Admitad: affiliate network

Admitad: affiliate network

admit It is a veteran affiliate platform in which anyone cánido earn money by recommending products and services.

To do so, it will not be necessary to have a website, you cánido only do it by having a popular network and being active in them and, of course, wanting to work.

admit perro be equated to any membership system that we have used before.

With the peculiarity that it has an extension for Google plus Google chrome that will notify us when a specific store cánido be monetized with Half.

Sounds good right?

The platform will act as an intermediary between advertisers or companies and recommenders/publichers (in this case us).

She will be in charge of collecting the stores on the same page and you must choose those that best suit your theme on your website or popular networks.

Support Affiliates Maybe it gives an air to Amazon Affiliates in the sense that you have to copy the backlink directly from the page or store itself, without having to entrar your account.

Admitad was launched in 2009 and since then it has not stopped growing.

Above all, it has grown a lot in countries like Russia and China.

Regarding the Latin American and Spanish market, its presence has increased a lot and currently offers very good opportunities.

Are you going to waste them?

Admit registration

The registration and account creation process in admit It is extremely fácil, and has no requirements of any kind.

We will be able to admit login in a few minutes.

In that time you perro have your account fully ready and operational.

For it, you must access here and fill out a small form, don’t worry, it’s nothing special and you’ll surely be more than used to doing it.

The first thing you will see are two options, the publisher and the advertiser.

We will choose the publisher, since our ultimate goal is to earn money.

Once that option is chosen, we must indicate our name, surname, dirección de correo electrónico, telephone, chosen nombre de usuario and password.

We accept the terms of service and clic on “register me“.

We cánido avoid all this by registering with one of the popular networks that appear at the top.

The best known are fb and google plus, but there are also some widely used in Russia such as Vkontakte.

After doing this operation, you must check your dirección de correo electrónico and confirm your account vía dirección de correo electrónico.

If you do not receive it, always check the SPAM account, it is possible that you have been redirected there.

The next step is to indicate the country where your campaigns and promotional efforts will be focused and the categories of campaigns you intend to publish.

You should also mark the sites that you are going to use to earn money (popular networks, website, messenger, programs, applications, etcétera…)

How does admitt work?

The operation of the platform is very afín to other affiliate platforms.

If you have used one before, you will not have any problem to start working with Admitad.

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The first thing to do is search for the campaigns.

You cánido do this in two ways, by managing campaigns within your account or through the Admitad Google plus extension.

Keep reading that I am going to explain the two options.

Campaigns within our account

To search for an Admitad campaign within our account, we must go to “programs”, filter by region/country and select Spain (or the country where we are going to launch the campaign).

It will appear something more or less like this image.

You perro refine the search as much as you want, there are many filters to find only those campaigns that really suit your needs or the theme of the web or popular network with which you are going to work.

When you find the store (or stores) that you want to promote, you must scroll down and clic on “know more

I, for example, have chosen has been AliExpressone of the most habitual chinese stores In our country.

It has millions (literally) of products of all kinds, it is reliable and its prices are incredibly competitive.

I think it is a good site to promote, since millions of users use it daily for their technology purchases.

Then, you must choose the space where you are going to promote the campaign.

You must accept the rules and indicate how you are going to promote the program, although you cánido leave the latter blank.

Then they will indicate the time in which they will accept the campaign (or not).

Normally they usually approve the campaigns in 24/48 hours, but on other occasions it is instantly.

Campaigns with the Admitad extension

As in most of the platforms of this type, Admitad also has an extension for the three types of browsers (Crhome, Trabaja and Edge).

This extension will not allow you to check if a especial page or store has an affiliation system by looking for it directly in search engines like Google plus.

Its operation is very fácil and you perro access the extension in a very fácil way:

  1. Access tools and go to “extension for Google chrome”
  2. Download the extension and install it in your browser
  3. Entrar the page where you want to check if there is affiliation
  4. Press the icon of the extension that you will see in the upper right part
  5. You perro join the program from the same extension, by clicking on the “join” button
  6. You are already adhered, you perro share your affiliate backlink and earn money.

How to see the statistics of a campaign

Once we have launched the campaigns, whether on one site or another, we perro see their statistics on the main screen of each publisher.

There we perro see our general statistics of the last 30 days.

They will be split into earnings/impressions/clicks/shares.

To obtain more specific data we will have to go to the said statistics tab.

According to our interests we cánido classify the activity of our backlinks by:

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  • spaces
  • programs
  • Actions
  • periods
  • context
  • SubID (it is the name that we have given to a backlink)

In any of them you perro display the classification table and see the different aspects that they espectáculo us in order to improve our affiliation systems and earn money with recommendations.

To give you an example, in the tab “by shares“A classification table will be displayed where we cánido see:

  • the referral program
  • the date and time of the clic and whether it has concluded a purchase
  • conversion time or time from first clic to purchase
  • the fee that is paid according to the product section.

    You will not earn the same percentage of profits on a top product as on one that is not.

  • the amount the buyer has spent
  • the status of the order, whether it is pending, confirmed or rejected.

    If the system indicates Payment Delay, it means that the conversion is confirmed but at this moment the advertiser does not have enough funds and you will have to wait a little while for them to pay us

Invitation system in Admitad

For every friend we get to sign up for admitwe are going to win a 5% of the profits they generate, although it cánido be higher if you get many publishers.

If you are an influencer or you think you perro achieve it, you should contact support to improve your conditions.

The commissions to be charged are calculated as a percentage of Admitad’s income, based on the amount that your referrals have withdrawn from the system in a month.

This commission is transferred right at the moment to your confirmed cómputo.

How are winnings collected in Admitad?

This platform has a very affordable minimum payment.

When we arrive at as low as $20 we perro ask for it Depending on the campaigns that you perro or are going to promote, you cánido get this amount with just one sale or conversion.

So I hope it is not difficult for you to reach the minimum and be able to collect with ease.

The amount generated cánido be withdrawn by the four available methods:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • webmoney
  • Wire transfer

You cánido equipo the method that you like best (or the one that suits you best) in the menu “settings/payment details“.

In addition to choosing the withdrawal method that you want, you must indicate your real personal data and a valid NIF in order to receive the earnings without any problem.

Finally, you must establish the main currency of your account, whether it is dollars, euros or rubles.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have referrals that make profits in a currency other than yours, you will see the commissions that generate commissions in three different currencies reflected.

admit opinions

Admitad is a very complete platform.

It offers us more than 30,000 collaborating stores that, even if they do not work directly with Admitad, you will be able to earn money by recommending them.

If you have experiences in this type of recommendations or if you have a website or are a true influencer, you perro get a lot out of this platform.

In addition, the minimum payment is very low and it perro also be achieved in a very short time if you equipo your mind to it.

The theme of your blog is almost the same, because you have a wide range of categories that cánido be monetized.

In addition, the platform has a great history of more than twelve years of experience and the volume of affiliates does not stop growing year after year.

Therefore, if you are already on a platform such as TradeTraker, this is a good opportunity to earn money on the internet.

Do not think about it anymore and register, you will see that it gives you a good result.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Admitad: affiliate network
  Admitad: affiliate network
  Admitad: affiliate network

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