Ad Doge | Claim free cryptocurrencies without

Ad Doge | Claim free cryptocurrencies without

Ad Doge It is one of the best pages with the greatest potential that we are going to find today to earn money and fractions of cryptocurrencies totally free.

It is a GPT, that is, a site where we are going to earn money by performing different tasks, such as viewing ads, completing surveys and other missions that we are going to find on its offer walls.

As a good page that allows us to earn cryptocurrencies, Ad-Doge is available to any usuario, whatever their nationality, you only need an Internet connection and a computer or mobile phone to start, nothing more.

Main features

We are facing a really fácil page, you will not find any difficulty even if it is not translated into Spanish, then we are going to briefly review some of the most important features.

Language: It is in English, it perro be translated using Google plus Google chrome.

Withdrawal Minimum: $2.50.

Withdrawal Methods: Paypal, Perfect Money, Payeer, Faucetpay, Expresscrypto, BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, TRX and DGB.

There are a large number of wallets that will allow us to collect cryptocurrencies, I recommend using Coinbase or Binance, the latter allows us to do staking.

Redirected: Yeah.

Accepted countries: All countries, no restrictions.

Registration in Ad-Doge

The registration is fácil and free, we are only going to entrar the web, for this you perro use the button that I leave you above, once this is done, we search and clic where it says Register.

Then we will have to fill out a brief form with some of our data, such as nombre de usuario, password, correo electrónico or telephone.

As an alternative, we perro expedite the registration with one of our popular networks, so we perro avoid this step.

If you have registered like me, using your dirección de correo electrónico, you will have to wait to receive a confirmation backlink to activate the account.

We only clic on it to access the platform.

Once registered and inside the page, the following steps will be the ones we like the most, those of earning money.

We are going to review all the opportunities that this page offers us.

how to make money

Although its name may mislead us, we will not only be able to get fractions of Dogecoin for free, we perro also add Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Dash and Digibyte and dollars.

When entering our Dashboard, we see the cómputo we have in each of the cryptocurrencies present in Ad-Doge, in addition to all the options available to earn money.

Daily Bonuses: It is a new section added by Ad-Doge.

In it we will have to carry out a certain number of daily actions to get a plus that will be paid in Dogecoin.

We perro do this every 24 hours and reward users who are active.

Receive a daily plus

Earn: This is the main section where we are going to find an infinite number of options to earn money, there are so many that it would be impossible for me to list them one by one in a single articulo, so I will try to summarize them as best I cánido.

The first is called GPT offers and as its name indicates, it is a series of offers posted by web users.

In it we will be asked to register on a page or do a certain task in it, in return we will receive a good incentive.

Another section is called adswhich is nothing more than the Ad-Doge ptc, one of the most used sections for its simplicity.

ptc ads

It’s very easy, we have many paid ads every day, you just have to clic on one for it to open.

Then we press the green button to activate the ad with a counter, when it reaches zero we only have to validate it with a captcha to receive the commission.

In the section faucet We find a faucet where we will be able to claim fractions of dollars every 5 minutes.

It works the same as Freebitcoin, we just fill in a captcha and try our luck in the roll, depending on the number obtained we get a certain amount as a prize.

Shortlinks It is a section with a large number of paid backlink shorteners.

You have to select one of them, then a series of ads with a countdown timer will open, you just have to clic on the button to validate it and thus receive the earnings.

In the section captcha we perro earn money without any limit.

All you have to do is solve the captcha.

With each solved solution we receive $0.00001we perro repeat this infinitely, you don’t earn much but it is a way to increase the cómputo in a fácil way.

the section Traffic Exchange It is another fácil way to earn money, we will only have to go surfing through different ads, with each ad seen we will receive a small commission that will go to the Cómputo Traffic.

For those of you who are familiar with the scene, you will know very well how the section works Offer Walls.

It is a series of walls of offers that will pay us commissions to complete them, these perro vary from seeing a fácil ad, to completing surveys, viewing vídeos, downloading aplicaciones, etcétera.

Offer wall example

In addition to the surveys that we will find on the offer walls, we have those in the section Surveys.

They are a series of paid surveys from CPX RESEARCH, each of them for a specific time and commission.

Other interesting features to earn money in the Earn section are following Twitter accounts, watching Youtube vídeos or triggering pop-up windows.

advertising packages

This section is for investment, although within it we will also be able to generate profits for free by seeing 30 daily announcements of Surf.

To have access to these 30 paid ads, we must have our account active for at least 30 days, until then they will be blocked.

To see these ads, just entrar Surf and activate one by one to receive the commission in our Main cómputo.

Then we have the adpackswhich are advertising packages that will give us a percentage of return in the form of commissions.

There are several different packages, and the ones we cánido buy depends on our membership.

Because they are free we cánido buy the Adpacks free, with a value of $0.10 and a return of 105%.

In the following image I leave you the characteristics of the free paquetes, we perro buy all the ones we want.

I do not put the ones with higher memberships because I do not recommend buying them on this type of page, but you perro see it in the Adpacks section of the platform.

Features of the free paquete

Transfer money between accounts

By default, everything that we are earning in Ad-Doge goes to our “Main” cómputo in the form of dollars, which we cánido withdraw from $2.50 through Paypal, Payeer or Perfect Money, but there is the possibility of exchanging that money for any of the cryptocurrencies present on the page.

For them we go to the menu where it says Money and clic on exchange.

There we will be able to exchange the cómputo between all the available currencies, yes, we will have to pay a small commission each time we do it, so it is not very convenient to change the cómputo continuously.

When you make the exchange you will be able to withdraw your money without any problem, as long as you have reached the minimum, which is the equivalent of $2.50 in each currency.

Charge It is very fácil, we just clic on the button Withdraw, which is present in our Dashboard in several places.

Then we select the currency and add the amount, agregado our wallet, we confirm and that’s it.

We will be charged 5% in the form of a fee, a bit high for my taste.

Ad-Doge referral system

Of course we cánido earn money by inviting other users to join the platform.

Ad-Doge has a very fácil referral system.

We are going to have a single level, yes, unlimited, with which we will get some commissions of 10% of what our affiliates are getting with their activity within the web.

In section “Referrals” we will be able to get our unique and exclusive referral backlink, to be able to start promoting the site and earn money with it.

There is also the option of renting referrals, something that, as I always say, is interesting only for higher memberships, if you do not plan to acquire one, I recommend you skip the topic.

Final opinion on Ad-Doge

At the end of the articulo, I have no choice but to say goodbye, but not before making a small assessment of Ad-Doge, a website that I found interesting enough to include in our en línea business portfolio.

I’m including it for several powerful reasons, not the least of which is the myriad of options available to make money, all of which are free.

If you don’t like one option, you have many others to choose from.

Also, of course, the way in which it perro be collected, since we cánido do it in dollars using wallets such as Paypal or Payeer, or if you prefer, for one of its cryptocurrencies, which are many and varied.

To all this we add the minimum payment, $2.50 is within the reach of anyone who puts a minimum of effort into it.

We hope you liked our article Ad Doge | Claim free cryptocurrencies without
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 Ad Doge |  Claim free cryptocurrencies without
  Ad Doge |  Claim free cryptocurrencies without
  Ad Doge |  Claim free cryptocurrencies without

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