Hello friends!! Today I am going to talk about a new way to earn money in I get out of the crisis. It’s about the backlink shorteners. In this case I have chosen Adfly. Undoubtedly the best backlink shortener on the market.he most stable and possibly the one that has been paying the longest.

The backlink shorteners work system is very fácil: They will pay us for the visits that have the backlinks that we place in strategic sites. Said “sites” will be blogging (on the comments), forums, news, popular networksetcétera..

We must take into account that the backlinks that we place will be very intrusive, since to earn money with this page users must see five seconds of advertisingafter which they will be directed to the “hook” page that we have offered.

That’s why we must Put the backlinks on sites where there is a lot of traffic, and always on the topic that is being discussed.

Let’s start at the beginning: registration. To register we must clic on the banner above, this will take us to the registration page, where we must clic on “Register”Or if you want, you cánido do it through fb.

If you choose to sign up vía correo electrónico address, it will take you to another page, in which you must put your data and your nick in Adfly. Once filled, you will have your Adfly account operational and ready to shorten backlinks and earn money with them.

Once all the fields are completed, we cánido start shortening backlinks. I suggest that they be youtube vídeos, interesting news, etcétera… Always something that will suggest something interesting to the usuario. He backlink we have to put it at the top of the page, in shorten a backlink.

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Once there, we will clic on “shorten!” and the backlink that we must place in different forums will appear, comments on talk pages, etcétera. A little further down I will give you some consejos on where to put them to monetize more.

as I tell you, the backlinks must be placed on sites that have a lot of traffic. Until a while ago they could be posted on Fb, the popular network par excellence in which we would have many more visits. But fb is very smart and no longer allows it, therefore, we have to discard that option.

Perro put our backlinks in forums and weblogs:

of music. here we could put backlinks to music vídeos of the topic that the blog talks about

of pictures. Backlinks to interesting photographs or maybe to free image banks

from books. Backlinks to free book download sitesto library websites, etcétera…

➡ of recipes. could you put backlinks to recipes made with Thermomix, by handetcétera..

Also we should put the international news backlinks. This way we will make sure that these pages have a great flow of readers. In addition, we will kill two birds with one stone, since depending on the country from which the visitors come, the price will be higher or lower. HE pay much more for an American usuario than for one from Zimbabwe. Some portals where we must put our backlinks will be:

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yahoo. In this portal you cánido find different categories: news, sports, finance, life and style and a forum. yahoo is a excellent portal, has thousands of users in Spanishbut it perro be supplemented with English-speaking users.

BBC World. In this portal you will find news articles, Latin America, International, Economy, Technology, Science, Health, Culture, Sports, Photos and Vídeos. The BBC has all these portals in 27 different languages. If you speak several languages ​​this is your site.

RT. The news channel Russia in Spanish. Thousands of visitors from all parts of the Hispanic world read it every day. Also, millions of Russians who want to learn Spanish also use it.. A vein that should be exploited.

Cnn in Spanish. He news portal in Spanish from the United States. Thousands of visitors visit it dailyas it happens in RT, thousands of English speakers who want to learn Spanish read it.

Adfly will pay us for Paypal, Payza and Payonner. The minimum payment for Paypal and Payza will be $5 and $10 for Payonner. The choice of payment method will be chosen and perro be changed in the “account” section of the main page.

Payments will be made on the 1st of each month by the chosen method, provided the minimum has been reached. If it has not been reached, they will be saved for the following month. There is the possibility of charging every day, for that it has had to be charged once at least monthly and have a minimum of $5.

Payments will be managed in the “withdraw” section of the main page.

adfly has a great referral program. We will earn 20% of what our friends generate. Also you will earn 5% of the ad purchases they make. A great opportunity to increase our income on this page.


A great opportunity to get more money from the internet. Until now I had not exploited it too much, but With only 10 minutes a day we perro manage the page and put the backlinks on the different pages.

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As final advice, I would tell you that look for your favorite news portal or the topic in which you best develop. Don’t be offensive or contenido publicitario. And always put backlinks according to the comment.

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