AdvCash Guide | What is it and how it works

AdvCash Guide | What is it and how it works

advcash or also known as Advanced Cashit’s a payment processor with which we perro do our operations en línea and without the need to pay commissions!

Currently Advcash is one of the payment platforms that has the cheapest commissions to work with some of our pages to earn money and to be able to collect the earnings through their services.

This virtual wallet is not very well known but it is positioning itself very well among en línea payment processors, since it has many advantages compared to many other platforms of this type.

One of the main advantages What Advanced Cash has is that you cánido obtain a virtual or physical MasterCard card with which we perro make our purchases or request our money withdrawals.

If you want to start charging, make payments with this processor or have some cheap cards, I recommend that you register, it’s free.

It should also be noted that this platform is a very good option to do Exchange with other processors and transfer funds from Payeer, Paxum, OKPay, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Ecoin, WebMoney, or BTC.

This site is commonly used to make Bitcoin transfers since the commissions it offers us to transfer Bitcoins are 0.5% and for making withdrawals with this currency they offer a commission of 0%, that is to say…completely free!

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And as if that were not enough, on this site we cánido start trading without the need to have a verified account, acting under money limits, which if we want to exceed we will have to verify our account with a few fácil steps.


Creation date: Year 2005

Language: english and russian


withdraw money

– Internal transactions: 0%– Bitcoin: 0% (Internal exchange rate)– Payeer: 1.5% (You perro send money from Advcash to Payeer through Payeer, without any commission!)– Paxum: 0%– OkPay : 0%– PerfectMoeny: 0%– Yandex.Money : 0%– WebMoney: 3%– Transfer to Visa/MasterCard: 1%+5.99$

Deposit money

– Internal transactions: 0%– Bitcoin: 0.5% (Internal exchange rate)– Payeer: 3.9%– Paxum: 1.5%– OkPay: 1%– PerfectMoeny: 2%– Yandex.Money: 1%– Econ: 2%– WebMoney 3%– Visa/MasterCard transfer: 2.5% (the first two operations are free)

Article: Advcash Tutorial – Withdraw and charge the money to your bank card

You may be interested in knowing how to transfer your money from Advanced Cash to your bank card:

Verify Advcash Account

The account verification It helps to improve the identification of users and confirm it.

An unverified account will only be able to receive funds and make transactions with a limit of $2,500 per month.

In addition, verified users cánido make instant automated transactions.

For verify account of Advanced Cash the first thing we must do is clic on the option “Not verified” and start the verification.

Once inside the section to verify the account, we must fill out our personal profile with the data requested (It is important that the data is real) in the tab “personal information

Once we have completed our profile, we will entrar the section of “verification“and there we will go up the documents required for verification from our account:

Passport: You must attach one of these 3 documents: Passport, Identification document (DNI) or Driving license.

Address: You must attach a utility bill (electricity bill, mobile phone bill, bank receipt, etcétera.) that is no more than 3 months old.

Phone number: We must indicate a phone number to complete the last step of verifying our account.

And so the verification of our Advcash account ends, as you cánido see the steps are quite fácil, although they are also quite demanding when it comes to requesting documents.

Finally we perro configure the security settings in the option “security settings” and configure our account to have greater security.

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advcash card

With the creation of the Advanced Cash account we have the option of requesting the plastic card either Virtual MasterCard.

With few commissions to deposit and withdraw money.

The virtual card has a creation cost $1.

The plastic card has a cost of $4.99 if less than 7 days after account creationOtherwise, after those 7 days it will have a cost of $14.99. With this card you cánido withdraw money from any ATM with a commission rate of $1.99.

virtual card

  • $0 monthly fee
  • 0%of any transactionUSD
  • $10,000daily deposit limit per day
  • 2% currency exchange

plastic card

  • $0 monthly fee
  • 0%of any transactionUSD
  • $1.99withdrawals for withdrawals with dollars, $2.99 ​​other currencies
  • $90,000monthly limit ATM withdrawal
  • $3,000daily limit ATM withdrawal
  • $10,000daily deposit limit per day
  • 2% currency exchange

If you are interested in their cards you cánido read this article…

Guide on: Virtual and physical advcash card, how to activate it and be able to pay

Affiliate program

Advanced Cash has a referral program with which we cánido receive 20% of the commissions collected from our referrals.

In addition to the already mentioned advantages that this electronic wallet offers, we perro invite our friends or acquaintances and thus be able to generate these commissions, which, although they are only from the commissions charged, we cánido get some plus money.


Although this payment platform is not very well known, it perro be one of the best options when it comes to work en línea with our pagesand it is precisely

because it is not well known that it is a perfect option for its low rates in commissions when carrying out operations, in fact it is one of the platforms that will charge us the least commissions, it is a perfect option to work with this platform on the pages that work with this payment processor.

Another strong point of this site is its security system that it offers its users, which we cánido configure in the “Security Settings”.

As a main drawback, it could be noted that there are many pages that do not work with Advcash, although who knows if some will start to implement it as a payment system soon.

The final conclusion of this electronic wallet is that we cánido use its services with some commission rates very acceptable and minors than in other platforms, you cánido also exchange with other payment systems.

Frequent questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions.

We recommend that before asking in the comments section, look at this section of frequently asked questions about Advcash.

Perro I withdraw the money from Venezuela?

Yes, you cánido withdraw your money from Venezuela through a VISA or MasterCard.

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 AdvCash Guide |  What is it and how it works
  AdvCash Guide |  What is it and how it works
  AdvCash Guide |  What is it and how it works

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