adiphy It is a platform that drives me crazy, in the last few days it has made many changes.

Some time ago I spoke of it, as a way of earn money with our fb.

I remind you of it; see news, wait around 15 seconds.

Sometimes solve a captchat.

You perro see the entry here.

But things have changed, there have been some modifications.

Some time ago they removed the option to share the news on fb.

They did that so as not to violate Fb regulations.

That was not the last change, they also changed the payment they made every time we saw a news item.

Well, there have been some more changes, the truth is that I didn’t have time to work on this platform and the minimum charge (50 euros) made me feel a bit backward when it came to working on it.

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A few days ago I reconsidered returning to the platform and I have found several updates that sometimes benefit users a lot and in others not so much.

Let me tell you.

The first one is the referrals, when I met adiphy you earned 0.50 cents for each referral you got.

Then you would earn 15% of what they got.

At the moment you will earn 0.05 cents for every 1000 clicks of your referrals.

As for what is earned for each clic, it has been varying, at the beginning it varied from 0.007 euros per clic to 0.01.

A week ago it was 0.01 euro per clic.

Currently they will reward us with 0.005 euros per clic.

They’ve gone down, but it’s still very good value for money.

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But without a doubt, the best change has been the number of news.

From the only 20 news that you could share on fb or see a while ago we have gone to 500.

Yes, as you hear, you cánido see 500 news every daywhich will give us a total of 2.50 euros per day.

Not bad, right? Yes, the truth is that 500 news cánido be tedious, but nobody said that this was going to be easy, right? In this way we cánido get the minimum payment of 50 euros in about 20 days (doing a few small accounts you will see that I am right).

On the page we cánido see several proof of payment, each time they go up more, that means that the page pays.

I am working to achieve it.

If you want to do it too, you perro register for free here.

And that’s all friends, wish you good luck, anything you need, you perro contact me through the form or in the comments of the articulo.

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Regards and until next time!!.

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