ADSBitcoin: earn BTC with its extension

ADSBitcoin: earn BTC with its extension

ADSBitcoin is a new website and extension that we added for earn bitcoin from our computer, thanks to its extension for google plus and other browsers.

in the purest style bitter.iothis new page will allow us earn satoshis with a browser extension.

Like the previous one, earning satoshis is going to be very easy for us, as much as installing a free extension in our Google plus Google chrome browser and seeing the ads whenever they are available.

I personally like these types of pages (and browser extensions) a lot, because the extensions themselves tell you when you perro see the ads.

You perro see them whenever you want, or you see each ad when you see it reflected on the screen.

Well, you see them at a certain time a day (usually every 24 hours exactly).

This is one of the reasons why I have decided to promote this page and extension, the second is because of its minimum payment, which is very low, only 5,000 satoshis.

The last reason is that it is an extension with which we cánido earn bitcoins from all over the worldincluding all Latin American countries.

Now what the price of bitcoin is going up, it’s a good oportunidad to win as many free bitcoins as we perro.

How do I sign up for ADSBitcoin?

Registration is extremely fácil, you perro do it through this backlink or through the banner below.

Once this action is done, you will have to look for “sign up” and log in with the address of your bitcoin wallet or wallet.

It is a fácil and fast method, it is the one used in this type of pages.

You only need one cryptocurrency wallet to pay your benefits.

Then you will only have to put your correo electrónico for the notifications that cánido be sent to you, such as when you get new referrals or when you request and receive a payment.

With the coche-login activated you will not have to type the password every time you want to entrar, if you disconnect your account for one thing or another, you will only have to write the bitcoin address with which you have registered and entrar a code that will be sent to you to correo electrónico.

Hurry up to write that dirección de correo electrónico, as it is only valid for a few minutes.

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How ADSBitcoin works

To earn money with ADSBitcoin You will have to have the extension for Google plus Google chrome installed and thus be able to see the ads that are available.

You cánido only do it from the extension, therefore you will have to have it installed.

If you want to do it once a day, but from their website, I’m sorry to tell you that it is not possible, you will have to install the extension yes or yes and in this way you cánido see the ads from your computer.

Install the ADSBitcoin extension

As I told you, it is essential to download the extension to be able to earn bitcoin with ADSBitcoinyou perro download it from the page itself adsbitcoin.ioIf you’re too lazy, don’t worry, I’ll leave you the backlink in the lower banner.

Once this is done, you will see it next to the address bar (where you have other extensions).

You must associate it to your account with your address bitcoins and ready!!

Earn bitcoin with ADSBitcoin

The only way to earn bitcoin with ADSBitcoin is watching ads.

These ads will appear several times a day, the notifications will appear in blue, with the number of notifications and ads that we cánido see.

To earn our satoshis we only have to clic on the number and wait for a screen to open with the sponsor’s announcement.

We should not close the screen until the ad is over and it looks like a green OK.

Once that icon appears, we must clic again and solve the alphanumeric captchat that appears.

The time of the ads usually varies from 10 to 60 seconds, obviously, the ads of 60 seconds are going to be much better paid than those of 10 seconds.

You cánido repeat this every time you see that an ad is available, since the ads are restarted frequently.

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Referral system in ADSBitcoin

This page has a great referral system.

We cánido invite all the friends, acquaintances and bitcoin fanes we want.

We simply have to provide them with our referral backlink.

This backlink is in the control panel or dashboard.

To get to the control panel, if we do it from the extension, we must clic on the wheel.

If we do it from the page, we will clic where it says “preferences“.

Once there, we will see several tabs, where we cánido control our earnings, number of referrals, charges, etcétera…

  • Overview.

    Overview of the page, with the bitcoin address, your nickname, your earnings and referral code.

  • Notifications.

    The dirección de correo electrónico will appear where the notifications will be sent to us.

  • Statics.

    The number of ads that we have seen since we have been registered will appear, as well as the satoshis that we have earned.

  • History.

    The history of the pages from which we have seen ads.

  • Deposits.

    The amount of money that we will put to advertise on the page.

  • Withdraws.

    The charges we have had.

  • Referrals.

    The referrals we have.

  • ads.

    They are the ads that we have put on the page.

As I told you, you perro refer all the friends you want, simply, they must register through your referral code.

This way you will get 25% of the benefits that your friends and family get with this page and extension.

Does ADSBitcoin pay?

The answer is yes, without a doubt.

ADSBitcoin pay religiously, I have collected as soon as I reached 5,000 satoshis directly to my Coinbase account, it is not a very large amount, but if bitcoin goes up (as I hope it does) it will help my cryptocurrency account.

You perro see this payment and others on my popular networks, twitter, fb and instagram, always with the usuario @I get out of the crisis.

ADSBitcoin Reviews

Seeing the benefits that its twin extension has given me,, this extension gives me very good vibes.

I hope that many satoshis cánido be achieved for a long time.

Its minimum to request payment (only 5,000 satoshis) makes it very attractive and we cánido request payments every so often.

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Another extremely interesting point is the 25% of benefits that we will get from our referrals.

Adding to the fact that it is available for all countries, this gives it great potential for you to register on the page, put the extension and start earn bitcoin easily and simply.

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 ADSBitcoin: earn BTC with its extension
  ADSBitcoin: earn BTC with its extension
  ADSBitcoin: earn BTC with its extension

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