adBTC: earn bitcoin automatically

adBTC: earn bitcoin automatically

adBTC is our latest addition to the ptc bitcoin to win free cryptocurrencies.It is a page for earn bitcoin in a very easy, even automatic way.

Although I am going to introduce it today, it has been en línea and paying since 2016.

Another addition to earn bitcoin, adBTC has distributed more than 27,000 BTC among its users.

With adBTC we cánido earn cryptocurrencies by watching ads.

If you did not know this page, it is a good time to know it and register on it.

if you want to win bitcoin made easy, in an almost automatic mode, I recommend that you register.

It is fácil!!

registration in adBTC

The process to register in adBTC is very fácil.

With just a few steps you perro start earning cryptocurrencies in 2020.

To register, you must put your BTC address in which you will receive your benefits, do not worry that you cánido change it later.

You must also fill out an dirección de correo electrónico.

Once you fill in your correo electrónico, you will receive an correo electrónico to verify the account.

Go to the correo and clic to verify the account, the system will do it automatically.

To register, you have two possibilities, either clic on the upper banner or in this backlink.

Simply by filling in that, you will have your account ready.

Easier impossible!!

How to earn bitcoin with adBTC

With this page you will have many ways to earn bitcoin from very easy way.

In a short time you will earn around 1000 satoshis and in a quasi-automatic way, but you have to pay attention.

To earn bitcoin with adBTC you must go to the section “earn“.

There you will see the three main ways to earn money.

As you perro see in the image above, there are three ways to make money with adbtc.

All of them are fácil and you will not take more than half an hour to complete them.

Thus, little by little, you will get satoshis that will fatten your BTC account.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business:

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surf ads

This way of earn bitcoin It’s almost automatic, you’ll have to hit the button “open“and let the page open, while you cánido see other things, when the tab counter of adBTC reaches zero, you will have earned the satoshis that correspond to you.

A very positive part of this method to get bitcoin is that it does not have adfocus, so we cánido see other things while the advertising is happening.


With this system to earn bitcoin we must clic and simply let the ads go by.

Not having adfocus, we perro do something else in the meantime.

It is a way to earn satoshis automatically.

You don’t have to solve captchat or anything.

Surfing in active window

The word itself says it it’s pure PTC style, we will have to open in the ads, wait a few seconds and solve a captchat, and the satoshis will be yours! Easy and fácil, in this


This is the latest addition to earn money en línea in adBTC.

With this tap we cánido earn satoshis.

We will simply have to clic on the claim button and we will be redirected to the website of the dirección de Internet shortener.

We must clic on “skip” to return to the adBTC page and be able to collect the plus.

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Referral system in adBTC

How could it be otherwise, adBTC It has its own referral system.

We will earn 7.5% of the satoshis that our friends get seeing ads.

In addition, you will earn 2.5% of the possible purchases that these referrals make.

One point in its favor is that the number of referrals is unlimited.

So we perro invite all the friends and family we want.

They will simply have to register with our referral backlink, which we will find in the “Referral program“.

From there we cánido spread it through popular networks and also on our blog or website.

Minimum payment in adBTC

The minimum satoshis that you will have to accumulate will be 15,000 (0.00015000 BTC).

Payments will be processed in 24-48 hours.

They will not charge you a commission for the payment, only the one that your bitcoin wallet charges you.

I currently use coinbase, since Xapo has many more commissions.

As I said at the beginning, you perro change your bitcoin wallet whenever you want, you cánido do it in the tab “Change Wallet

adBTC Reviews

We have before us a good opportunity to earn bitcoins.

With just a few minutes a day, we perro greatly increase our cryptocurrency portfolio.

If you have not yet registered on this page, do so, as it is a great opportunity to join.

For my part, nothing more to add, here I leave the registration backlink in case you escoge to register, you will see that you will not regret it, you cánido earn bitcoins from anywhere in the world.

Regards and until next time!!

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 adBTC: earn bitcoin automatically
  adBTC: earn bitcoin automatically
  adBTC: earn bitcoin automatically

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