.

Don’t be afraid to make the limits of a product or service known, and say clearly who it is for and who it is not for. product you are promoting. So you help people to better identify if that product suits them.

4- Not all that glitters is gold

Do not use animated banners, flash or intrusive pop-ups to promote the affiliate marketing productssince deep backlinks, those that appear naturally in a artículo, work best.

No one better than a human to optimize the natural inclusion of an affiliate backlink in a articulo, so by doing this you will see how the conversion results will increase. Do not exceed the number of backlinks that you place your entry, since a backlink above, one in the middle and one at the end are enough.

5- Conflict of interest

You need to make yourself known your conflicts of interest, be transparent and honest. With this there is no problem, on the contrary. This topic is mandatory in the United States, where the country’s regulatory body (FTC) requires bloggers to disclose potential conflicts of interest with affiliate backlinks related to the advertorials.

6- Take your time

You cánido try to make a sale with the arrival of a new visitor, or you cánido also give it content free for a while and make your offer known when you have already developed a trusting relationship with the reader. Use an autoresponder system, you will not regret being patient before you want to close a sale.

7- Create a mailing list

Although the autoresponder is good because it works automatically, it will not help you much if you have few subscribers. You need at least 1000, and if you want to multiply your income, you will need 10000.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing


The main advantages to implement affiliate marketing are described below:

  • You don’t have to create the products.
  • You do not have to support customers, as this is done by the company that markets the product.
  • Affiliate marketing allows the company to grow without risk with an external sales force.
  • An affiliate system is more efficient than advertising, since only successes are rewarded.


The main disadvantages to implement affiliate marketing are described below:

  • Customers who buy the products you promote are not your customers. you cánido’t go back to send purchase correos electrónicosmake them buy something else and create a lasting relationship using the product sold.
  • The number of promotions as an affiliate that you perro do per year is quite limited.
  • It’s not enough to put an affiliate backlink on any site, as it requires almost as much work as if you were promoting your own product.
  • You have to push the purchase and that is always much more difficult than asking someone to clic on a banner.

How do I become an affiliate?

To be a affiliate of a company You need to follow several steps necessary for you to be successful. These steps are essential to achieve good income with this marketing.

These necessary steps for a person to entrar this world will be disclosed below:

1- Select a good Affiliate Program

There are many companies that offer affiliate programs, whether physical or digital products. You should do a lot of research before choosing yours, to ensure that your work will be well rewarded. Next you will see the best affiliate programs: Go to the best affiliate programs to earn money.

2- Select the correct products to promote

The second step to becoming a successful Affiliate is choosing the products suitable for your public. It is important that you know the products well before promoting them, in order to advertise with credibility. Before joining a product, ask for information about it, evaluate the consumer score and ask the producer to send you a sample.

The more relevant and detailed the information of a product, the better scored will be. This ensures that only the best products are promoted.

3- Teach your audience the virtues of your product

If your objective with Affiliate Marketing is to obtain recurring income, you will need to teach your audience the benefits of the product you are making known. For this you perro offer materials such as libros electrónicos, negotiate with the producer a free trial serviceamong other actions.

One of the best ways to convince prospective buyers of the quality of that product is to make demonstrationsthrough webinars and other webcasts, such as stories and vídeos on Instagram and Fb.

4- Work paid advertising

The paid advertising it’s a relatively short path to reaching a large audience while working on your organic strategy. However, it is not enough to invest money in campaigns to convince Internet users to buy the product you are promoting. with the level of demand that consumers have todayads must be clear about that offer.


He affiliate marketing It is a profitable way to earn money by promoting third-party products, agregado it has many sales that make this business currency a good source of income if applicable correctly. It is important to know that you must follow the necessary guidelines for you to be successful in the world of affiliate marketing.

There are many companies on the Internet that allow you to affiliate of them in order to obtain commissions for the sale of products. It is only necessary to be an affiliate of one of these companies, correctly choose the product to promoteuse the different ways that the Internet offers to promote anything, and finally see how the commissions arrive.

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 Affiliate Marketing » What is it and how
  Affiliate Marketing » What is it and how
  Affiliate Marketing » What is it and how

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