UPDATE 02/12/2018

The page disappeared without saying goodbye a couple of weeks ago, I’ve waited but they haven’t put it back up and running.

I catalog it as SCAM, since the bitcoins that I had pending I have not been able to collect

Good afternoon friends! I come to present a new PTC to earn satoshis, it’s called ads4btc and you perro earn quite a few satoshis on a daily basis.

Let’s start by remembering what bitcoins are.

It is a virtual currency that is used to buy and sell, like all currencies.

He bitcoin value fluctuatesis currently in more than 1000 dollars per bitcoin.

It’s not bad right?

Let’s explain a little how ads4btc works:

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Language: English (you cánido translate it with chrome)

minimum payment: 10,000 satoshis

referrals: You earn 10% of what all your referrals get.

Qualification: request the first collection, testing.

With this new PTC we will be able to see each day of 8 to 10 adsin each ad we cánido earn from 80 to 200 satoshisLittle by little, we cánido earn good money.

And much more with the revaluation that bitcoin is having.

Our ads are renewed every day, you have to see them, there are 30-second, 10-second and 5-second ads.

Obviously, with the ads that last longer, we will earn more satoshis.

We will have to be patient, and little by little, you will see that our bitcoin wallet it goes up

Also we cánido announce on this page some others that we are working on, in the advertise section (ads), there we cánido buy 1000 5-second clicks for only 1890 satoshis, which comes out to 189 satoshis per clic.

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He record on this page is totally free.

You will only have to put your nick, your correo electrónico and a password.

You cánido register for free here or on this banner:

I recommend that you try ads4btcI think it is a great PTC to earn satoshis and gradually increase our bitcoin wallet, be it xapo or any other.

For my part, all that remains is to say goodbye, wish you to win many bitcoins, I am in my endeavor to get a bitcoin.

I’ll get it? We will see it friends.

A hug and see you soon!

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