Adfly » How does it work? earn free money

Adfly » How does it work? earn free money

adfly is a backlink shortener that allows you earn free money by shortening your backlinkss, where for each visit that these backlinks receive you will be generating commissions.

Anyone perro earn free money on this platform either through popular media websites, bulletin boards, etcétera.

You cánido earn free money on Adfly every day without restriction.

The Adfly platform is operating and paying smoothly from 2011which makes it a reliable platform for earn money.

Adfly belongs to x19 Limitedand is legally registered in England with company registration number 05995703so it is a company that works under estándares of legality.

Adfly Basics

Platform management: Adfly has been operating since 2011 No problems with users.

belongs to the company x19 Limited.

Withdrawals: They cánido be requested from $5.

The means of withdrawal are PayPal, Payza and Payoneer.

Deposits: You cánido deposit from $5 for the purpose of advertising your website.

The means of deposit is PayPal.

Referrals: Has a referral system direct.

You win the twenty% of your referred editors and the 5% of your referred advertisers.

Languages: Spanishbut it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Pay? YeahAdfly pays its users without problems.

Activity: Advertising through shorteners.

Registration and configuration in Adfly

Registration in Adfly is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to Sign up, complete all the information requested, the captcha and register.

Among the data you must choose the account typewhich are: editor (to earn free money by shortening backlinks) and advertiser (to advertise your website or blog).

When registering you must activate your account with the activation message that they sent to your dirección de correo electrónico.

Registration Form

You cánido register in Adfly from the following backlink: Go to Adfly.

When logging in you must go to account and configure your account so that it perro be ready to receive the commissions (in case you want to earn money by shortening backlinks) or to be a advertiser (advertise your website or blog.).

Here you cánido add the payment method that you will use to receive your earnings.

How does Adfly work?

Adfly is a company of advertising through backlink shorteners.

This platform offers two great services; On the one hand you perro earn free money in Adfly by shortening backlinks (Editor) and on the other side you cánido advertise your website through the backlinks shortened by other users of the platform (Advertiser).

Publishers and advertisers

Editors: The editors are Adfly users who register on the platform for the purpose of make money shortening backlinks.

These users shorten backlinks of the backlink they want, and by promoting such backlinks (on popular networks, weblogs, etcétera) people entrar them, and by looking at the advertising during 5 secondsso he editor who shortened said backlink gets a commission for it.

Advertisers: The advertisers are Adfly users (companies, brands) that are registered on the platform with the purpose of advertise your website.

The advertisements that appear during the 5 seconds waiting before going to destination backlinkbelong to the advertisers.

Traffic perro be geolocated, that is, you perro choose the visitor’s country.

Steps to start

to start earn free money in Adfly, after the registration and configuration you should look for a backlink whatever you want to shorten (it perro be from your Fb page, from a blog, from a Twitter account, etcétera.) and go to the part of shorten backlinksshorten the backlink, and then promote it on your popular networks to get visits to that backlink.

When people access that backlinksand see the advertising you will already be generating commissions to later withdraw them to your wallet.

How to earn free money on Adfly?

You cánido earn free money in Adfly shortening backlinks, with your website or blog and with the referral system.

Below I explain these ways to earn money on this platform.

shortening backlinks

For earn money shortening your backlinks you must look for a backlink whatever you want shorten (it cánido be from your Fb page, from a blog, from a Twitter account, etcétera) and go to the shorten backlinks part, shorten the backlink, and then promote it on your popular networks to get visits to that backlinks.

When people access that backlinksand see the advertising you will already be generating commissions to later withdraw them to your wallet.


To shorten a backlink you must have the backlink you want shortenpaste the backlink where the backlinks are shortened and clic on shorten.

With this, a shortened backlink has been created, which when entering an advertisement will be displayed during 5 secondswhere to reach the backlink that you shortened you must clic on Skip ad.

Advertisement example of 5 seconds of advertising

The backlinks that you are shortening are added at the bottom, where you perro editar or delete them.

The statistics of all your backlinksas the number of visits that they have received and income that you got for those backlinks.

Website or blog

Adfly has several tools that cánido allow you monetize your website or blog.

The platform provides you with two ways to monetize your website or blogwhich are: Website Entry Script and Pop Ads.

Website Entry Script: You will win free money for receiving visits to your site website or blog, this without the need for them to clic on any backlink.

This type of option is usually very profitable for sites of downloadssince the usuario is usually willing to allow advertising in exchange for what you will see.

Pop Ads: It’s about adding another code HTML so that ads “skip” once they are inside your Web”.

For this you will get a remuneration which will be added to your account.


For earn money this way you should go Toolslocate the options that say Website Entry Script and Pop Adsentrar the one you want, copy the html code that allows you to monetize, paste that html code into your website or blogand with this you are going to start generate income.

You perro use the code Website Entry Script and Pop Ads at the same time on your website.

You cánido also use one of the codes.


You cánido earn money in Adfly with your referrals.

Later it is explained how earn money with the referrals.


In order to see your referrals, your referral backlink and the statistics of your referrals you must go to referrals.

How much perro you earn on Adfly?

The Profits on the Adfly platform depend on the country of residence from where they make the clicks, whose rates may vary over time.

long of time.

The highest paid countries are USA, Canada, UK and Australia, so it is not the same that you receive 1000 visits from the US than from México.

The income They go to several depending on the country from where users entrar your shortened backlink.

Tools in Adfly

The Adfly platform has a equipo of tools that cánido help you make life easier as to shorten backlinks.

Are tools They described below:

Mass shortener: With this tool you cánido shorten up to 20 addresses in one go and have them stored by name.

All backlinks: By adding a code HTML on your web pageall the internal backlinks of said page will become shortened backlinks and therefore when they select one of them you will be Earning money.

Easy backlink: It’s the easiest way to earn money with Adfly without having to constantly shorten backlinks.

An address afín to this appears

You will only have to change the address of Google plus for which you are interested, in this case it would look like this

Fullpage Script: if you have a website with many backlinks that you want to be shortened automatically, you cánido use several scripts to insert into your website.

The difference with “all backlinkss” is that here you perro select specific backlinks.

Mobile: you have the option of download the aplicación of the platform available for iOS and Android and keep better track of everything.

Adfly referral system

Adfly has a system of direct referrals. you will win the twenty% of all the profits obtained by your referralsand you will get the 5% in commission for each advertising purchase what do your referrals.


In order to see your referrals, your referral backlink and the statistics of your referrals you must go to referrals.

Payments in Adfly

At Adfly you cánido request a withdrawal from $5.

The means of withdrawal used to make withdrawals are PayPal, Payza and Payoneer.

Withdrawals through Payoneer are from $10.

On this platform you perro make deposits for advertising purposes from $5.

The means of deposit used to deposit money is PayPal.


To request a withdrawal In Adfly you must go to the section withdrawwhere you must request your withdrawal that will later be paid to you.

Advertisers on Adfly

Apart from make money shortening backlinkson the Adfly platform you have the opportunity to advertise your website or blog. to work as advertiser you must entrar the advertiser tab, where you perro create campaigns, get referrals, deposit money for purposes of purchasing advertising, etcétera.

Types of advertising

The types of advertising that you perro buy in Adfly are: interstitial ads, banner ads and popup ads.

interstitial ad: It is that type of advertising, where the usuario will have to see your advertising for at least 5 seconds.

Banner Ads: It is that advertising where the usuario must see your advertising in a banner for several seconds.

Popup Ads: It is that type of advertising that is shown to the usuario as a pop-up window.


you cánido perform deposits on the platform from $5 vía PayPal.

For this you must entrar the portfolio and make the deposit you want.


You cánido create the advertising campaigns you want, using the types of advertising that Adfly allows.

You just have to entrar Bellscreate new campaigns or editar existing ones.

Complete the data that they ask you, send the campaign and wait for it to be sent to you accept.


The advertisers they cánido also earn income for the referrals that they acquire.

To see your referrals, your referral backlink and their statistics you must entrar referrals of the advertisers tab.

Conclusion about Adfly

Adfly platform is very reliable and stable for earn money with her.

It is a platform that has been en línea for a long time, which makes it a lasting platform over time.

Agregado there’s legally registeredwhich increases its reliability.

It is certainly a good way to monetize traffic that you perro get from popular networks, forums, weblogs/websites, etcétera.

The most important thing is how you move in Internet and the ingenuity you use, since previous knowledge or personal website is not even necessary to get good income.

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 Adfly » How does it work?  earn free money
  Adfly » How does it work?  earn free money
  Adfly » How does it work?  earn free money

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