adBTC: what it is, how to earn bitcoins

adBTC: what it is, how to earn bitcoins

If you have decided to earn bitcoins, surely the first thing you want to find is a trusted platform on which to do it.

Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about adBTCa page where you perro make profits with this cryptocurrency in a very fácil way and without fear of not being paid.

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What is the adBTC website?

adBTB is a web page type PTC (Paid To Clic) in which bitcoins are earned automatically for free, easy and fácil.

It is available worldwide and has been active since 2016.

Currently, adBTC has more than 200,000 registered users.

adBTC features to earn money

The things you should know on this page are:

  • Has a excellent rating, 8 out of 10.
  • The activity carried out in it is display ads and promote other websites dedicated to cryptocurrencies.
  • Payments cánido be withdrawn from a very small amountof only 5,000 satoshis, which is equivalent to 0.05 mBTC.
  • He payment method that are used are bitcoins.
  • Contains a unlimited referral levelin which a commission of 7.5% is earned from the ads viewed and the purchases made.
  • They give you proof of payment.
  • The language you use is Englishalthough this page is very easy to handle and is quite intuitive.
  • accept to users from all countries of the world.

  • Not much is known about the management of this page, which has a WhoisGuard.

    Except that registered in September 2016.

How do you earn money with adBTC? The 3 ways:

In adBTC you earn money mainly viewing advertisements.

There are three methods to do this, which you cánido find within its “Earn” menu:

Surf Ads

In this case, you just have to view paid ads.

Several of these ads are available throughout the day, and to view them you just have to fill in a captcha code and then clic on “Start”.

The big advantage is that they don’t have focusso you perro do other activities in another tab in the meantime.


This system is very easy, since you simply have to clic on “Start” and wait for the ads to go through.

It is an automatic method in which you do not have to do anything.

The downside is that ads are limited (on the other hand it is habitual, otherwise it would be too good).

Surfing in active window

It’s almost the same as Surf Ads, except that first the ad is seen and then the captcha is completed.

In this case there is adfocus.

Is the adBTC referral system still working?

That’s how it is. adBTC continues to have its referral system, which is used to get more profit in this page.

You cánido invite all the users you want, unlimitedly, and therefore get a 7.5% commission of the ads that your referrals see and the purchases they make on the page.

adBTC also has a marketplace where referrals are bought and sold, which you cánido find in the “Referral Market” menu.

There you perro check the activity carried out by users.

Is adBTC reliable and does it pay?

Yes, adBTC is legit and pays to the people who use it.

Also, as we have said before, they give you a proof of payment.

It has been running smoothly since 2016 and from here we perro confirm that payments have reached our cryptocurrency wallets.

How is adBTC charged?: ways to withdraw money and minimum amounts

Once you have met the minimum amount that perro be withdrawn, you have to go to menu «Withdraw» located on the left of the page.

You have two options: pass the money to your bitcoin address, or send it to the ad purchase cómputo to promote your backlinks.

Normally you will want to withdraw your earnings, so you must clic on “To BTC address”.

you may want at that time give a new direction and change the one you put when registering.

In that case, you just have to clic on “Change” and confirm the operation.

You will have the money at your disposal within 24 to 48 hoursAlthough it is habitual for it to arrive earlier.

As we mentioned before, to withdraw money you will have to have accumulated a minimum of 5,000 satoshis (0.05 mBTC).

Although if you want to transfer your earnings directly to your Wallet, you will have to have at least 25,000 satoshi.

Registering in adBTC in a fácil way

To start earning money is as fácil as going to the registration section of the official page.

You will need 3 things: correo electrónico, password and confirm correo electrónico.

Once this is done you will unlock all the options to earn BTCs.

Tricks to get the most out of adBTC and earn more

if you really want take full advantage of this pagethere are some very fácil tricks that you cánido implement.

Here goes the first one: Surfing in active window method has adfocusso in principle there would be no choice but to be in the tab of the page for the timer to pass.

But,Do you know what happens if you see this option in a double window?? That you cánido do other things while you dedicate yourself to this system.

One of them would be where you would have adBTC put in your ad tab, and in the other whatever you want.

This is how the timer passes, because the ad tab is still on.

The second trick is even less well known, and yet it is more important.

It’s about you there is a specific time when a large number of ads arrive to the page, and that depends on the country in which you are.

Even if you saw all the ads you could access just before that time, you’ll still get plenty more.

These are those hours in different countries:

  • Argentina: 6 PM.
  • Cuba: 4 PM.
  • Colombia: 4 PM.
  • Costa Rica: 3 PM.
  • Ecuador: 4 PM.
  • Spain: 10 PM.
  • United States: 4 PM (Washington DC time).
  • México: 3 PM (CDMX time).
  • Peru: 4 PM.
  • Dominican Republic 5 PM.
  • Venezuela: 5 PM.

Final Opinions on adBTC

For us there is no doubt that adBTC is a good PTC to earn bitcoins.

It does not have any problems with payments, it is easy to use, there are tricks to get the most out of it and they have managed to hold up well despite the changes in bitcoin prices.

If you want to make a profit with this cryptocurrency, we think a recommended option.

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 adBTC: what it is, how to earn bitcoins
  adBTC: what it is, how to earn bitcoins
  adBTC: what it is, how to earn bitcoins

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